Trent Richardson to practice today, play Sunday if he’s well


On Monday, Browns coach Pat Shurmur said he’d consider sitting running back Trent Richardson until after the Week 10 bye if his rib injury wasn’t sufficiently healed.

Well, Richardson must be feeling much better today.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Richardson will practice today, and Shurmur said if he’s deemed healthy he’ll play Sunday against the Chargers.

“I think what’s important is, if he’s healthy to play, he plays,” Shurmur said. “If they tell me he’s at no risk to hurt it further, then we’re playing ball.”

“As I watch him in practice, if we feel like that’s something we can and should do (rest him) then we’ll do it. Otherwise we’re getting ready to play.”

Shurmur didn’t think he’d have been better off benching Richardson from the start last week. The rookie finished with eight yards on eight carries in a half.

“No, we wanted him to compete and he competed in there for about a half,” Shurmur said. “Had he re-injured himself or set himself back, I’d have second thoughts, but that wasn’t the case.”

The Browns have to be smart with this one. For the most part, players are always going to say they’re able to play. Which means taking it out of the hands of Richardson — and Shurmur, who is coaching for his continued employment — and leaving it with the doctors is the smartest way to go.

5 responses to “Trent Richardson to practice today, play Sunday if he’s well

  1. Shurmur is as good as gone. What does he care if he runs Richardson out there and T-Rich gets hurt even worse?

    Browns are not going anywhere this year – they need to be thinking long-term here.

    I don’t like owners who get involved in coaching / personnel decisions, but I think Jimmy Haslam needs to step in here. This is a situation that could impact the success of the team for years to come.

  2. Regardless of whose running the ball, the Browns struggle seriously in run blocking. Offensively, I think you’ll see the new regime going out and getting a couple of road-grader OL with their higher draft picks and continue to peace the WR positions together through mid-late rd picks and very mediocre FA acquisitions (probably older guys looking for their last contracts).
    Not saying I would do this. Just saying that this is the probable direction from here if they’re settled with Weeden at QB.

  3. But Richardson was ineffective last week Pat. Thats why he didn’t play for most of the 2nd quarter and the entire 2nd half. Doesn’t Hardesty give the Browns the best chance to win? Nah you know what you’re doing. What a joke he is.

  4. I bet if the Browns would let Pittsburgh, Bengals & Baltimore do their draft picks for them, they couldn’t find guys as worthless as the Browns pick for themselves. He can’t get through training camp, he can’t get through a handful of games…big busteroo, AGAIN.

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