Cam Newton doesn’t see any racism behind criticism

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Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, who has served as a mentor to Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, said this week that there are racist undertones to some of the criticism Newton takes. But Newton doesn’t see it that way.

On a conference call with Chicago reporters today, Newton said he hadn’t heard Moon’s comments, but he doesn’t believe his critics are racist.

“I haven’t heard anything he said. But obviously Warren is a person I go to and I lean toward for guidance and leadership on the field and off the field,” Newton said, via the Chicago Tribune. “When it comes to [racism] I don’t think there is any at all. I’m just going to continue to do the things that have gotten me to this point and focus on trying to win a football game.”

Newton has acknowledged that he’s disappointed that his own statistical output has declined while the Panthers have slumped to 1-5, but he said he’s just going to let that motivate him to work hard.

“I’m going to keep trying to get better at each and every practice,” Newton said. “Come game time, hopefully I will have done enough to make my job excel.”

Whatever the motivations of Newton’s critics, excelling at his job is the only way for Newton to silence those critics.

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79 responses to “Cam Newton doesn’t see any racism behind criticism

  1. I’m happy to hear he hasn’t adopted Warren Moon’s 1950 era mentality because DAS NOT RACIST!

  2. But obviously Warren is a person I go to and I lean toward for guidance and leadership on the field and off the field,”

    Does this include post game conference etiquette?

  3. I’m glad Cam took the high road here. Obviously, there will always be some people who are racist, but that certainly isn’t the reason for most of the criticism.

  4. Crying “racism” is almost as big of a crutch as religion. I just don’t understand it at all. Toughen up, live your life and worry about all that BS outside of it.

    You’ll be much happier that way.

  5. It’s funny how bad this Panthers team is. I mean really bad. Sure they have some talented players, but the coaching is atrocious, the Defense is injury plagued and embarrassing, the have the worst Offensive gameplan in the league bar none, yet Newton’s numbers are STILL better than ANDREW LUCKS’!

    And yet there is still a bunch of criticism NEWTON receives personally. LOL. Pundits saying he is a bust? Yet his second year numbers, in the midst of a horrible transitional period for the Panthers, are still better than the media anointed HOF QB out of STANFORD this year.

    Can someone explain why SAM BRADFORD, has not been referred to as a bust by now?

    What the hell has he ever done!

    Chew on that.

  6. Newton 101/173 1387 5tds/6int 79.3 rating. Cutler 106/187 1359 8tds/7int 78.3 rating.. so a good defence helps win huh?

  7. Sports is one area where charges of racism fall flat. The only color that matters is green, the color of money. You’re either getting the job done on the field of play or your not. And if not, you’re gonna sit no matter what color you are.

  8. Whether he sees it or not, considering his current head seat at the table of criticism, it’d be foolish to admit it. He shouldn’t be entertaining reports and theories like these.

    In other news, Warren Moon took the wrong route with his examples. It’s not just black athletes that it happens to, it’s white athletes as well. White WRs, for example.

  9. It’s funny how often people use the “haven’t heard/seen it” excuse to avoid awkward comments. Anyone who believes Cam really hasn’t read Moon’s comments also believed Jerry Jones when he said he didn’t know anything about the end of the Seahawks-Packers game.

  10. This is a trap post. Anything to do with racism is going to generate hits for PFT. It’s a given, mention Tebow, the Jets, Spygate, or racism, and the post immediately becomes eligible for PFT Most Commented.

  11. Matt Stafford: 5 TDs, 6Ints. 4th year. Megatron.

    Cam Newton: 5 TDs, 6 Ints. 2nd year. No Megatron.

    Wanna talk about post game press conferences? Go watch a Lions post game presser. Better yet, go watch a FULL Carolina Panther game on the All-22 view.

