Jerry Jones not sounding quite as confident after losing Lee


When the Cowboys were 2-3 and looking sloppy, Jerry Jones declared his team ready to win a championship this year.

Now that they’re heading into a game with the defending champions, after losing linebacker Sean Lee for the season and running back DeMarco Murray still on the shelf, Jones sounded a bit more reserved.

“Against this team, by many and arguably the best team in the NFL, we wanted all hands on deck,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It is disappointing not to have two players of that caliber.  I’ve said all along I think this team has an opportunity to be a contender but the one exception that I made was, . . . sitting as we’re sitting right now health wise, injury can make a difference and does in the NFL.

“It’s been my experience when you do have a situation like this, others will step up. Others on the field at different positions will compensate.”

The Cowboys are still talented enough to contend, but after losing Lee for the season, Jones doesn’t have quite the same bluster, and rightfully so.

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  1. Most teams have the Head Coach address the media, because the HC is hired to take charge of the team.

    In Dallas, owner JJ never met a microphone he didn’t like.

    I wonder if the Boys will give full-effort now that JJ has pronounced his team at less than full strength.

  2. The Ravens lose Lewis and you hear no mention of any excuse. The Texans lose Brian Cushing and they still say they’re winning the Superbowl.

    This separates the winners from the losers. Sorry Cowgirl fans.

  3. “The Cowboys are still talented enough to contend”

    I wish I could understand how all the so called experts keep saying that and yet they can’t even make the playoffs let alone win a super bowl. Do you think maybe they just aren’t that talented?

  4. “The Ravens lose Lewis and you hear no mention of any excuse. The Texans lose Brian Cushing and they still say they’re winning the Superbowl.

    This separates the winners from the losers. Sorry Cowgirl fans.”

    Well the Ravens are going to be losers by the end of the season. They needed the refs to beat the Patriots and got really lucky against the Cowboys. They can’t stop the run or the pass on defense and Flacco is average. Oh and Sean Lee is 10 times the player Ray Lewis is now. Cushing however is his equal. The Texans unlike the Ravens are going somewhere this season.

  5. Who’s Ronnie Lot? I know who Ronnie Lott is. Super big blow to lose Lee. Hopefully Conner will take up the slack. Not so impressed with Felix Jones as I am with our other 2 backups.

  6. Jerry Jones, is the biggest problem.
    Go sit in your stadium box and let the football people run your team. You are clueless and a bag of wind.

  7. I’m a big time football fan. But, for the life of me sometimes reporters say some of the dummest things. The man’s mother just died. I remember when my mother died you could have asked me my name and I wouldn’t sound confident

  8. Jason Garret is basically Jurry’s prison btch. I love what’s happening in Dallas so much. Karma never worked so good.

  9. This guy does need to shut his mouth, but seriously people…the media pushes his buttons by putting a mic in his face every five minutes. I mean, I dont want to be perceived as defending him because he does need to shut up…but what good owner or non jacksonville, cleveland owner doesn’t feel like his team should be playing for championships. why the heck play. Here is an idea, why dont you (speaking to you and your partners in the gantt) stop feeding the monster with questions and mics.

  10. I pretty much don’t dig the Cowboys, but they do deserve some credit for bringing Dan Connor from Carolina. Connor can play, and is no slouch.

    Carter is also on the brink of being a splash player.

  11. Jerry Jones has done more as an Owner, President & Gen. Manager than any other team in the HISTORY of the NFL and in the short period of time he’s owned the COWBOYS. He may be boisterous and very media-friendly but you can’t deny his success. I do believe that he doesn’t necessarily need to be the Gen. Manager but he has earned his place as a great FOOTBALL owner and former player. BaloneyJohn is just that… Full of baloney.

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