Mario Williams had wrist surgery, not expected to miss any games


Bills defensive end Mario Williams has been bothered all season by pain in his wrist, and today the team confirmed that Williams had surgery that is expected to relieve the pain — and not expected to cause him to miss any games.

“The update on Mario is he had a procedure done to relieve some discomfort in his wrist and we expect him back for practice this week,” Bills coach Chan Gailey said today. “That’s all I know at this point.”

The Bills are on their bye this week, and Williams is expected to be with the team at practice on Monday.

“They told me what happened and said he’ll be ready next week,” Gailey said. “He’ll be at practice next week. That’s what I understand. That’s what I was told.”

After signing the most lucrative contract for a defensive player in NFL history this year, Williams is off to a disappointing start, and the Bills’ defense is off to a disastrous start. Getting Williams healthy could go a long way toward a better second half of the season, both for Williams and for the Bills.

34 responses to “Mario Williams had wrist surgery, not expected to miss any games

  1. Why does Chan Gailey also talk like he is left in the dark and guessing, come on man you are the head coach!!!!!

  2. He sold out for the money. He knew the Bears wanted him for less money. Picture that defense with Mario and Peppers at DE….the Bears D is awesome without him. It would be scary with him. Enjoy falling into obscurity in Buffalo Mario. Spend your money smart. It’s the last payday you’ll have in the NFL

  3. When the players and team aren’t maximizing their potential, you can blame the coaches. Garrett, Turner, Gailey, Rivera, Haley, Crennel, that Raiders coach, the list goes on and on. It’s hard to find a good head coach, so if your team has one, be thankful.

    Chargers fan

  4. Rumor has it Williams hurt his wrist lifting his bonus check since based on his play he couldn’t have hurt it on the field.

  5. I’m so glad Houston let him leave instead of overpaying. Addition by subtraction…

  6. I wonder if he had a “Ganglion Cyst” removed from his wrist? If so I can vouch for severe pain as I had to have one removed. If not, then this should clear up any excuses why he is not getting us Bills fans any sacks.

  7. Well, at least he’s willing to give it a shot to improve things.

    Haynesworth wouldn’t have opted for this type of surgery, and if he did, he’d miss games.

    You can say whatever you want about Mario, but at least he’s not sitting out games. Unless you want him to do that.

  8. I’m glad he won’t be missing any games. Now we can watch him be a complete non-factor against the Texans. He’ll be lined up over Duane Brown b/c of Anderson’s absence, and you can take it to the bank that Brown will completely dominate Williams. I realize I’m not exactly going out on a limb with that prediction……

  9. The Bills signed this tool to boost ticket sales (Bledsoe and TO come to mind?). Thats it… nothing more. From what i heard, it worked as season and suite sales went up. however, just a one year fix.

    Lets not forget this team is in the final year of its stadium lease and is desperately trying to get Toronto to renew their deal to make it easier to sell season ticket packages (one less game a year to sell). Sadly, the Mario signing will not work out long term. Nice try Russ.

    Typical bills fan will load this post up with the thumbs down… Just speaking the truth.

    Nothing will change with this team until Russ Brandon and his best buddies (all the VPs) are sent packing. Seriously, go look at the front office page… Why do they have so many Vice Presidents? Poor Ralph Wilson is getting taken to the cleaners in his old age.

  10. @carnival88
    bledsoe and t.o are NOTHING like the Mario signing…they were both waaaaay past their prime. Williams is 27 and in his prime….try again. (i hate mario williams)

  11. Mario will be good for us guys. Just give it a chance. Obviously the new defensive system hasnt worked out well for ANYONE involved. I understand he got the big payday, but someone was going to give it to him. I am glad it was the Bills for once. I am boldly predicting that Mario will still get double digit sacks this year, and we will get going. Definitely not vs the Texans, but soon after.

  12. Mario Williams had wrist surgery, not expected to miss any games; games not expected to miss him either.

  13. Yea carnival don’t have a clue. Desperately trying to get Toronto not to sign. Toronto wants to add games not get out of the deal. I do like the Bears fan that gets on the site claiming he should have signed with Chicago for less money just for the honor to play on a team that has won only 1 playoff game in the past 5 years. Who do you think you are New England !

  14. Did the surgery also include giving him a heart? He’s like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

  15. @buffalobills2012 and @richc111

    Show me where the deal was renewed? They have not renewed the deal yet. Provide a link or something?

    Toronto has been giving refunds to people who bought 5 years ago (I am one of them) as they had to keep dropping the prices through the years BECAUSE NOBODY IS GOING!

    Also, the Bills took a preseason game back this summer to try and help Toronto out, in hopes to lighten them up to extending the deal. Really sounds like Toronto wants more, doesn’t it?

    Don’t post lies, boys… I have a clue, clearly you do not.

  16. I hope they don’t renew the Toronto deal. Those games suck anyhow. Play all 8 games at home the way it’s meant to be played.
    Toronto deal helps sell season tickets? I’ve got a better way: win games. Problem solved.

    Side note, I’m not sure why there is so much hatred for Mario out there. Every single post regarding him features a few Texans/bears fans and a bunch of other outliers spewing general hatred. It’s not like the Bills spent your money signing this guy, and it’s not like the fans could do anything about it. If anything you all should be happy your teams have to play against him since you constantly remind us of how much you think he sucks.

    I hate Tom Brady, but that’s because he has spent the last decade destroying my team twice a year. What’s your reasoning on hating Mario?

  17. Did they have to remove his head out of his arse? Oh wait, it was his wrist stuck up in there. How’d that go, Mario?

  18. Chan Gailey is left in the dark because:

    Mario never really had a wrist injury and

    His so called wrist surgery / procedure is fake and never really happened

    This is just an excuse because Mario is overrated, overpayed, over hyped, and all he cares about is the money he is robbing from Buffalo

  19. What the hell sort of wrist surgery can alleviate pain yet only requires a week of recovery before the afflicted can return to his professional football job? Leeches?

  20. I’m optimistic and think this is going to be the surgery that miraculously cures all his issues, just the thing he needed. imagine how explosive he’ll be collapsing the pocket and sacking a QB with TWO healthy wrists!!

  21. “cover200 says:Oct 24, 2012 10:11 PM

    Bills fans bashing Mario are probably same guys who bashed Donte Whitner when he was in a Bills uniform.”

    I’d like to go on record as a Bills’ fan saying I don’t like the way the Bills treated Whitner in the end. No, he wasn’t top-10 pick spectacular in his time here, but he did have a lot of heart, played very hard, and did make some plays. I remember him weeping after the loss to the pats on Sunday night a few years ago. It showed how much he really did care about the team and the powers-that-be did not return the favor. No one on the current team cares enough to get that emotional after a loss.

    I would so much prefer to see Whitner playing back there with Byrd than G. Wilson.

  22. I couldn’t agree with you more, but so many Bills fans killed Donte. Boggled my mind. I also can’t believe Dave Wannstedt still is able to find work in the NFL. And lastly, the Bills should trade CJ Spiller because this guy could be in the Hall of Fame someday if he plays for a moderately successful organization: he reminds me of Marshall Fualk.

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