DeAngelo Hall: “I could have thrown that ball” for game-winning TD


As exciting as Eli Manning’s game-winning 77-yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz last week was, the Redskins weren’t nearly as impressed.

When asked about Manning saying he knew what the Redskins would run based on the way they handled the end of the first half, Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said he gave the play away.

“We tried to vary it as much as possible,” Hall said, via John Keim of the Washington Examiner. “For him to say that in the first half he picked up on it and to not make a play until the last play of the game? I don’t know how well he picked up on it.

“Ultimately he did because he made the play to beat us, but I don’t feel like he made that play. I feel we gave him that play. . . . I could have thrown that ball and he would have scored. It wasn’t something where he was a rocket scientist and he figured something out. We just played that as bad as possible.”

According to Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger, both Manning and Victor Cruz said after the game they knew when safety Madieu Williams lined up low and outside, that they’d have an opportunity to get down the seam.

Or, maybe Manning just realized he was playing against others who don’t work at NASA, and made a play.

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  1. Does this guy ever shut up? He talks more than 3/4 of the league. He gets burned all of the time, and then says that he could have made the throw. Maybe he should worry about covering the throw before he worries about whether he could make the throw. Learn to be a cover corner before you keep talking Hall.

  2. Certain teams (NE Pats) have a policy that allows the players to speak in public only concerning their own play. They may not speak about teammates play or the opposing team unless it is praise. It keeps things simple and cuts down on distractions caused by media follow-ups. Foot in mouth can cause lingering problems.

  3. As a Packer fan I would just like to say that the “They didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves” line is getting pretty old.

  4. Irrelevant.

    Although, he has a point, Cruz deserves tons of credit for burning the defense. Eli did well in not getting excited when he saw Cruz open by a mile.

  5. Each time DeAngelo Hall speaks, I think there is no way that he can be any more foolish. But then he proves me wrong again. And again.

    Isn’t that what QB’s are supposed to do, attack the weakness of the other team. Funny, it is often DeAngelo Hall.

    Totally overdrafted.

  6. Eli could be a rocket scientist if he wanted too, instead he just gets payed millions to sit a round and do nothing while other teams beat themselves.

  7. Having said that he does have a point. That didnt really seem like some other worldy genius play. Simple pitch and catch on a blown coverage. No double move or pump fake or anything.

  8. “DeAngelo Hall has a big mouth and says dumb things.” This is a story? In other breaking news: “Tom Brady appears in commercial”, “Harbaugh brothers yell”, and “Adrian Peterson is talented”.

  9. It’s not the classiest thing to say, although it wasn’t exactly a remarkable offensive play as much as it was remarkably poor coverage. Still Eli saw it, and Cruz took advantage.

  10. Default Super Bowl MVP goes to the quarterback. Tyree and the d-line (take your pick), should have been the MVPs.

  11. I’m getting tired of teams saying they beat themselves against the Giants. Don’t talk about it, be about it. The Giants are about it.

  12. I’m getting tired of people hating on the Giants success.

    “Factless Eli Manning is overrated claim.”

    “The Giants didn’t win the opponents beat themselves.”

    “The New York Giants are proof that it’s better to be lucky than good.”

    “Other generic hateful comment.”

    What exactly do the Giants need to do…
    Sounds like quite a cop-out a Mr. Hall.

  13. MeAngelo can do a lot of things well. Want to know what…? Just ask him. I’m a Redskins fan and I’m tired of his bravado that is consistently unsubstantiated by his play.

  14. Yet another Giants opponent who beat themselves.

    Going back to last year’s game against the Jets on Christmas Eve, the Giants are 11-2 including the playoffs. But according to players on the other teams, the Giants didn’t actually win any of those games… not even the complete beatdowns of Atlanta (playoffs), Carolina, and this year at San Fran.

    No wonder Coughlin can still play the “disrespect” card… because it’s still valid.

  15. Just to let everyone outside of DC know, no one respects Hall, nor do we like his big mouth. This is the last lingering Vinny Cerato pick up that needs to go. Only reason he is still on this team is due to salary cap reasons, and since that team we played last weeks owner would not have cried about this competitive balance crap, Hall would have already been long gone. We just have to put up with him because unfortunately he’s all we got at this point. Bottom line, the corner and safety fell asleep and was caught flat footed on that play. It sucks as a skins fan, but we fight on for another day. I’m sure Wallace, Brown, Miller, and Rothlisberger are licking their chops.

  16. It was another brilliant throw in another do or die situation. Manning is incredible. Doesn’t Eli have a genius IQ? So DeAngelo Hall is clueless yet again. Eli actually could be a rocket scientist if he wanted to be. While Hall would still be getting blown off the line.

  17. Cruz was wide open and it wouldn’t have been the most difficult throw in the world in backyard football. However, keep in mind that Eli got crushed right when he let go of it. Its one thing to hit a receiver in stride when you can stand there and step into the throw, its completely different to do it while being crushed by a blitzer.

  18. I think people are looking at this the wrong way. Hes not just running his mouth trash talking but just saying the defense blew it and the media is making it out like some heoric miracle play that Eli made. The defense ruined what should have been an amazing game-winning drive.

