Jon Beason likely needs knee surgery, headed to IR


The Panthers middle linebacker controversy has become moot.

Jon Beason told Mike Solarte of News 14 Carolina his persistent knee problems will likely put him on injured reserve soon.

“I’ve been pretty banged up, it’s been week-to-week,” Beason said. “We decided ‘Hey let’s take another look at the knee, see what’s going on.’ Got the MRI yesterday, didn’t look good.

“Probably going to have to have surgery, and if I do that, going to end up on IR. Probably what we’re going to do moving forward, probably early next week. It’s part of the business, man. you can’t control injuries.”

Very little regarding the Panthers seems in control right now.

Beason hasn’t been right all season, coming back from last year’s Achilles tear. And with him out of the way, Luke Kuechly will inherit the middle linebacker spot which he was best suited for anyway. That will leave the next decision for the next GM whether he wants to continue to pay Beason at his current rate to play on the weak side, a position he only grudgingly plays, and isn’t as effective at.

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  1. Saw this one coming. The Panthers have been saying that Beason was having shoulder problems that kept him out of games recently. He had a sore knee but the shoulder kept him from playing. Now he is headed to IR because he needs knee surgery. Time to turn loose the beast. We will need the cap space next year. Sorry Jon, your time is up in Carolina and your replacement is already here.

  2. Sorry to hear this. Beason is a great guy and a really great leader on the field. But the future doesn’t look good for him now that a new GM will be coming to town. I’m sure the new GM will clean the bench of players that either can’t perform or don’t perform. That includes A. Edwards, Jimmy Clausen, Brandon Hogan. I wish him the best.

  3. Ugh! Love Beason but maybe it’s time the Panthers parted ways now that we have kuechly in the lineup at mlb. If we can keep him though and move him to one of the outside spots that would be awesome though. Get we’ll soon beason.

  4. Replace Rivera with Charlie Weis and trade Cam “Towel on the Head” Newton for a big spread of draft picks, and then give Jimmy Clausen a legitimate shot at QB.

    Unfortunately, Beason’s done as an elite player, and so are several of the others that Richardson forced Hurley to overpay. Cut ’em and move on.

    If there was a way to replace the aging owner who may have “pump brain” from his heart surgery a few years ago, that would be good too. The decisions the Big Cat has made dating back to having his sons “resign” reflect a man’s whose business acumen has deserted him.

    It’s too bad, but it’s going to be a long stretch I’m afraid before Carolina has a winning team again.

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