Raiders using no-huddle offense, too


With the team that sits atop the AFC East generating the most buzz regarding its use of the no-huddle offense, a team that’s only one game out of first in the AFC West quietly has embraced it, too.

And we say quietly because, frankly, no one is paying attention to the Raiders.  But maybe we should be.  At least a little.

In a come-from-behind win over the Jaguars on Sunday, the Raiders scored 17 points by putting the pedal to the metal.  Still, coach Dennis Allen isn’t ready to use it more extensively.

“It’s something that, on a week-to-week basis, we try to determine how much we’ll use it,” Allen said, via the Associated Press.  “Obviously, we were not executing in the first half on offense. It was the worst half of football we’ve played offensively.  But we knew we needed to do something to try to change some things up and the no-huddle worked good for us.”

The Raiders also used the attack during their only other win of the season, another come-from-behind Black Hole victory over the Steelers.

“It’s worked well in some situations and in others it hasn’t worked well,” Allen said.  “It’s kind of a feel on how the game is going.  In the game [Sunday] . . . it seemed to increase our focus offensively and we executed better offensively.  So it will remain part of our offense and some games it will be more part of what we’re going to do than others.”

The Raiders’ no-huddle puts the play-calling in the hands of quarterback Carson Palmer, which has helped divert criticism of offensive coordinator Greg Knapp.  And so Palmer has been prudent in his praise of the guy who decides periodically to yield to the quarterback who arrived by way of Cincinnati last season.

“We tired [the Jaguars] out a little bit, especially in their secondary,” Palmer said. “It got them tired, kept things off balance and it was a great halftime adjustment by Coach Knapp.”

It resulted in a great win for a team that has been largely ignored this season.  If they beat the Chiefs in Kansas City this weekend, the Raiders will move even closer to being not ignored.

33 responses to “Raiders using no-huddle offense, too

  1. They need to use it more.

    Palmer has it down pat and the offense always comes alive when they run it.

  2. Raiders are so terrible, that franchise is a complete shame to the NFL. They should move that franchise into the indoor football league… They would still get stomped every week…

  3. “no one is paying attention to the Raiders.” But maybe we should be. At least a little.

    No you really shouldn’t!!
    They are a JOKE of an organization from top to bottom.

  4. This week it will be all about stopping Charles. if they cant do that they wont win. i look 4 the chiefs to run, run, run. then force raiders to load the box and play action deap ball to baldwin, bowe with quinn big arm for jump ball.

  5. The Raiders needed overtime to beat a mediocre Jacksonville team who was playing without its best player (MJD) and lost its starting QB. I’ll pay attention to the Raiders next April when they are on the clock with a top 5 pick.

  6. It’s not every week they’ll be facing a Jaguars offense and a defense they can get the better of enough to not do more harm than good, it has to be situational.

  7. And I see the Raider haters are out in full force this morning.

    Notice how they never tell you what teams THEY like, but just run down Oakland instead…

  8. Palmer used it in Cincinnati. It works really well until you get close to the end zone when he throws 3 straight passes 5 yards over the receivers head.

  9. I just don’t like knapp’s play calling didn’t work out in his first stint in Oakland…Seriously doubt it will work out this time..DMC is struggling to find his groove..Power blocking suits him best

  10. Typical basement-dwelling haters are checking in, they are pathetic. The Raiders have some potential this year in a weak division. Joke all you want haters, we’ll get to you soon enough.

  11. They’ve made some good changes, hard to do with their hands tied from AD’s vision, but it will be years of very good decision making before they are any good again. I love my Raiders, but they are terrible.

  12. They had to make a furious comeback to barely eek out a win against arguably the worst team in the NFL-at home-and you’re saying they should get some attention?! Seriously? Commitment to excrement

  13. Haven’t they have won their last five in KC? The idea that beating the 1-5 Chiefs will somehow make them more relevant is laughable.
    It will be even funnier if they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as is their M.O.

  14. People who say the raiders suck, clearly don’t know that this is reggie mckenzie’s first year cleaning up the team. What do you guys expect? Al davis damaged this team by overpaying players. Give the raiders a couple more years and we’ll be good

  15. Palmer has been great this year. No two ways about it.

    On pace for about 4,700 yards passing and carried the team on his back in the two wins. And he’s been getting creamed time and again behind this offensive line.

