LaRon Landry: Reggie Bush remembers my hit, I’ll keep head hunting

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Jets coach Rex Ryan and Dolphins running back Reggie Bush have exchanged cross words related to the teams’ September meeting, but it was Jets safety LaRon Landry who had the most to say about the matter as the Dolphins and Jets prepare to meet again on Sunday.

The first time the teams played, Landry hit Bush on a play that caused Bush to leave with a knee injury, and Landry believes Bush will be thinking about that play on Sunday.

He will remember that hit,” Landry said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “Every time he sees me, he will remember that hit.”

Landry said he’s not concerned about fines, penalties or anything else that could happen as a result of his hits.

“If I get penalized, I’m not going to stop hitting or head hunting,” Landry said. “I’m not going to stop the way I play.”

Landry predicted that Bush will be tentative against the Jets, and that the Jets will win.

“Just watch the way [Bush] runs on Sunday,” Landry added. “We can sweep those guys and also go into the bye 4-4. That’s what we’re striving to do and that’s what we will do.”

Bush was playing well in the first meeting with the Jets, gaining 61 yards on 10 carries before being knocked out of the game before halftime. But that knee injury has slowed him down, and he has just 132 yards on 48 carries in three games since then. Given the way his knee injury has limited him, it would be hard for Bush to forget that hit.

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  1. Good thing New York is a big media market and Roger Goodell is from the northeast not the south. Otherwise the Jets might face consequences and accountability for talk of putting hot sauce on ankles and head hunting that is a lot more direct and documented than anything the Saints did.

  2. LaRon plays every game like he’s trying to make the team for the first time. The guy only goes one speed. I don’t know how long he’ll last playing like that because his body can only take so much, but he demands some serious respect on the field.

  3. Hey Commish, why dont you cite Landry for bounty talk, his hits against Fred Jackson and Reggie Bush were indicative of knocking a player out with no regard.

  4. Laron Landry will have a big game against the dolphin’s on Sunday he is easily the top
    strong safety in the League this year. he is
    a REX RYAN type of player.

  5. Man im so glad hes not with the skins anymore. Hes the only player that will give up a first down and then flex over top the player. Such a goon

  6. He’ll keep head hunting & Bush will remember the hit…but the hit resulted in a knee injury.
    Bad aim?

  7. Well, it is the Jets, a NY team and former employer of one Roger Goodell… not only can they boldly talk about dotting players, knocking players out of the game, putting hot sauce on ankles, head hunting, etc. but actually go out on the field of play and do so with illegal hits not caring if they get flagged or not.

    It’s a good thing the Commissioner is so high on player safety, otherwise the jets wouldn’t go…oh, wait.

  8. Man this just makes me want the Jets to lose even more. I hope Reggie runs for the record on them.

  9. Been watching this guy since his days at LSU…still waiting for him to live up to the hype. Hope Bush rushes for 100 and catches another 50 with 2 tds!!! FinsUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Samapoc,

    He also acts like every hit he makes (after the opponent gains a first down or the opponent is up 28-7) is his first as well…congrats.

  11. Hey Landry why don’t you head over to youtube and check out that big “hit” you put on Brenda Jacobs a few years back? Seein’ starz!! lol!!

  12. The speed LaRon plays at is pretty damn slow…ask DeSean Jackson. His brain also runs at a pretty slow speed, smart to say you’ll be “head hunting” with the current commish who gets off by imposing fines and suspensions.

  13. Really?

    I hope he plays the way he did last week against the Patriots. Gronk owned him on the touchdown pass late in the game.

    Or perhaps, he can play the way he played against San Francisco…you know, not show up and allow the 49’s to embarrass them at home?

    Or perhaps he can play like he played against Pittsburgh or the Texans….

    Or, he can stop talking altogether. I feel pretty confident that Reggie Bush isn’t afraid of…..whats his name again…?