    You can really tell in the midst of all this Cam Newton criticism who really watches Panthers games, and who has really just been waiting to pound him for a full year. Stafford is just as pathetic in postgame pressers as Cam, so it all comes back to PLAY. You’re using Cam’s slouching and “depression” as an the difference between the two, when there really is no difference besides Stafford being in the league for FOUR YEARS.

  12. Good for Cam Newton for being mature on this issue and not buying into the false notion that everything is about race. Most people judge you on results and will cheer for a winner regardless of their skin There are a few moronic exceptions everywhere but most normal people aren’t thinking about race every second of the day.

  13. LOL like he really will admit that we all know in the U.S. that if you “PULL THE RACE CARD” you’ll be labeled delusional. People act like racism doesn’t exist. Now the media compares his mentality to that of Vince Young of all players. Why it couldnt be because theyre both black

  14. “this isnt 1950 anymore”, bro try 1980. In this circumstance Warren my be wrong, but your not going to find many people in the entire history of the sport more qualified to speak on racism and the black QB position.

  15. @ newtons2ndlaw- maybe because Bradford doesn’t sit on the bench with a towel over his head. you want to act like a baby then the cameras will see it

  16. really wanna compare cam to a qb its roethlisberger..ben is just a more experienced and complete will get there give him some time n better defense

  17. Cam Newton always struck me as a Good guy, so no surprise he took the high road here. The jay cutler statistic comparison in the previous comment and the andrew luck comparisons say plenty about on the field. and seeing how he always gives a kid the ball after her scores, how can you NOT root for him in this Diva age of NFL players?

  18. Anybody else notice the the “I” to “we” ratio in his comments? Selfish, selfish boy.

  19. Racism? I don’t think anyone is being hard on Cam. He hasn’t won any playoff games. Sanchez won 2 as a rookie and 2 in 2nd season yet he gets bashed mericlessly. Does that mean everyone is racist against hispanic QBs? What about the Tebow hate. Is that all reverse racism? Warren Moon is a clown.

  20. With all due respect for warren moon I think he’s still stuck in the 70’s!!! In The modern day era it’s very simple “PUT UP OR SHUT UP” it don’t matter what race you are in pro sports its about winning and losing

  21. Maybe cam doesn’t see any racism but I’m sure florio des by god. And that’s all that matters.

  22. Can is 23. He is a millionaire many times over. He makes mistakes. He sulks. He has highs. He has lows. Take away the millionaire portion and he is just like us.

  23. dgforreal says:Oct 24, 2012 6:08 PM

    But obviously Warren is a person I go to and I lean toward for guidance and leadership on the field and off the field,”

    Does this include post game conference etiquette?


    Not quite. Cam isn’t required to have a breathalyzer attatched to the mike’s like Warren.

  24. Can people stop posting stats … having great stats only wins in Fantasy Football.
    The only thing that matters is wins and losses unless you are Tebow. Seriously if Tebow was African American he would still be in Denver and would never have been treated like crap by the media. If anything the media tip toes around African American QBs because they are afraid of a backlash being called a racist.
    I just got one question … how come when the media criticises a Randy Moss or a Darren McFadden the race card is not brought up?

  25. Meanwhile, RG3 has darker skin, is lighting up the league with lackluster receivers, and doesn’t go pout when his team loses. He’s getting nothing but rave reviews on and off the field. Yeah it must be a race thing…. IDIOT. Used to have a great deal of respect for Moon, until Cam entered the draft. Now he is just reaffirming what everyone said last year. Cam should step away from Moon. He doesn’t need any additional negative attention at this point. There are people already bringing out the bust label or VY comparisons and I think that is plain silly at this point. He just needs to grow up a bit and keep working hard. VY was lazy and a headcase on top of it. If Cam truly has the desire to get better, this year will be a distant memory in short order. If he doesn’t, well then he will be a distant memory in short order.

  26. Moon is trying to make a 2nd career by screaming Racisim like Jessie Jackson and Sharpton. Moon why don’t you get up and scream racisim for Tebow, Sanchez or Matt Cassell?
    Cam don’t listen to those washed up racist fools.Learn from your mistakes like every normal human does and grow from it, and you will be just fine.
    Oh and Moon. eclipse the F out of here.

