Brandon Graham: Juan Castillo ran “the same stuff over and over”

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Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham says recently fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo ran a predictable defense that opposing offenses had figured out, resulting in blowing a lot of fourth-quarter leads — and ultimately resulting in Castillo’s dismissal.

I think we started running the same stuff over and over and not switching it up as much,” Graham told “A lot of time we ran the same coverage, stuff like that. I listen to the calls every play – ‘Coach, what do we have this play? What do we have this play,’ and it was always pretty much the same stuff.”

Graham said Castillo’s replacement as defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles, told the players their defense is going to keep offenses guessing.

“That’s what he talked about, not being predictable in the fourth quarter, because by the fourth quarter everybody knows what we’re going to do, and that’s how we get beat,” Graham said. “I think Coach Bowles, it’s going to be fun to see what he’s going to be doing, because I think everything we run in practice we’re going to actually really run in the game.”

If the Eagles’ defense can shut down the Falcons and win on Sunday, Bowles will get a lot of credit. If not, the blame may shift from the coaches to Graham and his fellow players.

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  1. Someone should let Bradon Graham know what a scape goat is. What Castillo a bad D coordinator. Yes, but was he the only thing wrong with that team? Not even close.

  2. “If the Eagles’ defense can shut down the Falcons and pull off a big upset on Sunday”

    The Eagles are favored against Atlanta.

    And the Castillo firing is classic scapegoating. Their defense was BY FAR their best unit. WIthout their D, the DIrty Birds would have lost almost every game by double digits, especially with the offense’s repeated turnovers.

    Michael David Smith: You are correct on the line. Thanks.

  3. Ah the predicability. A new coach comes in and everyone is high on him. Then once he’s let go, everyone chastises him.

    Philly is in need of a regime change. Andy was great, lots of division titles. But his time is clearly up.

  4. Well, they’ll have no one to blame now..although I’m sure they’ll find someone other than themselves. Hell, the Bears run a basic defense most of the time, and teams have problems with that. Why? Players making plays. With all that talent in Philly, there should be no excuses.

  5. So, you’re telling me that a guy who was an OFFENSIVE LINE COACH for FIFTEEN YEARS was not able to step in and start making brilliant game-day calls for the defense?


  6. Brandon Graham instead of pointing the finger at himself for not performing, he’s shooting at his former coach… low life, man. classless.

  7. sportswannabe says: Oct 24, 2012 4:24 PM “If the Eagles’ defense can shut down the Falcons and pull off a big upset on Sunday”

    The Eagles are favored against Atlanta.

    What the hell are they smoking in Vegas?

  8. At least the firing of Castillo will lead to Vick being able to read defenses.
    Ah, heck. No it won’t.

  9. @phillyphever

    I think there is residual respect for the talent of Philly, despite what we’re seeing on the field, combined with residual doubts about Atlanta in big spots, especially outdoors.

  10. Juan Castillo may be a great human being, but I think the players have been telling the truth. For someone reason, Andy Reid, who almost always makes the hard decisions, supported Juan too long. I still think Matty will have a bad game with all his friends and relatives watching. That alone will help Todd Bowles.

  11. This would mean a bit more if it was coming from Trent Cole or Demeco Ryans. But Graham?? Give me a break. Do something on the field and then we’ll start listening to you.

  12. Not an eagle fan, but it would be nice for someone to put Atlanta in their place.
    They’re thinking that they’re big bird right now because it’s the regular season.

    We’ve all seen this song and dance before.

  13. Hmmm, didn’t Nnamdi Asomugha just get done complaining after the Lions game that Castillo had been calling the same defense for 3 and a half quarters, and then changed the defense during the 4th quarter to more (and presumably unpredictable) blitzing?

  14. Atl aka fluky wins god helps them. Atl 1 n done dont belive me chck the gms besides the charger gm its proof. Eaglea will blow them out just like kolb did with the eagles

  15. So let me see if I have this right:
    a team defense that has been running the same predictable stuff over and over for 6 straight weeks is now going to suddenly become successfully unpredictable?

    I smell a big day for Matty Ice and friends

  16. THe media quotes practice squad players???

    whats that, Graham is on the active roster? hadnt noticed

    talk talk talk that is all this team does…

    I am sure Juan is really upset on what a HUGE FIRST ROUND BUST thinks of his system

    BG should focus more on making plays…when he makes his first one as an eagle..i might be interested in what he says.

  17. Running the same plays over and over worked pretty well for the Eagles, as their D was not the problem. If Reid wanted to turn their season around he’d bench Mike Vick and run the style of offense he’s comfortable running.

  18. While he shouldn’t be saying it, as he doesn’t rank at all, what he is saying is true.

    The D is ridiculously predictable, not just in the 4th Quarter, and its not a surprise to anyone. The Eagles have notoriously been an organization that will smile and nod and talk up the guy in the position no matter how much the facts say otherwise.