  14. I’m still trying to understand how the jets all but assured that they were going to knock Bush out of the game and then followed through with it but no one got fined or suspended. But, the Saints were destroyed by RG. I only want true Jets fans to respond to me.

  15. Can they suspend a player for stupidity? This idiot said he would keep “head hunting” and does not care about fines. That attitude should be enough for a chat with Goodell. I think the Saints (esp. Vilma) deserve to be punished but the Jets have blatantly done as much if not more. The only aspect missing is the offer of money. With Ryan’s “dot” mentioned in his book, the “hot sauce” and “put him on out” comments specifically regarding Reggie Bush (and the comments after they injured him) and now these comments…it seems another example needs to be made. At a time when discretion (at a minimum) is prudent considering all the flack over “bountygate” this kind of talk is beyond stupid. That is precisely the attitude Goodell is trying to eliminate.

  16. It’s only a bounty if the coach pays you to take someone out.

    Landry plays smash mouth football and if none of you like it then go watch criquet.

    Go ahead Bush, run in Landry’s direction…I dare you.

    I can’t believe some of you football fans, bunch of sissies!

  17. I don’t recall Landry making all that trash talk with the last losing team he was on.

    Now, he’s making sure he gets that bounty payment Rex offered him.

  18. The thing I hate about Landry is his team will be down 24-0 he just gave up a 40 yd pass and he will tackle them and start flexing on top of them… You don’t flex Landry every time u make a tackle u idiot

  19. I thought Landry retired due to steroid related injuries like three years ago. This guy is still in the league? And talking smack?! Wow! I guess its not that surprising considering he is notorious for making tackles after 20 yard gains and doing celebration dances.

  20. Watch the replay, Bush was stopped by two other players and going nowhere. The tough guy Landry, Deliberately (in my opinion) targeted his knees. While not a fan of Bush,Landry is a cheap shot punk. I’d like to see a offence police his style of play with a little retribution. Kind of like in baseball, with batters hit with pitches.

  21. The NY jets, class act all the way around

    Hey Laron, what happen at the hospital when you were born did your mom not know how to spell Lebron?

    Hey Laron, do you know what they call a cut back block that ends your season this Sunday? Brian Cushing would call it Karma.

  22. Laron NEVER spoke to the media in DC. All of a sudden he is promoting himself? I guess you need to get all the pub you can on a one year deal and you cant do anything but hit people.

  23. jetsfanforlife let’s learn to spell criquet first, then you may speak. CRICKET English obviously isn’t on your agenda, there’s a surprise.
    You are the prime example of a Jets fan.
    Way to go, and just wait until Sunday.

  24. And the Jets fans wonder why the Dolphins fans hate the Jets?! Hey Landry bounty time on your a$$….get you and your stinkin puke green jerseys the hell out of here, we’re gonna demolish you pukes on Sunday!!!

  25. Look, I give the Jets credit for playing hard after losing Darrelle Revis, but let’s be real.

    They’ve gone 1-3 in the 4 games since losing Revis, only beating the Colts.

    I don’t understand why these guys keep talking when they are below 0.500 and have been losing a lot of games recently.

  26. “Head Hunting” ??? Well, I thought this was nothing more than guys trash talking, but is it ?? If Landry is ‘head hunting’, shouldn’t the league be stepping in ??

  27. The funny thing about this is that the way I remember the hit, it wasn’t big. He hit him the knees while 3 other guys were holding him up. This guy is a clown. He hits Fred Jackson in the knees with his helmet, sees he’s clearly in pain, and gets up clapping like a monkey. This guy is a joke and a BUST. The only thing he will be remembered for when he retires is that Brandon Jacobs put him on a highlight reel.

  28. Certainly Reggie was a little slowed by a few bumps and bruises (not just his knee in the Jets game) for the last few weeks, but I don’t think he’s been impacted as much as claimed by this article.