  19. Why does it always seem to be the Giants, when people say “they didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves.” The packers in the playoffs last year, now this, I’m sure many other things. Why can’t they just say, we got beat, our coverage was crap.

  20. Even when he seems to try to be self-deprecating he still winds up sounding like a giant ego. Just don’t talk to the media anymore, Hall, okay?

  21. No, you couldn’t have. That was a great throw that a lot of QBs miss a lot of the time. At the same time, your team’s worthless coverage made it possible. Less than two minutes left and the secondary let Cruz behind them? I could have called a better defense than that.

  22. I’m getting tired of people hating on the Giants success.

    “Factless Eli Manning is overrated claim.”

    “The Giants didn’t win the opponents beat themselves.”

    “The New York Giants are proof that it’s better to be lucky than good.”

    “Other generic hateful comment.”

    What exactly do the Giants need to do…
    Sounds like quite a cop-out a Mr. Hall.


    accidents dont happen week in week out year after year. the more these guys stay in denial the more the Giants will run the league. Suits me just fine.

  23. Eli is the modern day Joe Montana. Don’t try and figure it out and enjoy legendary greatness as it unfolds.

  24. Sadly, DHall could neither throw nor defend that pass. Is it a coincidence that DHall got signed the same year as Fat Albert Haynesworth?

  25. As heard on a local radio station here in the DC area…”I’m just gonna call him ‘Angelo’, ‘cuz there ain’t no ‘D’ in him”…Being an avid ‘Skins fan, I wholeheartedly agree!

  26. Then DeAngelo needs a career counselor! What pays better these days, DB on a prennial basement dwelling team, or starting QB for the defending SB champs?

  27. I just can’t believe that with the game in hand that 1st Hall was not lined up on Cruz, 2. Safety help over the top, why not try to jam Cruz off the line rather than just chase him down the field, they could have just let him run free, which is kinda what they did. No contact off the line, or after the catch.

  28. D Hall you are the worst cornerback on a sub par secondary… You suck.. Coming from a Skins fan.

    You can’t cover, you get beat all the time, you can’t tackle, you never wrap up.. Just face it you suck

  29. Under normal circumstances I agree the play is a school yard go long kind of play.What makes this play great is the fact that the play did not call for Cruz to go long.In order for this play to work, Cruz and Eli had to see the exact same coverage reads and adjust accordingly.Add in the fact that Eli was facing pressure and had to make a throw knowing he was going to get crushed.Say what you want Deangelo, but not many QB’s will execute that play contrary to popular belief.

  30. People need to read the article. DHall is coming closer to calling out his own D than he is saying that ‘they beat themselves’. Admitting coverage was blown isn’t the same as saying the winning team didn’t deserve it.

  31. The only thing D-hall is saying is it wasn’t an impressive throw because the coverage was so bad. How is that bad for him to say? Plus he was probably asked a question about it, you have to remember its an interview. Stop hating on every player that says something, it doesn’t mean anything, their just answering a reporters question. Oh and by the way, Hall wasn’t even on the coverage, it was Madieu Williams and Chris Wilson. But yeah while it was a nice throw, but a lot of guys have did that to the Redskins secondary. If they didn’t get killed by the bullcrap cap penaly, it would be a lot better. A decent secondary is the only thing stopping the Redskins from being a Super Bowl caliber team.

  32. love it..Eli keeps winning and keeping cool, other teams keep being mad they lose to themselves again and eli stacks up the hardware.
    as a fan im starting to get spoiled watching all these teams beat themselves so my boys can slide up in the standings and make another SB run… eli is greatness

  33. All of this is nonsense, look at the play D. Hall could have thrown that pass, and all that we figured it out in the first half? I guess he figured out the defense when he fired that pass directly to the linebacker on the prior possession.

  34. I think all he is trying to say is that they would’ve scored whether Eli recognized the coverage before the snap or not. Because the Skins D did not execute the play correctly. In other words he’s saying the way they executed the play anyone could’ve scored on them.

  35. As a huge Skins fan I say: it sucks but we lost, get over it and move on to the Steelers game. Hail!

  36. As a diehard Skins fan…shut up DeAngelo. You have 9 games left with the Skins. With the $10 million we will save by cutting you after June 1st, we can sign 2 safeties and your replacement. Don’t say another word until the secondary you are ‘the leader’ of is not ranked dead last in the NFL.

  37. For the record in post game interview on the field on Fox Eli credited Gilbride for calling the play; anyone who’s followed Eli at all knows he’s just who he is–about the most modest guy on the planet. The sad thing today is London Fletcher looks like he could be at the end of his career, what a great player. Hall could use a lesson or two from a great middle linebacker like Fletcher, and maybe Hall can be a bit of a rocket scientist and try to defend a play at the end of the game to win for his team rather than flapping his gums. And as for the rest of the whiners about the Giants, keep whining and Eli will keep winning.

  38. whether or not eli figured that play out i dont know, but dont they film thr first half an d then go over some of it during halftime?maybe that particular play was one they went over and eli recognized it.

  39. Hall you should shut your ignorant pie hole, but keep on yapping so Shanny and Danny for sure put you on the chopping block at the end of the season. The only reason you are still around this season is the salary cap punishment.

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