    Its a sad state of affairs in Philly and I don’t see it getting any better soon. Though the media lovefest will continue. At least to the point they will still be followed and talked about above what their real on the field expectations should be.

  19. No the blame shifts to Andy Reid. The man who hand picked these players, hired then fired Juan, promoted Bowles, etc. Its nobody’s fault but Andy’s. Honeslty their biggest issue is on the other side of the ball with the O-Line. That line is terrible, probably the worse in the league.

  20. If what Graham is saying is true (and I believe that it is) then the fault lies with Andy Reid as much as it does with Castillo. Andy should have TOLD Juan to stop being so predictable. That’s why Andy is the HEAD coach… he can tell his assistants what he wants them to do.

  21. I think there is a saying somewhere for this one. I think Brandon should worry about being a halfway decent football player, being that he was a mid first round pick, before he starts getting the DeAngelo Hall stereotype….. Lots of talk that cannot backup anything on the field.

  22. If the Eagles are favored it is 1) to drive up the amount wagered and 2) because Atlanta is a dome team.

  23. You have 3.5 career sacks Graham, 3.5!!!!!!! I could put a bum off the street to be the Eagles defensive coordinator and you would still suck. Get a clue, you are no Jason Babin, and for a top 20 first round pick you have not produced. Face it kid, you should be playing for the AFL

  24. Don’t you actually have to play to know if the same stuff is being called over and over again? I think mr graham is just happy that he’s not the biggest bust in Philly right now…

  25. cooklynn17 says: Oct 24, 2012 4:57 PM

    And your a dud that has no idea what he is saying
    Hey jerk off, are you talking about me because u failed to post my comment, in any event let me polish off the Superbowl trophy before I give you an education.

    First Graham and JPP were in the same draft class, Brandon, aka the bust went two picks before Jason. JPP is a top five defensive player in this league, while with the bust it is debatable weather or not he is even on the team or should be on the practice squad.

    Hope this clears it up.

  26. First, Brandon Graham is playing well this season. His per-snap numbers are right up there with the best D-linemen on the team. He’s just not getting enough snaps to make an impact. Maybe that’s part of the reason Castillo was let go…bad use of personnel.

    Second, yes, the defense is the strength of the team. I can see how you would think that means you need to improve the offense. However, if you think the strength of your team is underachieving, doesn’t it follow that you want to make it stronger? They may NEED a better defense, and if they think they have one, they need to take steps to bring it out.

  27. Graham has no room to talk. This guy is a total bust. Considering that All-Pro’s Earl Thomas and JPP were the next two picks after Graham makes him even more of a disappointment.

  28. This dude isn’t even good , still never understood how he was picked ahead of JPP, Graham 3.5 career sacks, JPP this year 4.5

  29. cooklynn17 says: Oct 24, 2012 4:57 PM No excuse dude, you still sux….JPP two picks after you. That’s got to hurt. He is an All Pro player and you are a bust.

    1) They should have taken Earl Thomas in the first place.

    2) I remember someone years ago on an ESPN message board saying they got a Lamar Woodley in Graham. Yeah…I would like to meet that guy and remind him of that.

  30. Andy weakened 2 positions when he made Castillo the DC; the defense, which Castillo had no experience coaching and the OL which Castillo had coached exceptionally well for over a decade, sending guys like Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan to the pro ball. Howard Mudd had been here for almost 2 years, and OL is still the biggest weakness on this football team. I’m not sure how to evaluate Vick or any of the skill players because this line is incapable of stringing 3 or 4 decent games together, so who knows how any of their skill guys would do behind even an adequate OL? Bowles will improve the defense, but as long as Mudd remains the OL coach they aren’t going anywhere. And don’t tell me about Payton Manning. Even with all 3 step drops, a QB that never missed anything a defense was trying to do, and a talent at C like Jeff Saturday, Manning’s neck is still a jigsaw puzzle.

  31. This is worse than Jason Kelce running his mouth all the time before he got hurt and he was a 6th round nobody. Graham is getting paid, clogging up a roster sport, and not performing. The last guy to wear 54 for the Eagles (Jeremiah Trotter), had far more room talk, but would have never said that about Castillo or anyone else. Close your mouth Brandon!

  32. necr0philia says:

    @ez. You really need to learn better English. What in the hell did you say? Was it ghetto or trailer park? Wow what a mess of a life you must have!!


    Or maybe you’re not savvy enough to recognize that he was using text message styled shorthand.

    As for the Eagles, I’ve only seen the game against the Ravens, but it’s clear the whole team is out of sync. Yet, anyone thinking Reid would fire himself when he barely seems to take a timeout for personal stuff is not really paying attention to the type of football decisions he makes.

  33. I hope they get blown out and certain players have to take responsibility for their own blown plays and missed assignments instead of pretending they just weren’t put into the right places.

  34. There aren’t that many defenses you can run. Not like offense. Anyway the main thing is good tackling and playing assignments. Likely to see that Castillo is just getting the blame for a defense that isn’t playing well.

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