    His decline in production seems more closely related to the O-line’s blocking and the very obvious defensive gameplan of stacking the box to stop Reggie. Over the last 3 games, Reggie has still ripped a handful of big runs that didn’t show any lack of speed. But I wasn’t seeing 3-yard-wide holes and empty space for 5 yards before seeing a defender anymore… So those 5-6 yards every time through huge holes and a few 15+ yards runs became 1-3 yard runs on most downs with a few 15+ yard runs…

    Here’s hoping the Bye week didn’t just allow Reggie to recuperate but for Jake, Richie, Pouncey, and crew to also recuperate and get back on to the path to road grading!

  29. samapoc says: Oct 24, 2012 7:39 PM

    LaRon plays every game like he’s trying to make the team for the first time. The guy only goes one speed. I don’t know how long he’ll last playing like that because his body can only take so much, but he demands some serious respect on the field.
    Answer: not that long. There’s a reason a number six overall pick was allowed to walk in free agency: he was on the field for less than 200 snaps in his last two seasons with the Redskins. When he plays well he is among the best safeties in the league, but when he plays badly you start counting the days until his contract is up.

    philswfc08 says: Oct 24, 2012 8:00 PM

    The speed LaRon plays at is pretty damn slow…ask DeSean Jackson.
    Landry is an as, and I have no real desire to defend his play, but that’s kind of stupid. Yes, Landry got burned- bad, but it’s DeSean Jackson’s job to burn speedy defensive backs: that’s why he’s in the league and that’s why they pay him the big bucks. Saying Landry is slow because he got burned by Jackson is kind of like saying Jackson is slow because he wouldn’t beat Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash.

  30. Landry showing just how stupid he is. Anything he does now will seem premeditated. Fine coming. Hope Bush runs all over him.

  31. landoverleap says: Oct 24, 2012 9:01 PM

    Laron NEVER spoke to the media in DC. All of a sudden he is promoting himself? I guess you need to get all the pub you can on a one year deal and you cant do anything but hit people.
    I think Landry was honestly shocked when the Redskins didn’t throw the checkbook at him last season: he full expected to coast by on huge biceps and a nice 40, and didn’t realize that if he couldn’t get on the field he wasn’t getting a new contract.

    I don’t think Landry ever envisioned himself having to find a new team, and now that he has, he’s trying to compensate for the stardom he hasn’t found on the field by calling out players, teams, and coaches off of it.

    I have very little respect left for the guy, but deep in some remote, untouched, Care Bear portion of my heart, I hope he can get his act together on the field, stop acting like such a knucklehead off of it, and live up to the potential he occasionally flashes. It’s easy to forget, but he was the early frontrunner for defensive player of the year in 2010, before he suffered his first catastrophic leg injury.

  32. Reggie don’t sweat it. Landry spends most of every season as a beast in the weight room because he’s on IR or PUP. Chances are good you don’t see him again.

  33. he is a REX RYAN type of player……
    Yep. Loud mouth making guarantees for a mediocre team that probably won’t make the playoffs. Btw: for the Saints fans out there. One loud mouth threatening to hurt somebody doesn’t quite equal a team and coach sponsored conspiracy that pays cash for cart offs. Get yourselves an education, or google the terms conspiracy and bounty.

  34. I actually miss Laron…Although when asked why he lifts weights 30 minutes before games, he responded, “I just do what I do.”

    I now use that around the office when asked questions about my own behavior.

  35. Do the Jets have a lottery for who must make a stupid comment each week? Hey Landry, you’re up next. And don’t forget to make some sort of guarantee while insulting our next opponent!

  36. Sure LeRon. Guess we all forgot what an impact, relevant safety you are in the NFL. Just ask the Redskins.

    LeRon, you suck then you gloat over the rare instance you actually made a play? Yeah ok. I wonder what goes through your head every time you see Brandon Jacobs?

  37. hate the jets. hate the injuries this guys caused. hate the fact that theres such a double standard with this bounty thing. SO MUCH HATE

  38. Hey lighten up, Kim will be in the house and we’ll get the goods on her booty calls with Sanhise. I’m thinking Mark hit her booty harder than Labron hits WRs. !

