Alfred Morris knew he’d succeed in the NFL


Redskins rookie running back Alfred Morris enters Week Eight one yard from the NFL rushing lead.  Not bad for a sixth-round pick from a Florida Atlantic team that went 1-11 in 2011.

But Morris had no doubt about his ability to play at the NFL level.  He explained his confidence on PFT Live today.

Morris also talked about his love for his car.  Here’s a hint — it was built the same year the Redskins last beat their opponents on Sunday, the Steelers.

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8 responses to “Alfred Morris knew he’d succeed in the NFL

  1. Good for him. At least he doesn’t have an attitude like a lot of these rookies, who think the world owes them a living. He played so good at FAU last year, and I hope he goes on to great things.
    It makes a change to watch a kid like this, who has come out of a school where football is not everything. Some of the flashy rookies, could take a lesson from Alfred, and see how humble he is.
    Good job, and I wish him the best. He could probably afford a “better” car soon!!

  2. Good for the Kid!! I hope he can play at this level for Washington for the next 10 years!! Him and RG3, and much success for the Redskins !!!!!HAIL

  3. He had one of the most dominating performances I’ve ever seen on any level last year against UAB. I figured he stood a chance at making an NFL roster. Good for him.

  4. Whatever way you cut it, it’s a new day in DC sports. Truly a wonderful foundation for the future has been set. RG3, Morris, Williams, Kerrigan, Orakpo, Jenkins, all true building blocks. If they can strengthen the secondary, offensive line, and add another weapon on offense I see this team being a contender.

  5. Guess he’s gonna have to buy a 2012 now when the Skins drop the hammer on the Steel this weekend! Hail!!!

  6. I love FREDSKINS this kid is awesome and stay humble.!!!!! Will win the rushing title this year.The future is now and bright.

  7. I sincerely doubt he could make it in many other systems. The Shannahan ZBS is in full effect in Washington and none of the guys that went on to other systems did any good outside of Denver during the super dominant rushing years in Denver.

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