Rex Ryan wants Reggie to apologize for Revis remarks


The last time the Jets met the Dolphins, coach Rex Ryan wanted to put some hot sauce on Reggie Bush.  Now, Rex apparently wants to wash Reggie’s mouth out with soap.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Rex expects Reggie to apologize for his “what goes around comes around” remark after Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis suffered a torn ACL last month.

“They talked about all week about putting hot sauce and this and that, and they ended up losing their best player for the rest of the season,” Bush said after the last game between the two teams.

Bush also emerged from the game at Miami against the Jets with a knee injury, but Bush was able to play the following week.

Said Rex on Wednesday regarding Reggie:  “I apologized for my comments.  I expect him to do the same.”

But Rex conceded he doesn’t believe he’ll get an apology.  “Maybe Revis,” Rex said, regarding whether Bush will express regret.

We’re not sure an apology is needed.  Reggie understandably was frustrated by the perception that the Jets were trying to hurt him, especially after linebacker Calvin Pace said that the Jets wanted to put Reggie “on out.”  His comments were less about Revis and more about karma.  If you try to injure other players and one of your own players gets injured in the same game, there’s a loose sort of cosmic justice that has been served — when viewed from the perspective of the guy who was the target of the team that lost a key player to injury.

33 responses to “Rex Ryan wants Reggie to apologize for Revis remarks

  1. These are 30 and 50 year old men we’re talkinh about right? Who demand apologies from each other? They sound like the women my grandma plays bridge with.

  2. Completely on Reggie’s side here. It was wrong of them to be talking like they were going into that game. I thought it was poetic justice for Revis to get injured in a game in which they were talking about taking out an opponent.

  3. Brandon Jacobs tried to apologize to Rex Ryan last year for comments that he made, but he was a no show at the Super Bowl.

  4. Hey Rex, please just shut up and play football. Nobody really cares what the coach has to say about anything other than why your team sucks. Spend your time & energy teaching Sanchez to make better decisions…

  5. It will be so nice once Ryan is gone after this season and we won’t be subjected to his constant stream of soap opera like garbage.

    Didn’t his father teach him better? Oh, nevermind.

  6. What’s wrong Rex, don’t you believe in karma? What comes around goes around and I can’t be apologetic about that. Suck it up, man. It’s obvious that you’re simply trying to get your team riled up for the Phins. It’s just a shame that you feel this is what it takes for your players to show up.

  7. Just as soon as Rex Ryan apologizes for constantly talking his way into the news despite his team being 3-4.

  8. Karma is catching up with blowhard Wrecks and Co.
    For all the talk and bluster…. they have done very little and the Dolphins have won more games against him since he stumbled into NJ.

    Expect the same on Sunday. Dolphins 20- 10

  9. Revis actually lives a few miles from Reggie in Florida. They’ll probably take care of it over beers at Duffys in the offseason.

  10. All Rex’s remarks were funny when he was fatter. Now that he has slimmed down a little his remarks are not so funny anymore.. He should start acting human.

    I liked him more when he had the big fat stomach

  11. I’ve often wondered how Rex could preach to his players about being mentally tough, staying in shape, playing smart football ect., but when it came to his own mouth he could not keep from stuffing food into it. The only way he could lose weight was to have surgery, not a very mentally tough coach.

  12. Rex Ryan wants an apology from Reggie Bush

    I want to marry Faith Hill

    Commonality: neither is likely to happen
    (“but you’re saying I have a chance?” 🙂 )

  13. Calvin Pace was quoted as saying “we want to put Reggie on OUT” Where’s the year’s suspension? where’s the investigation of coaches?I guess it’s all OK unless it’s New Orleans.

  14. Rex should apologize for pretending to be a head coach. He’s just another loudmouth loser Ryan. The Ryan family? All hat and no cattle.

  15. Yeah, right after Rex said Reggie should apologize Landry comes out and says he is aiming for Reggie again. Lucky for everyone in the AFC East the jets are nothing but a bunch of knuckle heads.

  16. Florio, that last paragraph of yours is awesome! So so so true. The comment Bush had was truth, nothing against Revis, who had nothing to do with what Landry did or Pace tried to do, and Rex wanted them to do. Reggie Bush owes no one an apology! Karma is a bee-otch, and the Jets karmatically will lose to Fins Sunday.

  17. What is this thing always wanting an apology BS? IF someone says what they think and states their opinion about anything – he does not owe anyone an apology for speaking his mind. What is wrong with people???? Has everyone lost their fricken mind expecting everyone else to owe them something???

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