Steelers still banged up in the backfield

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The Steelers could need running back Jonathan Dwyer to carry the load again on Sunday, against the Redskins.

Running backs Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman missed practice Wednesday.  Mendenhall has an Achilles tendon injury; Redman is nursing an ankle problem.

Dwyer, who didn’t practice Wednesday for reasons unrelated to injury, rushed for 122 yards in a win over the Bengals.

Also missing practice for the Steelers on Wednesday were tackle Marcus Gilbert (ankle), safety Troy Polamalu (calf), and linebacker Jason Worilds (illness).

Full participants were Will Allen (ankle), linebacker Chris Carter (hamstring), and center Maurkice Pouncey (knee).  Linebacker Brandon Johnson (hamstring), linebacker Adrian Robinson (concussion), and kicker Shaun Suisham (left ankle) practiced on a limited basis.

Pouncey, who missed Sunday night’s win, is expected to be available for the Week Eight game against the Redskins.  Polamalu, who has appeared in only two games this season, is expected to miss the game.

19 responses to “Steelers still banged up in the backfield

  1. Troy is done man. Its hard to admit but he just isnt the same even when healthy. And off that subject..does anyone else agree Worilds is 250plds of bust. Guy has all the athletic tools but is just horrible. And always hurt. I think foote sucks to. Flat out. Im glad we got decastro and adams for oline but how could anyone think foote was gunna replace farrior. We need another mlb up in there with Timmons.

  2. I can’t believe this hasn’t been said sooner….”THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!” Boy, do I feel better…

  3. Why is anyone surprised with # 43 is out ? He’s played 2 games this season. He’s getting up there in age and can’t seem to stay healthy. Great player sad to see his career end up like this

  4. I have told many people that we shouldn’t be surprised to see Troy hang `em up after this or next season. If not, he will certainly be playing (injured) in another city, as Pittsburgh doesn’t take well to player that can’t stay healthy — even superstars.

    Folks that are saying Troy isn’t the same player when he’s healthy are nuts though. The guy is still the best SS in the league and can still run anyone down from across the field. He is just built like a house of cards.

    I am actually glad to see Bettis Jr. (AKA Jonathan Dwyer) getting more reps. Everyone in Pittsburgh knows he has more talent in his pinky than Mendenhall has in his whole body. He is simply buried in a deep depth chart and still has issues finding the hole (that’s what she said!).

  5. 3 rivers trash this team is! Im surprised ben hasn’t had an injury latly. Eh he prob. will get one b4 sunday so he doesn’t have to wear that beautiful uni.

  6. Except to say Worilds is a bust and is regularly out a little louder, I totally agree with steelers4385’s assessment of these Steelers. Can he play more than one game in a row? I’m a diehard, but, Mendenhall and Worilds are getting to me. Let’s go Dwyer!
    See you at the game!

  7. “Steelers still banged up in the backfield”

    That was last weeks news – all banged up they rushed for 167 using a tailback 3rd and fullback 2nd on the depth chart. Please expound on how that is “banged up” ?

  8. I can’t make any jokes since the Ravens are just as banged up as the Steelers are. I’m starting to wonder if the two meetings later this season will end up being mostly second and third-string players.

  9. Dwyer runs hard and is a legitimate RB in this league. I would love to get Mendenhall back to change speeds a bit but we will be fine with #27 carrying the load. That being said, the Skins have the worst pass defense in the league. Look for Big Ben to have a big day. Hate to admit it but #43 is done. Even when healthy seems to be a liability out there. @ravenator…how did you like that 43-13 beatdown???

  10. Injuries happen over the course of a year, so I’m not overly concerned that the team is weak.

    Polamalu has had some bad luck with injuries, but since they’ve been different each time (Knee last year, Hammy early this year, now a calf), I’m not ready to say he’s finished per se. Typically its a reoccurence of a specific injury that takes a guy out long term, like a guy who blows out his knee multiple times, or gets a ton of concussions.

    My predicition on Troy is that he’s got 2 good years left (good as compared to the rest of the league, not as compared to vintage Troy), and then my bold predicition – they ask Sean Spence to drop a few lbs and play SS. Spence was undersized at MLB, but he’s got great vision, strong tackling and good coverage skills… could very well be starting at safety in a couple of years.

    Worlids has a ton of talent, and I think he could still make it in this league as a true DE – he just wasn’t able to make the transition to 3-4 OLB like we’d hoped. That happens sometimes.

    As for this week, getting Pouncey back on the OL will help us get to the second-level to open up holes in the middle. I think you’ll see a lot of contain from the OLBs and hope that we can get push against a weak interior of their OLine. Should be a good game.

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