Chiefs’ Tamba Hali calls the Raiders dirty


As the Chiefs prepare to face the Raiders on Sunday, Kansas City outside linebacker Tamba Hali says his teammates need to be ready for dirty play.

“[The Raiders] are coming in and they’re a good team and a fast team and they play dirty,” Hali told the Kansas City Star. “We’ve got to come out swinging. We’ve got to be ready for that. You can let these guys come in and if they do it and you let them do it, they’re going to enjoy themselves doing it and they’ll run over you. So you have to be prepared for that and stay with the game plan.”

Hali declined to say which Raiders players are dirty or to offer any specific examples of Raiders cheap shots he’s seen through the years, but he said dirty play is a part of how the franchise does things.

“The Raiders, they come in, they cheapshot, they hit you,” Hali said. “I’m not saying [any] names. It is what it is. We’ve got to be ready to play and keep our composure, stayed poised and be able to get this win.”

Hali has been able to overcome Oakland’s alleged dirty play to record six sacks against the Raiders in his career.

24 responses to “Chiefs’ Tamba Hali calls the Raiders dirty

  1. What’s the big surprise? I’ve know this for over fifty years. People are just learning this now? They lead the league in penalties almost every year, and are only called for half of what they deserve.

  2. Is there any team in the NFL that is yet to be called dirty by an opponent? I think we need to have a ‘Dirty’ meter similar to the ‘Arrest’ meter, which would reset once someone accuses someone else of playing dirty. I don’t think we’ll make it into double digits.

  3. He wasn’t suspended for performance enhancing drugs. The drugs he was suspended for didn’t enhance his performance, they just made him one half of the Chief’s fearsome duo- “Puff Puff Passrush!”

  4. @grogansheroes- Since your a pats fan, I guessing the last RAIDERS game you saw involved a fumble in the snow that was gifted to the home team, I’m sure you’re familiar with it.

    Also, two weeks ago against the falcons the RAIDERS had not one, but TWO phantom calls- one on a player that wasn’t suited up and the second on a player/number that is not even on the roster.

    The RAIDERS have more BS/phantom/fabricated (tuck rule) calls against them than any other team in the NFL. If you east coast donkeys would actually watch the games instead of spewing nonsense you would actually know what your talking about.

    RAIDERS 27 chiefs 13

  5. joetoronto says: Oct 25, 2012 7:25 AM

    “Mommy, he called me a name!”

    Joe, you let a Raiders story sit on PFT for a full 13 minutes before commenting? You must be slipping, or was the internet connection in your mom’s basement acting up?

  6. Tamba-hawk is just getting his players ready. This is a rivalry that dates back 50 years, and it gets dirty on both sides. Chiefs are the youngest team in the league so he wants the Rookies, 1st year, 2nd year players to know that.

    Raiders are always gonna be the bottom of the AFC WEST. 90% of the time! 1 every 10 years their good. Thats the dirty Raiders Hali is talkin bout!


  7. Wow look everyone CLAY is just wrong and look at all the likes he got for telling a lie. He was smoking weed and you confuse that with performance enhancing drugs… yeah maybe for eating a cheeseburger. Get ur facts riight before you go blapping. #dumb

  8. Tamba Hali……..I kind of remember that guy, he used to be a little bit of an above average player. I think I have the right guy…….

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