Doug Martin has coming-out party for Bucs


For a rookie, there’s nothing like a nationally-televised game to create an opportunity for attention.  A rookie who seizes that chance suddenly earns the name recognition of a proven veteran.

Buccaneers running back Doug Martin did just that on Thursday night.

Martin rushed for 135 yards and a touchdown, and he added 79 through the air in a 36-17 win over the Vikings in Minnesota.  The first-round pick’s 64-yard sprint with a screen pass on the first drive of the third quarter extended a 10-point lead to 27-10, and the Vikings never got within 13 after that — despite the foolish decision of Bucs left tackle Donald Penn to enrage defensive end Jared Allen by ripping off his helmet and putting a gash on the bridge of his nose.

The momentum was temporary, with a third-down sack on the next play from Allen generating a din that disappeared quickly once the Vikings got the ball back.  The team simply doesn’t have much on offense beyond Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin, and life for the 5-3 team is about to get a lot more difficult.  With a trip to Seattle and a home game against the Lions before a bye that will lead to a six-game stretch of Bears, Packers, Bears, Rams, Texans, Packers, that 5-2 start could easily translate to a 6-10 finish.

For Tampa, it was the first road win since their last visit to the Metrodome, in September 2011.  It also lifts the Buccaneers to 3-4 on the season, putting them in the chase for a wild-card berth.

And it gives them a critical head-to-head tiebreaker against the Vikings, if the Vikings somehow don’t play like they did tonight for the rest of the season.

22 responses to “Doug Martin has coming-out party for Bucs

  1. Player Safety….. unless you play defense.

    How many times are Offensive lineman gonna get away with shots after the whistle?

  2. 2 good young teams. I like what the Bucs and Vikings are doing. But I like Josh Freeman a lot better than Christian Ponder who I am not impressed with.

  3. Bucs are a solid squad. We deserved this kind of beat down tonight and hopefully Rick realizes we need a legit WR1. Simpson is #2-3 at best. Hope they call Chiefs or Panthers about Bowe or Smith

  4. I’m sick of all these fantasy football experts. They said to sit Doug Martin (bullcrap).He was on my bench.

  5. As a life long Vikes fan… I have to say, watching the last 3 weeks this team has played in is sorta like watching a car accident. Week after week they just keep getting steadily worse. IF we don’t get a special teams play made in a game, I don’t think we can win against any decent team out there. We don’t create turnovers on defense, our run defense has steadily went to crap. Or offense is HORRIBLE outside of AP and Harvin. IF a team can slow down Percy, we really have no chance.

    Ponder, oh boy Ponder! Talk about regression.. you would think that a full offseason and the way this team started out, he should have gotten better as the year progressed. But, nope, he’s gotten worse.. MUCH WORSE. I know Musgrave has note card for a play sheet compared to the place mats most OC’s have… but with this PoS back there… he may as well fold it in half. He made what 3 decent throws in the last 3 games. This team is going NO WHERE with him leading it… NO WHERE!

    I picked this team to be 6-10 at the beginning of the year and I just might be wrong.. they’ll probably go 7-9. Look at the schedule ahead… Seattle is going to crush us… GB twice 0-2, Bears twice 0-2, Texans… Texans!! Foster will run for 250 on us for crying out loud! About the only team looking ahead we have a legit chance of beating is Detroit, CUZ they’re TERRIBLE, other than that we are done.

    Yup, can’t wait for the Packer fans to show up and say all the above and what can we say…. Notta, nothing!

  6. Like I said before the season started, the Vikes will go 8 and 8 at best. It looks more like 6 and 10 after they blew this “should win” game. Oh well, as a longtime Vikes fan, I’m used to being disappointed.

  7. Vikings do need a #1 to pair with Harvin but Minnesota is rebuilding the right way. Why trade a valuable draft choice for Steve Smith – he’s what 33 or 34? Bowe would make more sense since he’s 28 but still not sure if is worth giving up a 2nd or 3rd rd pick for him. I don’t think the Vikings are 1 of the top 6 teams in the NFC even if they got 1 of those guys.

  8. a 3rd round pick for Bowe is a steal. DO IT. hell a 2nd rounder would be ok as well.

    we wasted our (2) 3rd round picks on 2 receivers, one of which was a reach (wright) and the other blew out 2 patella tendens (Childs)….how do even do that.

    We are who we thought we are! a 6-10 team.

  9. Does the NFL network really count as “nationally televised”? I refer to those games as the games no one can watch, kind of like the proverbial tree falling in the forest……..

  10. As a long time Vikes fan, last night was as painful as it could get. If Simpson is as good as we have for receivers then relying on Harvin and AP as our sole scorers is going to make it rough. Seems to me Ponder has 2 issues right now. A big head from playing above and beyond the first 2 or 3 games and a swollen lower head that’s distacting him since he came forward syaing he’s got a very close hottie friend.

  11. our vikes are not crying or fans get over it and we will not lose all the next 10 games we still play the lions at home and we beat them away and I think we can still pull it off on at least maybe the home games of greenbay and bears we have beat green bay in the past so it can happen as long as our team steps up and yes I wish they would give webb or the other quarterback a try and see what they can bring ponder is struggling maybe he should be 2nd string and get some experience he can be our future if he gets better but he really has no mentor to help him
    klwue I am disappointed with last night as well with his punting the 2 turnovers helped them win the game they would still have won but not like they did last night
    hats off to the bucs but that does not mean the vikings are going down the losing street
    they will bounce back
    they have 10 days to get there mistakes fixed
    and let webb or the other play please coach

  12. I thought Ponder had it in him. He’s got natural ability, but he’s just another Tony Romo. ANyone else notice that his play started stinking after hooking up with that Samantha Steele? Another FSU QB doomed to the ‘bust’ label in the NFL.

  13. The Bucs have been close in every loss and have blown out the opposing teams in their wins, Things are looking up!

  14. The Bucs are jelling and the threshold is upon us. This defense is violent, and now looks disciplined (although I wince a bit everytime I see them coming with the blitz/get burned deep). The close losses and incomplete games are going to go to the wayside as everyone gets on the same page. The rookie’s big game is a good example.

  15. I got Martin in the 5th round in both my ff teams. As a bucs fan I knew he would get the rock and eventually come out. I’ve started him every game and only have had 1 dud. Can’t say that for other players on my ff teams. GO BUCS!

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