  39. What a classless organization. Not even 5 hours after Ryan came out and asked for an apology from Bush for saying karma came back and bit them for trying to take him out of the game, the idiot safety says he will continue to head hunt? Is this for real? This P.O.S has stood over 2 players this year(Fred Jackson, Reggie Bush) and cheered as they lay injured on the field. Both conspicuously with knee injuries. Wait didn’t Cushing end up with a season ending knee injury against the Jets? And wait isn’t this the same team that had a coach trip a defenseless player running down the sidelines a few years back? This is the trashiest, classless, piece of crap organization around. Enjoy another season of trashy mediocrity Rex you sure know how to breed some winners.

  40. I loved him in Washington but man does he get cooked on double moves. Now that he’s on a team that doesn’t matter to me I like watching him smash people The flexin after 50 yard gains is hilarious too

  41. Double move Laron is a piece of trash. I got tired of watching that dude try to blow everyone up and not get the tackle half the time. That dude is a bitch and only cares about himself. Hope your dumbass enjoys that one year deal

  42. Whatever but his choice of words could be a problem with the league. Hot sauce seems okay but with all the concussion talk I’d imagine “head hunting” might be problematic.

  43. More important than Reggie remembering your dirty hit and you trying to put “hot sauce” on his knee I think the entire OL remembers it and will be on the prowl for you, especially Richie I, you know the dirtiest player in the NFL. This should be good, can’t wait.

  44. I love the hypocrisy from the commenters here. So many of you say Gregg Williams rough tough talk speech is proof of the bounty program. How exactly does the words of Landry/Ryan/jets differ? Anyone remember what the # was for the anonymous bounty tip hotline roger Goodell set up this offseason? I gotta make an anonymous call

  45. God I hate this dude so much, have some respect for your fellow players, this dude is the worst. He isn’t even a good all around safety, he just hits hard and plays well in box D. Otherwise he’s a juiced up gas bag that tackles people by diving at their knees(see bush/Jackson)- in a dirty way I might add. Hope his biceps explode or his lower half buckles from the strain of being so disproportional. P.S. not a fan of any afc east team.

  46. It’s hilarious that he’s talking about “going into the bye 4-4” as if it’s an impressive feat. Then again Landry has never really been on winning teams much.

  47. Landry is a bum. He plays all out yes. If only he could make those great knee breaking hits in bounds he would be good. He is just one bad decision away from a Personal Foul everyplay.

  48. For the record, I LOVE players that play old school ball by layin the wood, hard clean hits like Polomalu or Willis or (sometimes) Suh/Harrison. BUT players that consistently tackle solely by going for knees, even when watching the game you can clearly see it is the least effective way to tackle the guy in the particular situation(when Landry does it) or the guy is already wrapped up, are just plain scum and deserve absolutely no respect for fans or their fellow players. They are the players that I don’t care about when they get injured. And he cheers on top of it

  49. The Jets are a dirty team this year… The hit on Bush was right on the Knees. Landry has had the most dirty hits this year of any safety and has only been flagged once. The Jets injured the Texans linebacker by going at his knees from behind and I’m a Jets fan. I just don’t like seeing players go down as Revis and Holmes went down from non contact plays and I know how terrible that is for the team. There is someone coaching that defense to go at the knees or this is a mighty coincidence. I hear Rex Ryan has a Foot fetish… coincidence?

  50. As much as a I like Landry because he’s been a good safety for the Jets, I don’t get it. Why would he pick the Jets over the Saints? The saints have a need at safety and he wants to use bounties.

  51. A low hit to the knee is Laron Landry’s claim to fame? It is nice to see him fit in to the Jets culture of bloviated hyperbolic oration. It would be nice if he could cover a guy. But in the interim, why don’t we all take another look at his pecs or abs or whatevers.

  52. What happen to big clean hits..

    Ronnie Lott laid the wood when played, he never did it to hurt another player. He just hit!!!
    Ed Reed hits hard and clean.
    Adrian Wilson hits hard and clean.