  27. Of course there’s SOME racism involved in the criticism. It’s as dumb to say NONE of it is racism, as it is to say ALL is racism.

    Cam is saying what he should say for public consumption. Mr. Moon knows the real deal. For a kid like Cam, it’s possible he really believes what he said. As he grows, he’ll know. It wouldn’t be the first time a kid was naive.

    What he said is like saying NONE of the hatred of president Obama is race based. It’s everywhere in different degrees.

  28. I’m sure some of the people throwing criticism are racist, that doesn’t make the overall criticism coming his way any less legitimate. He’s acting like a giant baby. Like a little kid who isn’t getting his way. That’s a bad sign for a team when the QB does that. Oh, and he’s black. Even worse right? Jk.

  29. He has to say that for the purpose of not creating a bigger story, there is parts of racism when you have someone gave their opinion of Cam without actually meeting him.

    In this time as we move forward their will be layers of racism throughout, it’s shown when these *experts* are quick to compare players based on race and not on their play and are quick to pump their chest the moment their theory is shown.

  30. On this very site I’ve seen several, openly bigoted comments about black QBs. So you guys who have your collective heads in the sand about race and black QBs are delusional if you think that 100% of the criticism is just merit based.

    Be honest, when a black QB plays poorly you hear folks say they can’t “read defenses.” When a white QB plays poorly you folks say “they suck.” What’s the difference? The latter comment speaks to old stereotypes of blacks not having the cognitive abilities of their white counterparts. That’s a subtle form of bigotry.

    I’ll also say it bothers me to hear white WR compared to Wes Welker. Jordy Nelson’s style is much different to Welker’s but I’ve heard them being compared.

    So, I’m willing to admit that it goes both ways.

  31. Somewhere in Wisconsin Jordy Nelson smiles and says ” I wish I had someone like Warren to speak on my behalf I’m still told every day I can’t jump much less be a receiver in the NFL!”

  32. Of course it’s racism. And let’s all be honest here… If we let blacks into sports, what’s next? Gays in the Arts?

    It’s a slippery slope people. We never should have allowed them to switch from Dr. Naismith’s peach baskets.

  33. this is NOT about race… this is about winning. Cam will be ok but not this week in Chicago. they say all kinds of things about CUTLER but not now because he is WINNING

  34. U might of known mr. Moon would insert the race card when Newton gets criticized. It’s the catch all remedy for criticism. You call a sports media writer a racist, then wala the criticism stops. It’s always the dark side of the moon.

  35. When you’re awful, you get booed. Ask Matt Cassell. Ask Mark Sanchez.

    Moon, no doubt, was a victim of racism in his day. But, thank goodness, that day is over. Back when Moon was playing, a black man couldn’t be an NFL coach, forget about being the President of the United States.

  36. Broncos fan here who has no vested interest in the Panthers.

    I really like this Cam Newton kid. Right head on his shoulders, knows he’s good, and this season is just what he needed to get a reality check on his “Superman” complex.

    He’s going to be pretty damn good. Maybe great– maybe pretty good. But should be fun to watch.

    I hope he never gets injured.

  37. Warren’s old and grumpy, and that’s how we’ll all be someday wanting to blame things on our own issues.

    Cam’s young and…normal.

  38. clrkcm says,

    right cause racism is a thing of the past

    Obama was elected because of the racism that exists today?

  39. IT took his Black team mate , Steve Smith , to grab Cam and tell him to stop crying, sulking and sonning himself ! I don’t know what was more pathetic, Cam ‘s towel act or his post game manic-depressant act. He needs meds, consulting, and GREAT BIG KICK IN THE ASS BY A MARINE DI ! GUYS ARE DYING IN IRAQ AND AFGHAN SO THIS CHILD CAN PLAY A CHILD’S GAME AND CRY ABOUT IT ! SEND HIM TO THE FRONT LINE NOW !

