Cruz hopes to cash in by the end of the season

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On Monday, Giants receiver Victor Cruz told Bob Glauber of Newsday that the free-agent-turned-franchise-receiver wants to “block out” the disconnect between his production and his paycheck.  On Tuesday, Cruz wasn’t able to block it out.

Cruz told WFAN radio in New York that he hopes to get a new deal done by the end of the season.

We would like to get it done before the season’s [over],” Cruz said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “We don’t want to drag it along, and [have it] become something that blocks the team in the offseason, and something that is in the media every day.  We don’t want it to get like that.  We want to just knock it out halfway through the season, or during the season at the very least, and put it behind [us].”

So much for blocking it out.

He shouldn’t have to, in our view.  At some point, the Giants need to take care of him.  Otherwise, the front office will lose credibility in the eyes of other players in the locker room.

High achievement needs to be rewarded.  Cruz has done that, without the signing bonus or roster bonuses or other perks of a first-round contract.  Instead, Cruz gets the third-year minimum salary of $540,000.

Two years ago, the NFL was insisting on a rookie wage scale to ensure that unproven players who never panned out wouldn’t suck millions out of the system.  The money saved should be spent on guys like Cruz.

If the Giants don’t extend Cruz, he’ll become a restricted free agent in March 2013.  But since it seems like no team is signing restricted free agents (cough . . . collusion . . . cough), he still may be at the mercy of the Giants, when it comes to getting paid what he deserves.

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30 responses to “Cruz hopes to cash in by the end of the season

  1. I can’t think of a more humble guy from the Giants, he produces and he deserves it. I hope they make a deal soon because he’s become one of my favorite things about the Giants.

  2. Whatever he gets he should give half to Eli. Put this guy on another team and he’s a 3rd receiver at best!

  3. “We don’t want to drag it along, and [have it] become something that blocks the team in the offseason…”

    Good plan. Don’t wanna be selfish and clutter up the off season. Let’s focus on this now, halfway into the title defense.

    You WILL get paid. If it needs to be done now, do it quietly without making headlines (unless mgmt starts being ridiculous, then you do what you gotta do)

  4. Stir it up somewhere else, Mike. The Giants are the class act of the NFL and know how to reward their players.

    “Put this guy on another team and he’s a 3rd receiver at best!”
    Really? Spoken like another graduate from the Matt Millen school of GMing?

  5. When I saw the Jets Giants preseason game a few years back and he had 4 TD’s, I told my friend, whose a Giant fan, that this kid is something special. He told me he didn’t believe me because it was only preseason… I always like an underdog, except Brady, because I am a Jet fan, but Cruz is one of my favorite players and he truly does deserve this contract… Anyone who wants to compare him to Steve Smith is clearly wrong. Smith was a pretty high draft pick and he had his best and only good season in a contract year I believe. Cruz came on last yr because of an injury… At first he struggled with catching, so they brought in Brandon Stokley. Stokley got hurt and Cruz took advantage. He is also having a very good yr this year and he has played very well the last 2 years. Last time I checked 2 years is more than 1.

  6. Bottom line he has no contract after this year, so he should be paid. If I was the Giants I wouldn’t pull a Mark Wallance on him, as some team would sign him and give up the #1 pick.

    So he’ll either get a huge deal with $20M upfront or they will be forced to fanshise him and he’ll get near $1oM for the the year. Either way it will turn out golden. He’ll get his…

  7. Reese’s Pieces – Giants are young and stacked at WR.

    Cruz will get a nice offer. I am sure the Giants will use Steve Smith as an example of “be careful what you wish for” during negotiations.

    Eli has nearly mastered Gilbrides modern day run n shoot, read and react offense and has helped make WR’s/TE’s famous.

  8. Who gets paid first, him or Percy Harvin? You can bet their agents will be pointing out each others contract extensions. BTW: Harvin is the most underpaid WR in the game, not Cruz.

  9. I don’t understand the comments about Cruz being humble. Seems quite the opposite from what I’ve seen.

  10. He’ll get his money, best believe that. Between his production, the good PR he brings to the Giant and the fact he isn’t acting like a diva about his contract guarantee Reese will get it done.

  11. Love Cruz, he needs to be paid…he single handedly re-wrote all the Giants receiving records last year. I really like Nicks but this man needs to get paid! Nicks is great but gets injured a bit too often, he’s a warrior for coming back last year after compartment syndrome, want him on me team but Cruz is my #1 receiver any day and twice on sundays

  12. For those that are making the comparisons between the former Giants wideout Steve Smith and currents Giants wideout Victor Cruz, you do not know football. Smith was utilized for first downs, similar to Cruz, but, the long ball was not in Smiths’ repertoire while Cruz is doing that frequently. He deserves to get paid, he is carrying the load while Hakeem Nicks is getting back to strength.

  13. I do not believe that collusion is at play when it comes to the failure of any team to sign a restricted free agent. The higher value of first round draft picks, due to their lower salaries negotiated in collective bargaining, is the reason restricted free agents no longer receive offers. The NFLPA was too willing to give away higher rookie salaries without a proper determination of the consequences.

    In reality, there is no such thing as a restricted free agent and players are bound to a team for an extra year. Another example of poor lawyering by the NFLPA.

  14. I’m a die hard Giants fan who loves Cruz, but it seems very unlikely from a business standpoint he gets a contract this year. The Giants have a lot of good young players, specifically Nicks who plays across from him and will be needing a new contract next year. The ability at the end of this year to tender Cruz for a 1st and 3rd (I’m not certain these rules changed in the new CBA) seems to make the decision easy. I hope there’s a way to sign them both, but it appears the Giants are headed down the road with Cruz, the Steelers went down with Mike Wallace.

  15. The part about the front office losing credibility is a bit over the top. This organization develops and re-signs talent more than any organization. I am a bit surpised Cruz is not already locked up, but a winning team has more players than others who deserved to get paid which is challenging with a salary cap. I think the credibility of the Giants front office is safe in the eyes of the players in the locker room. Remember, to get Cruz done, they will probably need to ask a few of those players to give something back.

  16. I think it’s safe to say that Osi’s salary goes to JPP for 2013… and as much of a trooper as he’s tried to be, Jerry Reese has to give Terrell Thomas’ money to Cruz. At this point, TT needs to worry about walking a straight line when he’s 40 – he doesn’t have the knees for the NFL.

  17. Giants have too much talent. Not a bad problem. Can’t sign them all but hard to imagine Cruz elsewhere. Cruuuuuuuuz.

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