Chris Johnson is your AFC offensive player of the week


Chris Johnson finally gave the Titans their money’s worth on Sunday, and as a result he’s been honored by the league.

Johnson, the highly paid running back who went off for 195 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday against the bills, has been named the AFC offensive player of the week.

Aided by a terrible Bills defense, Johnson went off for an 83-yard touchdown (becoming the first player in NFL history with four career rushing touchdowns of more than 80 yards) and averaged 10.8 yards a carry on the day. Despite a bad start to the season, Johnson is now averaging 4.5 yards a carry this year and is on pace to gain 1,134 yards, which would top his output for 2011.

The question, however, is why Johnson can’t play this well — or even close to this well — consistently. Johnson has had four absolutely awful games this season, with four yards against the Patriots, 17 yards against the Chargers, 24 yards against the Lions and 24 yards against the Vikings. The Titans got a great game from Johnson on Sunday, but considering what they’re paying him, they need more out of him than one great game.

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  1. That consistency you talk about is helped when, in addition to his making better decisions with the ball, the offensive line actually starts opening up running lanes for him to run through.

    Just a thought…

  2. Considering what they’re paying him, I don’t understand why they hired an offensive coordinator whose philosophy is so different from the offensive approach that earned Johnson his big money.

    Even when the run blocking is good (which it definitely wasn’t early in the year, can only hope they can keep improving) and Johnson is picking up yards, they’re still a pass-centric team.

    It’s a strange match, but if Johnson only gets 15 carries, his blockers do their job up front, and he ends up with 75 yards, I won’t blame CJ for not living up to his contract.

  3. Johnson is now averaging 4.5 yards a carry this year and is on pace to gain 1,134 yards, which would top his output for 2011.

    Give me a break.

  4. Not all running backs need wide open lanes to make an impact. For example, Justin Forsett was a great, speedy runner for the Seahawks but he really need wide open lanes to get going downhill. Fast forward to this year and Marshawn Lynch rarely has lanes, wide open or otherwise, and yet he gets positive yardage.

    In 2009 Chris Johnson didn’t always have lanes to run through.

    All I am saying is that great running backs can get their yardage even when the openings aren’t necessarily there.

  5. That’s what an 83 yard run will do for you… Now he is ck2? Please , he did it against an epically bad defense

  6. Isn’t it amazing the success a rb can have when there are open holes and he runs straight forward and instead of making unecessary cuts?

  7. the fact that he’s only on pace for 1100 is not exactly his fault. For one thing, he is only getting about 16 carries per game (in comparison to Arian Foster’s 24 carries per game). He is averaging 4.5 ypc, which I’ll concede is skewed heavily by having the monster game against the bills. Arian Foster is below 4 ypc btw. The offensive line is finally starting to figure some things out in their run blocking, and if it continues, expect more of these types of games from johnson. while he had 195 against the bills, he also had around 140 against the texans defense, which most people would agree is a decent unit.

    in addition, i’m not sure if this is coincidence or not, but the last two games oc chris palmer has been calling plays from the booth, and both of those games were wins.

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