Arrest makes Tyrann Mathieu likely to enter the NFL draft

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Tyrann Mathieu, the highly talented LSU defensive back who was a Heisman Trophy finalist last year but kicked off the team this year after multiple failed drug tests, has been arrested for marijuana possession in Baton Rouge. Mathieu’s arrest makes it a near certainty that LSU will not let him back on the team next year, meaning he’s likely heading for the 2013 NFL draft.

And that means Mathieu will be one of the most intriguing prospects in next year’s draft. As our own Evan Silva wrote when Mathieu was kicked off the LSU team in August, Mathieu’s ability to change games from the “joker” defensive back position in LSU’s defense was extraordinary. Mathieu forced 11 fumbles, recovered eight fumbles, intercepted four passes recorded six sacks during his two seasons with the Tigers. He was also a tremendous special teams player who returned two punts for touchdowns last year. There’s a reason this guy was a Heisman Trophy finalist.

But there’s also a reason this guy was kicked off the team at LSU, and it’s because he’s a knucklehead at best and someone with a serious drug problem that will never allow him to realize his potential at worst. If he can’t stop getting in trouble now — when he has vowed to clean up his act and said publicly he wants to prove he deserves another shot at playing for LSU — why would any NFL team believe he can stop getting in trouble when he’s a professional?

There are also questions about whether Mathieu is good enough as a pure cover corner to match up with elite NFL receivers, and about whether a player who likes to deliver big hits but weighs just 175 pounds can hold up over the course of a 16-game NFL season. So Mathieu wouldn’t necessarily be a high first-round pick even if he were a choir boy off the field.

Mathieu made so many spectacular plays in two seasons at LSU, however, that some NFL team is bound to become enamored with him. If we’re going to compare him to talented but troubled draft prospects from this year, Mathieu is probably closer to Janoris Jenkins, who went in the second round to the Rams, than to Vontaze Burfict, who went undrafted before signing with the Bengals.

Then again, at the rate Mathieu is getting into off-field trouble, there’s still plenty of time for his draft stock to plummet.

74 responses to “Arrest makes Tyrann Mathieu likely to enter the NFL draft

  1. I’m actually thinking Patriots. They love being creative on defense, have lots of veteran players and have a willingness to gamble once in a while on red flags.

  2. He should be blackballed from the NFL. It amazes me that people like this will get paid given their inability to act accordingly. Hell probably piss it all away anyhow.

  3. Does he have a “SERIOUS DRUG PROBLEM” or does he like to smoke reefer? Which is it? He could do a lot worse than do a little weed. Meanwhile, Leonard Little is probably out driving drunk and recklessly, Ryan Leaf is robbing a family of all their goods so he can buy pills and Larry Johnson just left happy hour and pissed on three women!

  4. I would not be upset one bit if Ted Thompson used a 2nd round pick or so on him in the Supplemental Draft. Sure the guy has made some bone-headed choices off the field, but on the field he’s electric.

    Jerruh may regret the Dez pick at this point in time, but if he’d put up Randy Maw numbers his first few years he’d be happy as can be.

    Back to my Packers. I believe Honey Badger would be a great athlete to step into CW21’s shoes when he does decide to hang them up. Dude has some serious SWAGGER!

  5. Don’t see the Badger being used as a pure corner in the NFL, just as he wasn’t a pure corner at LSU. He’ll go to some team who puts a high value on secondary versatility and complicated defensive schemes: Seahawks, Redskins (Current secondary problems notwithstanding, Raheem Morris knows what he’s doing in the defensive backfield), and Rams come to mind. Wherever he goes, if he’s used correctly and can stay out of trouble, and if , he’s going to be a late-round stud.

  6. A serious drug problem? He smokes pot, he’s not a heroin addict. The way our justice system treats marijuana users is criminal in its own right, but that’s a whole ‘nuther debate. Still, he really shouldn’t be doing that if he is trying to clean up his image and become a pro athlete.

    If and when he does become a pro, he should absolutely not be a corner. Put him at free safety and let him make plays. He could be the next Ed Reed.

  7. I think weed should be legal too, but just how stupid is this guy? Who’d be dumb enough to give him a multi-million dollar contract, with a six or seven figure signing bonus?

    Answer: Jerry Jones won’t give a Schlitz what Honey Badger did or does.

  8. if you can cover you’ll always find a team willing to give you a chance,whether thats right or wrong it is what it is.

  9. Agreed that he should be a Detroit Lion, works for me!

    But I doubt he will want to declare for the draft, it sounded to me a while back that his coach was very open to the idea of him returning next year and was encouraged by his decisions to aggressively work on his off the field problems. My money is he is playing at LSU next year. He needs to raise his stock before risking being a low draft pick, and I can’t imagine LSU wouldn’t take him back unless he had some other major problem, which I’m certainly not going to assume.

