Towel maker: Chargers were using our product, not Stickum


In a new twist on this week’s oddest NFL story, a company that makes hand towels specifically designed for athletes says that the Chargers were using its product — not Stickum or any other prohibited adhesive — during the Monday night incident in which officials suspected Chargers players were violating league rules.

The NFL is investigating whether the Chargers were using an adhesive substance like Stickum (which was once popular with NFL receivers and defensive backs but was banned by the league more than 30 years ago) during their Monday night loss to the Broncos. Chargers coach Norv Turner said his players weren’t using Stickum but were just using a type of towel that the Chargers have used for years. However, Turner did not specify what kind of towel it was.

Now the towel-making company Gorilla Gold has come forward to say the Chargers were using its Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer towels, which use “all-natural resins” to improve the grips of athletes in many sports. Gorilla Gold says its products leave no residue on the football and are not against the rules.

“In regards to the recent NFL controversy involving Norv Turner and the San Diego Chargers,” the company said in a statement, “they were not the first, nor are they the only team or players to use Gorilla Gold. It has been in use by many teams including the CFL for over ten years on the field, on the sideline, and in the training room.”

Gorilla Gold did not name any other NFL teams or any NFL players who use its towels, and the NFL has not said publicly whether Gorilla Gold towels are permitted under league rules. When the league’s investigation is completed, we’ll all learn more about what the NFL permits players to put on their hands during games. And the Chargers could learn that players putting the wrong products on their hands could cost the team draft picks.

25 responses to “Towel maker: Chargers were using our product, not Stickum

  1. Goodell needs to come down HARD on the Chargers… make them extend Norv and AJ for another five years each!

  2. I noticed the statement – as referenced here and on the Gorilla Gold website – both refer to other teams using it in the CFL. Although the headline on their website suggests other NFL teams use it – the text actually says CFL.

    If the rule is designed to prevent a “competitve advantage” use of the “tackified” towel would seem a clear violation. If it is solely to prevent “stickum” from building up on the surface of the towel perhaps not.

    Anyway it is surprising that the statement does not refer to – even without names – a single other NFL team using the product. If it was legal and aboveboard you would think every team would use it.

    Also – you would think if there was any questions the Chargers would have sought pre-approval on this one.

    Sounds like this might “stick” against the Chargers.

  3. Unless you get a prescription for Gorilla Towel, it too will be considered a banned substance.

    Bye bye Gorilla Towel, the little secret is no longer…

  4. “Grip enhancer”. Sounds like an adhesive. Natural resins. Sounds like adhesive. Bathe your hands in all natural pine resin, that must be legal too. No word yet as to what was in the container in the trainers pockets that he didn’t want to turn over. Why go through getting searched if everything in your pockets was legal?

  5. “mattwalshvideo says: Oct 23, 2012 7:18PM

    Sorry patriot fans, you’re still the only CHEATERS.”

    At least they actually won something during their cheating. Your sorry team is trophy-less and just suffered one of the biggest chokes ever. At home. On national television. While using Stickum.

  6. Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer towels, which use “all-natural resins” to improve the grips of athletes in many sports.

    Sounds like stickum light to me.


    Sounds like the bath salts version of Stickum.

  7. LOL Denver was the ones catching the passes from Rivers…maybe the NFL should check them instead

  8. Obviously the Seahawk receivers and DBs aren’t using these “towels”. Need to get the equipment guy’s ear…

  9. We use Gorilla Gold in our flag football league. It’s more tacky than sticky, sort of in the way receiver gloves are tacky. It’s not much different in dry weather, but it makes a huge difference in the rain. Like the water isn’t even there.

    Unfortunately, all the other teams are going to know about it now.

  10. Maybe I shouldn’t be letting this out, but if you stuff Gorilla Gold resin in a pipe and light it up…….well, let’s just say you won’t worry about a little rain…..

  11. Doesn’t sounds much like cheating… but it certainly is a funny story, because it is the chargers.

  12. From their website Q & A. It leaves a residue on the hands….it’s called cheating….

    Is Gorilla Gold a “tack cloth” like I can get at the hardware store?
    No. In fact, it performs the opposite function. A tack cloth is designed to pick up fine particles and leave no residue on the surface, whereas Gorilla Gold is manufactured and formulated to deposit a residue onto the primary surface (hands and gloves) to which it’s applied.

  13. Gorilla Snot is a glue used in many if not most workshops across the counrtry. I can see other “Gorilla” products having to do with making other things stick in different ways!

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