  40. Geez Talking Football Heads leave the poor kid alone. He hasn’t done anything wrong and he’ll be fine if you lay off him.

  41. 7-15 in his career. He’s young. Maybe he gets better with more talent around him, ala Troy Aikman. But as of today, he sucks, and his team sucks. He can either get thicker skin, or fade into the background like thousands of wannabes before him.

  42. Moon is leaving in his time, if you don’t leave live through it, don’t judge it. But it is not Cam story. Cam was never good character person. The comparison to VY is wrong, name one time VY pouted after a game talking to reporters. The information on VY is second and third hand, we now know that his family was only worried about the meal ticket not the kid. And Jeff Fisher trying to smear his name. Why call 911 because someone don’t answer your call? Plus VY, and Jay Cutler are winnings, VY was winning the first two years for the Titans with no weapons just like Cam got.

  43. There is a double standard for Cam, but I don’t think it has much to do with race. I can’t put my finger on what it is, exactly, but it certainly exists. This is media overkill.

  44. “Crying “racism” is almost as big of a crutch as religion”

    Oh shut up.

    I’m so tired of random fools like you on the internet that tie religion to every negative story.

    I swear atheists are the new Jehovah’s Witnesses. Except instead of knocking on your door they infest every civil forum on the internet with their agenda.

    Just go away.

  45. Cam’s biggest problem is his “It’s all about me complex’ and not his race or his athletic ability, which is just as good this year as last year….

    Any doubts, take a look at this year’s Cam Newton, RGIII……this kid is a superb athlete and is well liked (see the PFT article about ‘Likable and Unlikable’ players in the NFL)……

  46. If I’m not mistaken, the Panthers and my Jaguars both currently have the same 1-5 record, so those regurgitated “They said Blaine would be better than Cam” comments are very yesteryear. Contrary to popular belief, Cam isn’t guaranteed to be in the HOF just because he had good stats with a losing record last year.

  47. We don’t hate you because of your skin color. We hate you because we drafted you in our fantasy leagues when we could have gotten RG3 five round later. Step it up.

  48. Save the race crap… play better an try to win some games CAM. the NFL media likes you so put up some good games. make a few nice plays an even if he lose the talk will stop

  49. Cam Newton entered this year with very high expectations. That is why he is getting criticized so heavily. Did Cassel have high expectations? NO, Did Nark Sanchez? NO, RG3 did and he is producing. RG3 gets all the props because he is a stand up guy. He is already all over the commercials. Did he have problems in college like Cam encountered? NO. Of course there is racism in this world, and there will always be, but why do people still feel to grasp at it as a sort of scapegoat to escape personal problems caused by themselves. Cam got all the credit for the Panthers resurgence last year, why shouldn’t he get the blame now?

  50. “mrplow3 says: I’m so tired of random fools like you on the internet that tie religion to every negative story.”

    Crusades. Holy wars. Inquisition. Witch trials. Jihads.

    How many MILLIONS have been killed by someone who thinks someone else’s religion is their business?

    When we as a species can exist without killing each other over religion, we can leave religion alone. Until then: it’s more evil than socialism and reality TV.

    YOU go away.

  51. Cam, Grow up! You cheated in college – your daddy pulled your childish butt out to avoid the punishment you should have received and you ended up in a school you had no academic credentials to meet their standards. Then you get an award you really didn’t deserve as you were a one year wonder.

    Let’s face it – you are a fraud – and an immature jerk. You need to man up and to grow up. You are not as talented as people say you are and you are profoundly stupid. There is little evidence that there is much brainpower to go with your jaw, leg, and mouth power.

    Your criticism is not because you are black – it is because when all things are considered, you are a jerk and haven’t yet grown up to be a man. This is all YOUR FAULT and you’ve never had to face your shortcomings nor have you ever had to face up to your dishonest conduct.

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