  10. He doesn’t have a “serious drug problem”. He’s just a pothead who’s too stupid to understand he’s throwing his life away.

  11. beavertonsteve says:
    Oct 25, 2012 7:56 PM
    I’m actually thinking Patriots. They love being creative on defense, have lots of veteran players and have a willingness to gamble once in a while on red flags.

    If he can break up pass plays, the Pats don’t want him.

  12. Honestly – just because he was busted for pot possession doesn’t mean he only popped positive at LSU for pot.

    Could be anything and you’ll never really know so before you get all indignant over it – realize, pot was this time – doesn’t mean it was every time.

    Someone will take a chance on him in the NFL but it won’t be in the first 3 rounds.

  13. Newsflash: It’ doesn’t matter if it’s legal. It’s on the NFL banned substance list. If he tests positive a time or two in the NFL he’ll get suspended. Drafting players likely to get suspended is stupid.

  14. The head lines tells it all yea lets get arrested and heck we will go to the NFL.. The NFL should stand up and do something about these trouble players, that don’t go to class on a free ride but have time to get in trouble.

  15. I’m pretty sure reports when he was dismissed from LSU had him thinking about going to a rehab spot for heroin… I’m not positive so don’t quote me but like I said I think I heard heroin. It’s too bad, for some reason everyone I know that’s younger (I’m 30) seems to know someone that does heroin, I thought people realized how stupid that drug was. I’m from suburban Buffalo an most people I’ve heard that are in to it seem to come from families w/ $$. Hope I’m wrong and he is only smokin nugs but regardless I’ll take his athletic ability and chance to make some serious cheese if he wants to trade.

  16. This guy is way too short and skinny to be a success in the NFL. There’s a reason why undersized but great college players (Noel Devine comes to mind) don’t get NFL hype. Add in his immaturity and teams will give him a wide berth.

    Does anyone really think this guy can cover a guy as big as Megatron or as physical as Anquan Boldin? I personally don’t.

  17. The dude is just smoking weed, relax. He is just dumb to be the one holding when everyone wants to catch the kid again for smoking some herb.

    He will be making a boat load of cash next season and he will take the right stuff to keep his body clean so he wont fail tests.

  18. mattypbillsmafia says: Oct 25, 2012 8:23 PM

    I’m pretty sure reports when he was dismissed from LSU had him thinking about going to a rehab spot for heroin… I’m not positive so don’t quote me but like I said I think I heard heroin…
    Nope. Just pot. To be fair, what he said was “to clean up my lifestyle”. Football players really can’t use harder drugs and stay in the shape they need to be in to succeed on the field.

  19. First off, I don’t think smoking pot should be a big deal. It should be legalized and controlled so that minors don’t get it, but overall it is not a terrible drug and is probably far safer than the number one legal drug, alcohol.

    In regards to Mathieu, he has known for some time that his possible career in the NFL, and his earlier college career, could be seriously derailed because of pot smoking. He has known for some time that he had to stop smoking pot if he wanted a chance to play for LSU again, and if he wanted a chance to play in the NFL. He decided to keep smoking.

    He has made his decision. Smoking pot is more important to him that football. The NFL Draft should occur and no team should draft him and he should not be invited to camp as a rookie free agent. He has an enormous amount of athletic talent, but he would rather smoke pot than play football. Let him smoke his pot in peace….

  20. I’d like to see him end up on the Giants. I think the guys in the locker room could get him straightened out.

    Twice a year his job would be to chase RGIII around.

    He could return punts when David Wilson becomes a full time RB.

  21. “It’s too bad, for some reason everyone I know that’s younger (I’m 30) seems to know someone that does heroin, I thought people realized how stupid that drug was. I’m from suburban Buffalo an most people I’ve heard that are in to it seem to come from families w/ $$.”

    I gotta agree with you here man, it’s a disturbing trend. These days it always starts with perscription pills then progresses from there. I’ve seen exactly the kind of thing you are describing and have known many that have gone down that path. It’s really sad.

    That said, I truly hope Tyrann’s only vice is weed. If he is in to pain killers of any sort then that is a serious problem and the man needs to get help before it ruins his life. That would be a true tragedy.

  22. I’m willing to bet 75% of the league smokes marijuana, the majority just don’t get caught…i’ll take him on my team…

  23. “Wouldn’t be a high first round pick.” If you say so, but isn’t he going to be high no matter what round he is selected? I mean that’s his problem isn’t it?!

