Broncos schedule sets up favorably for second-half run


While thier 3-3 record screams mediocrity, the Broncos might be poised to make a run, with most of their more difficult football behind them.

Their three losses are to division-leaders in the Falcons, Texans and Patriots, and they have a road win in the division (at San Diego) in their pocket.

And Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post points out an interesting stat: The six teams the Broncos have played already have a combined 24. The 10 teams remaining on the schedule have a combined 20 wins.

The only team left on their schedule with a winning record at the moment is the Ravens, and the Broncos won’t see them until December.

Beginning with Sunday night’s game against 2-4 New Orleans, the rest of the slate includes games against the one-win Browns and Chiefs (twice), along with the Panthers. And after being spurned in his quest for a lucrative contract leading to a messy divorce in Carolina, coach John Fox clearly wouldn’t mind hanging 50 on Jerry Richardson’s team, just for spite.

Of course, the Broncos will still need to have a winning streak (something they haven’t done since the Tebow Era of December 2011) if they want to be viewed as a legitimate contender.

But the way the schedule unfolds, putting a few together seems incredibly doable.

14 responses to “Broncos schedule sets up favorably for second-half run

  1. i may be crazy, but i think the saints are going to be a dangerous team to play the rest of the year.

  2. The Saints Broncos game will be a shootout. The thing that helps Denver is the ability to play DEFENSE. When Josh Freeman can put up over 400 yards, just think what Peyton and Co. will do. People keep pointing to the 3-3 record as this and that. The Broncos lost to the Falcons (Peytons second game with a new team in 14 years) by six points in ATL and lost by six to the other team considered top flight the Texans. Winning in NE is not easy either. This team will be dangerous the rest of the way. Once Peyton figures a way to get the team in the lead right out of the gate, Von Miller and DOOM will be eating quarterbacks for breakfast.

  3. Most importantly, it seems like Denver has gotten better as the season has gone on. I don’t think anyone in the AFC wants to deal with them come playoff time.

  4. I think Saints will be dangerous too. At beginning of year looking at schedule I would be happy being 3-3. Broncos stay healthy, division title is in the bank.

  5. I stated the same thing earlier this season, broncos had it hard in the beginning but it gets easier at the end. If it comes down to the last few games to win the west, the broncos have the browns and chiefs, chargers have the jets and raiders, which scenario you rather have. If they broncos continue to play at a high level in all areas of the team, I wouldn’t be surprised if they win the rest of their games finishing 13-3, just saying. Drew brees is the last of the elites left on the broncos schedule then you get dalton, Newton, weeden and whosever in KC.

  6. 3-3 is a win at this point, given the difficulty of schedule plus adjustments from Tebow to Manning. Definitely going to be a dangerous team from here on out as they gel

  7. Wait a minute, what happen to the preseason pundits who said Denver had the 2nd toughest schedule this year? Now all of the sudden the schedule stacks up favorably for a 2nd half run. Did the NFL change the schedule or maybe it just wasn’t/isn’t as tough as it was advertised. Denver should win the AFC West easily.

  8. Six games in, they are 3-3, Manning is lighting up the charts, the team is playing better, and they are money in the 4th quarter. I guess those people that said Harrison would KO Manning like the taste of foot.

    If Denver can find a way to play for 4(or even three since they don’t show up in the first half) they will be dangerous. While I have been highly critical of Manning in the past mainly due to his contract, there is no denying that he has an undying love and respect for the game. It’s rare to find someone as talented as Manning who continually wants to get better and actually enjoys football.

  9. This game against NO will not be the high scoring shootout most people think because unlike the Saints the Broncos will be smart enough to eat clock with Willis and keep crybaby Brees on the bench.

  10. I think Denver is right where they need to be, they played tough in their hard part of the schedule, proving that they can at least hang around with top teams in Atlanta, Houston and New England. Denver still has work to do but I think they’re really starting to click as a team

  11. One of the main misleading stats is only 2 AFC teams have a winning record right now, so probably not as fair to judge their opponents remaining strictly by record. Besides, for that same reasoning most AFC teams have a favorable schedule moving forward.

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