Andrew Luck lands on Colts injury report

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As the Colts try to surpass the total number of wins that the team earned when quarterback Peyton Manning was a rookie, their current rookie quarterback has an apparently mild injury to fight through.

Luck appears on the Week Eight injury report as having fully participated in Wednesday’s practice with a knee injury.

No mention of the injury was made in Wednesday comments to the media from Luck and interim coach Bruce Arians.

It appears Luck remains on track to face the Titans in Nashville.  He also could have running back Donald Brown in the backfield.  Brown participated on a limited basis, despite a knee injury that has caused him to miss the past two games.

Linebacker Pat Angerer (foot) and tackle Winston Justice (ankle) also were limited in practice for the Colts.  Cornerback Darius Butler (shoulder), linebacker Dwight Freeney (ankle), defensive tackle Antonio Johnson (illness), linebacker Robert Mathis (knee), and defensive tackle Fili Moala (knee) didn’t practice on Wednesday.

19 responses to “Andrew Luck lands on Colts injury report

  1. IR Luck will be watching games shortly. Nice investment Irsay. RG3 clearly the superior pick. No questions asked. Luck sucks

  2. Oh, I forgot, Luck is that loser with a neck beard who was picked ahead of RG3 for some reason. That’ll go down in NFL history as one of the biggest mistakes ever.

  3. rg3andout, you’re an idiot. you are such a hater It’s not even funny. I’ve noticed you respond stupidly to tons of posts on here, do you even have a job? get a life, bum.

    It’s too easy for anonymous clowns like yourself to be able to talk out your ads without having to be held responsible. great for you.

  4. Now kids lets play nice. You ever notice it is always the same kids getting in trouble? An ounce of wisdom? A dash of wit? No just the same idiotic rants by the same idiotic people. It is really getting old.

    Now get off my lawn.

  5. Skins are just upset that they had to sell their souls for IRG3 And got burnt by 42 million mistake pierre gar-hurt

  6. peytonsneck18 says:
    Oct 24, 2012 8:31 PM
    Skins are just upset that they had to sell their souls for IRG3 And got burnt by 42 million mistake pierre gar-hurt

    Actually that’s what you have to do when you don’t suck like the ponies did last season. Congrats you EARNED the right to the first pick. An by the way where’s all the genius posts about RGLeaf? That foot must be quite tasty. Lol

  7. rg3andout says:
    Oct 24, 2012 7:01 PM
    Luck will be out there sunday, minor knee issue, he wont miss any time, hes a soldier unlike his #2 mate mushmouth bob

    Another clown. Hey does your mom make you pay rent for living in the basement?

  8. For everyone’s sake Rg3andOut is Peytonsneck18 the same jealous Troll who is mad the the Colts drafted a good quarterback but the Skins drafted a Hall of Famer. Don’t be mad at Rg3 because he didn’t want to go to your team and don’t be mad at the Redskins they didn’t draft first your drunk owner did get a life and get over it because no matter how much you hate you can’t stop RG3 hahahahahahaha.

  9. Who is leading the league in completion percentage? Who has more touchdowns RG3 or IRLuck? RG3 = 13. IRLuck a pedestrian 8. Lucks sucks. RG3 is very good. Keep in mind colts fans….. The only reason we as Skins fans do this is because peytonsneck wouldnt leave us alone for six months. As far as who got the better pick…… Its not even close. RG3 is heads and shoulders better.

  10. RG3 might b good right now but wait until teams get enough game film on him and learn how to shut him down. Just ask Cam Newton how his 2nd season is going, a lil different than last yr. Don’t get me wrong about RG3, I’m no hater, he brings a lot of excitement to the game, but I’m just saying…

  11. Luck is the real deal — to0 many reasons to list, many of them intangibles. Luck is a true gem — Indy hit it big on Andrew Luck.

    As for RG3, he’s amazing — he deserves a LOT of credit, on many levels. One huge concern with RG3 though, is he takes a lot of hits the way he plays. Mike Vick, who’s admittedly not identical in every way, but he is similar in how much contact he absorbs. Vick has had ONE 16 game season in his career. My point is RG3’s health risks would be pretty high, given his game.

    That’s a big factor. If you’re in street clothes on Sunday, not so good.

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