    If you watch the games, watch how he’s hanging in there and taking a Rocky Balboa-style beating and still managing to make money throws downfield, it’s quite impressive.

  16. I hope Nick Saban and the Jets are okay with this. We know how they feel about no huddle offenses.

  17. The truly excellent QBs (and I don’t think that Palmer fits into this group) should be able to call their own plays ALL the time. The coaching staff would come up with the playbook but a very good QB should be able to exercise his brain in the huddle.

    It would make the game more interesting as it did throughout most of the league’s history until it was taken over by OCs in the ’80s. Unfortunately I don’t see this happening at anytime in my remaining lifetime.

  18. Carson was one of the first Qbs to run the no huddle consistently, and his feel for the game and the guys on the field out muster any calls Knapp can call.

    Dennis Allen made the worst mistake and set this franchise back. He should have came in and kept the offense since that wasnt a problem and have some type of consistency. This way he could have came in fixed the defense and all the other problems. And if the offense didnt work out this year you can make the changes next year. But leaving the past in the past, just as all these announcers say that Manning needs a half a season to get acquainted with the Broncos I feel the same for the Raiders I think this team is going to have a strong 2nd half and really push for the division championship..

    probably will make the AFC championship to just so we lose our first round pick to the Bangels ughh!!

    And for you haters Who was the last team in a Super Bowl in the AFC west…You guys can celebrate your regular season wins all you want…But outside of Oakland Raiders the only other teams that have any type of creditability are the Steelers, Packers and Cowboys. The other teams can come and go and no one outside of there area would care

  19. You have to catch a defense off guard to effectively use the no huddle, and you have to have an exploitable matchup on the field. Otherwise the no huddle gets you nowhere and gets YOUR probably already tired defense right back on the field.

    That said, the Raiders have looked competent when they have used it so far this year.

  20. its funny the hypocrites who delete posts on here allow people to talk trash but when you go after them they delete your post. If you don’t want negative reply’s than delete any negative post you HYPOCRITES!!!!!

  21. didnt need overtime to beat the Steelers.

    The loss of both starting QB’s and the adoption of the ZBS is whats holding them back most right now.

    Palmer disregarded Knapp and thats why it worked. Knapp is trying to run DMac between the tackles and it cant be done till the line can Zone block better.

  22. Why isn’t so hard to see that Greg Knapp’s play calling sucks? I don’t care if he has genius IQ and i don’t want him to be fired, just stop him fron calling plays on gameday.

  23. Raiders need to win the next two (at KC, Tampa). If they are 4-4 at midseason very much alive in the AFC West.

    That said, the Jacksonville game was a gift. Have to play better. The O-Line was awful. Defense is showing some progress though!

  24. The Raiders got some offensive weapons in Moore and DHB, while Palmer seems to be finding his groove. Brandon Meyers is emerging as a excellent TE, filling the void of Zach Miller who they missed last year.

  25. This is pretty simple. The idea behind the constant hurryup is to limit the ability of defenses to substitute, but more importantly that defenses are not conditioned to face the hurryup for four straight quarters and wear down.

    It’s a tool, not a cure-all. If you have a potent offense it makes it more so. If you don’t, it might help, but you still need to execute like everybody else.

  26. We have to be one of the worst teams in history of not being able to win back to back games. And as far as ignoring use goes, please, continue to ignore us. It’s what you do best. The highlights I saw from the Jags game was the fumble in overtime and then the winning kick, that’s it. Sure it was not to the standards of a Packers game or something, but at least show the nation the catch by Streater, that was just an amazing jump and snatch.

  27. Jaguar fan here…and that loss hurt!

    When the Raiders sped up that offense our D-line and secondary were tired and lost. We don’t have much depth at either position and the Jag coaches could not keep up. The Raiders have some talent on their roster and when they get it going on offense they are as good as any offense in the league!

  28. Anything that minimizes the influence of coaching staff has historically done well. Remember Gannon led the Raiders to a Super Bowl by calling his own plays and letting Bill Callahan focus on holding a clipboard. No surprise that the Raiders will benefit by having Greg Knapp just manage a clipboard rather than an offense.

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