  24. If Pacman is in the league, then he will be. Come to Washington and toke up with Fred Davis, Trent Williams & Tanard Jackson. #HalfBaked

  25. I would say smoking weed does not mean you have a drug problem….his real problem is just being caught with a bag of weed.

    Alcohol is about 50 times worse!

  26. frankdatank23 says: Oct 25, 2012 8:06 PM

    i missed the part where he did something wrong.
    It’s the part where his priorities are kinda gunked up. I like weed, but I’m a nobody, so nobody cares if I smoke it. But I’ve smoked it with plenty of people that had to be discrete, and they never let it become a focal point of their public life. There’s nothing wrong with getting high or getting tied up and spanked, but if there’s money and success involved, you want to keep it quiet.

  27. Honey Badger takes what he wants. And boy was he taking it in the BCS Championship game.

  28. He’ll be a second round pick. Talent trumps character and all it takes is one team to fall in love with you (cough Lions cough) to make it in the NFL.

  29. Like I said, don’t quote me on the heroin thing… I really did think I saw something on the sports talk app about it though, either on pft or the college version but the only things that come up when I look for it are all about dank nugs… Not like I was rooting for heroin use by n e means. As far as everyone who says weed isn’t addicting, I have some friends you should meet haha. I have no problem w ppl that smoke, it’s just not my cup of tea, but I’ve seen cases where it definitely controls someones life… Hopefully this kid can pull his $hit together an straighten out. I’m trying to quit smokin cigs an that’s the worst… Good luck honey badger, quit smokin trees an cash in while you can. Just think, when you’re a retired millionaire you can smoke more than lil Wayne…

  30. His pot dealer must be really mad since his potential NFL million dollar contract just went down to an undrafted free agent contract of which the league will end up taking most of it in suspensions anyway.

  31. looks like a jerry jones first round pick.

    just start drinking and driving and killing people as a result. didn’t hurt leonard little’s career at all.

  32. I’m all for legalization, however, this kid can’t put the stuff down when it counts.

    He’s jeopardizing his future due to lack of self-control and that’s a problem whether it’s pot, alcohol, or chocolate milk.

    There are people who get it and people who don’t.

    Honey Badger don’t.

  33. Advisor: Hey Tyrann, here’s the deal. Stay away from pot and there is a pile of money waiting for you.

    Tyrann: Okay, I’m on this. i am all over it. No pot for me. Nope.

    Advisor: Great. See you next year and I will give you the pile of money.

    (advisor leaves)

    Tyrann: Hey, look, POT! Mmmmm gonna get me some of that!

    Advisor: bangs head on wall.

  34. This sucks. Honey Badger was one of the most electrifying college football players i’ve ever seen. Was looking forward to him possibly returning to LSU. Oh well.

  35. Of all the teams thrown out there as possible suitors, one very obvious one is missing — the Jets. They suck this year and they have shown repeatedly that they are more concerned with getting tons of press than getting just a couple of good players.

    Of course, that could change if they clean house after this season as some predict and hire people who actually are concerned mostly about talent and character. I know, it’s still the Jets, but if they dump enough people it could happen.

  36. You are essentially guaranteed to hit the lottery. All you have to do is stay clean. What do you do?

  37. Smokin’ isn’t the problem I see, although his knuckle headed persistence and idiocy of getting caught is a problem, the fact they were dealing is a flag. The career paths of guys looking to be dealers is not great.
    Local smoking bust, you miss some mini camp. Dealing bust, you are in a federal pen missing a few seasons.

  38. Just because he smokes pot doesnt mean he has a so called “drug problem.” People are ignorant when it comes to marijuana and have no idea about the stuff.. Smh at people

  39. Here’s the problem with all of you saying this isn’t a big deal because marijuana should be legal. It isn’t legal. So as long as that is the case someone with so much to lose should stay away from it. If it isn’t addictive like you pot heads are saying, then that shouldn’t be so hard.

  40. Looks like a steal for the J-E-T-S! If he stops now and cleans out his system, he’ll be ready to go for the draft.

  41. rjkilla says:Oct 25, 2012 11:53 PM

    newsflash…if it’s not illegal it’s not on the banned substance list. see how that works?


    You do know that half the products they sell at GNC are on many pro sports banned substance list?

  42. The heck with all of y’all he’s coming home to play with the saints LOl!! get your own safety”

  43. raiderapologist says:
    Oct 25, 2012 9:29 PM

    “There’s nothing wrong with getting high or getting tied up and spanked.”

    Actually even THAT is illegal in some states!!! Don’t think it’s illegal here…but if it is…then I’m glad I haven’t been caught yet! 😉

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