    I could go on, but the fact is Landry isn’t that good and yes he will hurt someone but hopefully this guy out of the NFL before that happens. NFL football is a very dangerous place.

  53. So Landry has 50 tackles on the season and 35 in the last four games alone. Clearly he’s a good defender but I think Reggie we’re looking at a 140-160 total yard effort with a touchdown for Bush. A solid fantasy day even if he doesn’t get in for a score.

  54. Well I remember the hit where brandon jacobs door matted you on his way to a 1st down. Kinda took away your “headhunting” trash talk card there squirt.

  55. Oct 24, 2012 8:11 PM

    I’m still trying to understand how the jets all but assured that they were going to knock Bush out of the game and then followed through with it but no one got fined or suspended.

    Oh, let me help you understand. The answer is: because they knocked him out using legal tackles.

    That’s known in most parts as “football.”

  56. Some players are just so idiotically brazen. A person couldn’t possibly be that stupid, right? Yep, they could.

    Can this guy finally fail a pee test so we don’t have to see him anymore? BTW the Jets are going to lose to the Dolphins.

  57. “bloviated hyperbolic oration” nice phrase. you can be wrong and speak well. but you gotta give credit for delivery sometimes.

    landry has played well. not sure what you’re all watching but he delivers big hits sometimes and sure tackles a lot, and gets to the player quickly.

    stupid? sure but i don’t care.

    knee hits? make them illegal. seriously. they might cause more injury than head hits. a player who doesn’t care about fines etc. will change if playing a certain way hurts his team.

  58. LaRon Landry is the epitome of a big-mouth. His play on the field is average, but, by the way he holds himself you would think he’s a perennial All-Pro. I was watching the first contest and noticed Landry clapping after getting out of the pile when Reggie Bush tweaked his knee. Landry jumped up and clapped as he was running to the sidelines. If I am Bush, I am wanting the chance to run downhill on him because most highlights I see of Landry is him getting burnt and missing tackles.

    Typical New York Jets football, running their mouth and being average while their big brother in ‘Big Blue’ is quiet and winning games. Take note Rex.

  59. As a Redskins fan my memories of Landry are the following.

    Desperately mugging and showing his “guns” after routine tackles, often ten yards downfield, giving the opposing offense first down.

    Getting steam-rollered by Brandon Jacobs. That seamed to happen quite a lot.

    Delivering big hits to small, generally defenseless receivers, and then acting like he had made an amazing play.

    Calling out DeSean Jackson. Then getting burned by Jackson on the first play of the game for a long and highly embarrasing touchdown.

    Calling out the Redskins training staff. Refusing to turn up for pre-season conditioning because he knew better. Then missing a shed load of games over his last two seasons because he couldn’t stay healthy and wouldn’t accept independent medical advice that he needed surgery.

    Landry has or had real talent. To a great extent it was wasted by Greg Blache who tried to use him as a deep lying centre-fielder rather than as an in-the-box strong safety. Still his failure to live up to his draft spot has largely been down to his own, mistaken belief that he is a great player.

  60. Two things:

    First, As a lifelong Skins fan I will say that Dirty Thirty has not been missed for one second, even with our crappy secondary.

    Second, I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I really hate the freakin Jets. Nothing would make me happier than to see Miami pound the crap out of them this weekend.

  61. Rex Ryan conditions his players to attack the knees. ~ Sal Alosi

    He is the most despicable coach in the NFL.

  62. The Saints are dirty cheaters and everybody knows it…. They deserved everything Goodell took from them.

  63. This guy is so full of himself. If somebody hands him a mirror on the sideline he would forget to take the field.

  64. LaRon Landry is jacked, that being said he is overrated and injury prone. Yes he hits hard, but that doesn’t make him a good player. I saw him chirping at Lloyd last game, after Lloyd dropped a pass, then he subsequently gave a 1st down… nice job.

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