60 Minutes will profile Shahid Khan

Getty Images

On the same day that his team likely will slide to 1-6 against the Packers, new Jaguars owner Shahid Khan will get the 60 Minutes treatment.

The Jaguars have announced that Khan will be featured on the show, which will begin while FOX is still televising a game between the Giants and Cowboys.

The Jags promise a “colorful and insightful profile” of Khan, “a native of Pakistan whose success in the automotive supply industry helped bring true another chapter to his American Dream — ownership of a team in the National Football League.”

The 60 Minutes crew “spent days with Khan on numerous occasions throughout 2012 in an exclusive effort to bring to life this unlikely and inspirational story, which at times has been marked equally by adversity and triumph.”

Based on the team’s schedule, the scoreboard currently reads Adversity 5, Triumph 1.  (Actually, it’s Triumph 2, given his cameo in a Gangnam Style parody video.)

It should be an interesting segment.  We suggest that you record it, since you’ll be split-screening that game and Football Night in America.  Unless the game is boring and you’re checking out FNIA only.