Aaron Rodgers says chemistry with Jermichael Finley is fine


Back when the Packers were 2-3 and coming off a loss to the Colts that featured just 207 net passing yards for Aaron Rodgers, the door was open for some criticism and concern about the state of the Green Bay offense.

Tight end Jermichael Finley was one of those to walk through it, saying that he and Rodgers had poor chemistry and that the quarterback was playing scared behind a shaky line. There wasn’t a response from Rodgers at the time, but he’s decided to weigh in now that he’s thrown for 680 yards and nine touchdowns over two straight wins.

During a radio interview on 540 ESPN on Tuesday, Rodgers said that defenses are focusing on Finley, who has four catches for 43 yards the last two weeks, and that he remains a prime target if defenses cover him one-on-one. Rodgers also said that he felt his chemistry was fine with every receiver on the team as a result of the regular meetings held at Packers headquarters.

“I think that’s how you build that chemistry. You take the notes when I’m talking, you make sure you’re on the same page, you ask the questions where there needs to be a follow-up,” Rodgers said. “The stats for him are obviously not exactly where you’d want them to be, but you have to understand that he’s been playing with an injury and a lot of times he’s been the guy that teams are trying to take away.”

Rodgers didn’t address Finley’s contention that he’s playing scared, likely because his play of the last two weeks has done a pretty good job of putting that notion to rest. Finley hasn’t revisited the issue and any attempt to do so at this point would suggest the issue is less chemistry and more the quantity of passes thrown in Finley’s direction.

26 responses to “Aaron Rodgers says chemistry with Jermichael Finley is fine

  1. Packers are a lousy football team this year, that team should just give up that city and move to LA

  2. And here come the people saying Rodgers needs to stop talking. On his radio show. Where really all he CAN do is talk. Probably just read the headlines, not the actual articles…or, like Vikings fans… Can’t actually read.

  3. the best response to a tight end who says you are playing scared behind a shaky offensive line is to keep him in to block instead of running pass routes

  4. I hope they let him walk. or trade him. Jerkmichael doesn’t fit packer culture. they usually dump those guys. plus all the nerve ending to his hands are shot, but unfortunately the ones to his mouth seem to be working overdrive.

  5. The only issue between those two players is that Finley keeps dropping perfectly thrown passes from Rodgers. Yet Finley and his agent are the ones doing the finger-pointing here. If I am Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson, I send Finley packing at the end of the season. Rodgers is more of a franchise player they’d want and expect than Finley.

  6. Finley is garbage! Why do you think the offense has had such a turn around in the past 2 weeks? It’s simply because the drive killer isn’t being targeted nearly as much! DJ Williams will take over for him by seasons end.

  7. Jermichael Finley said: “I think he’s playing good, but like I said, this is a team sport, and it’s going to take all 11 of us on the field when he’s on the field with us. I don’t put it all on him. It’s his receiving corps, we’re dropping balls; it’s his linemen not blocking for him. He’s got a lot to think about. I would be scared, too, if I was getting hit like that.”

    Josh Alper writes: “Rodgers didn’t address Finley’s contention that he’s playing scared, likely because his play of the last two weeks has done a pretty good job of putting that notion to rest. ”

    You’re putting words into Jermichael Finley’s mouth (surprised Finley didn’t drop them) and then blasting Aaron Rodgers for not responding until after the Packers won a couple games. If you listened to the interview, you would know that Jason Wilde said he avoids talking about Finley to Rodgers because of how comments from and about Finley are handled publicly and that is is why the “scared” comment was not addressed.

    Hey, look, if you wanna screw up on teams like Vikings or Bears or Cowboys, by all means, have at it! But c’mon man don’t do the Packers like this!! 🙂

  8. “You take notes when I’m talking.” A subtle jab at Finely to say pay attention and work harder rather than rotate between dropped passes and whiney comments.

    Think Rodgers is a bit arrogant but I love it in this case…and usually the best are (not a packers fan but he is unquestionably elite).

  9. PackersHome – all the criticism thrown toward Finley is justified. Blaming his inability to catch perfectly thrown balls on the Vikings, Bears, and Cowboys(?) doesn’t make any sense. FYI – This Vikings fan is taking Rodgers side in this. Unlike Finley, Rodgers earned his Super Bowl ring. Don’t defend the weak and inept from the Packers.

  10. No team is perfect. On the field or off. but there is an expectation in how a players handles themselves in both places. That being said, I do not think that Finley is not a guy Lombardi would have kept around.
    I’m sure he’ll be a great Detroit Lion next year.

  11. Rodgers also took a subtle jab at Finley last week when talking about Tom Crabtree’s big game against Houston. He said something like “he’s a hard worker that does his job and doesn’t demand the ball all the time.” HAHAHA

  12. Finley is over-hyped, which adds to his over-sized ego. This guy drops pass after pass, and Rodgers kept throwing to him. Then Finley wants to blame everybody else…including his own QB. This is a prime example of a guy NOT being a team player. Finley better (quickly) realize he is expendable. It’s not like the Packers don’t have a bunch of other offensive weapons.

  13. Why would defenses focus upon a TE with hands of stone? If there’s a chemistry issue, it’s likely because Rodgers prefers to throw to team-mates that actually catch the ball.

  14. Sorry, but the last elite tight end we had in Green Bay was Keith Jackson…that guy could stretch a field and caught everything that came his way. Bubba Franks (the master of the 1 yard TD catch) was way overrated and now so is Finley. Between Crabtree and Williams I think they’d do fine without him. Goodbye headache, nice knowing you!

  15. mdd913 says: Oct 24, 2012 9:18 AM

    Finley is such a crap player. Never heard more hype over a guy who sucked so much.


    You clearly are too young to remember Tony Mandarich. He will always be known as the biggest NFL draft bust EVER. Perhaps Rick Mirer is a close second.

  16. Rodgers will say what ever he has to say an turn his back on Driver.. Finley an anybody else on that team
    because his contract is coming up.
    He wants that 120 million dollars. thats why he turned his back on Jennings when he wanted to get a new contract.

  17. thepvyharvin says:
    Oct 24, 2012 10:11 AM
    I’m not surprised, Sharon usually has great chemistry with guys,,,


  18. Finley had one good season with lots of promise. Has done little since that’s noteworthy except drp passes.

  19. mineallmine001 says: Oct 24, 2012 10:43 AM

    mdd913 says: Oct 24, 2012 9:18 AM

    Finley is such a crap player. Never heard more hype over a guy who sucked so much.


    You clearly are too young to remember Tony Mandarich


    In all likelihood, I am older than you and I certainly do remember Tony Mandarich. He did not get the hype that Finley did, and in fact turned himself into a serviceable player later in his career with the Colts.

  20. Waiting for Quarless to return from his knee injury. Has potential to be as productive as Finley only is a more devastating blocker and a true team player. Just ask Jared Allen.

  21. Lover’s quarrel…they’ll be back ‘packing’ it up with each other in no time, I’m sure.

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