Lawrence Taylor testifies in civil suit brought by teenage prostitute

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Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor testified that he enjoys patronizing prostitutes when called to the witness stand in the lawsuit brought against him by a woman who was 16 years old when Taylor hired her for sex.

“I know I’m 50-plus years old. I still like the chase, but I like to stack the deck in my favor,” Taylor said, via the New York Daily News. “I don’t like to work too hard.”

Taylor is on probation after he pleaded guilty to a sexual encounter with the girl, and she is now suing him and saying she was forced into the encounter by a pimp who is now in prison. Taylor says the encounter was consensual.

“I went as far as she would let me go until she said no,” Taylor said. “Nothing happened that she didn’t want to happen.”

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  1. I’m assuming the pimp who knew she was underage and put her in the situation has no money, therefore no reason to sue him. Not absolving Taylor of all blame, but this sure looks like a money play. But can Taylor REALLY have all that much money left these days? I mean, who’s hiring him for endorsements?

  2. As much as you may look down upon a middle aged man having relations with an 18 year old, it’s not illegal. That what LT thought he was doing so Im not putting a whole lot of blame on him here. That prostitute lied about her age.

    To be completely honest I’m surprised LT isn’t WORSE off than what he is right now. The dude definitely isn’t all there in the head. Always been that way.

  3. Seriously? Prostitution is illegal and sex with a minor is illegal. This is 100% on LT.

    “As much as you may look down upon a middle aged man having relations with an 18 year old, it’s not illegal. That what LT thought he was doing so Im not putting a whole lot of blame on him here. That prostitute lied about her age. “

  4. I grew up watching LT, and I thought he was the greatest player ever, he was my favorite player. He was like Michael Jordan, you knew you would never see that again. Of course years later you find out he sent hookers to opposing teams hotel rooms etc.. You then realize he has beeen always like that and it looks like he will never escape that lifestyle or choose to leave it. The guy I hear stutter during interviews, and searching for words to say, is not the guy I used to hear in the 80’s. He obviously got hit in the head 1 too many times. I am pretty sure no one likes LT off the field, and the crap we read about him now. I do miss seeing him on the field. I am just glad that I saw him play. Its a shame really what he has become.

  5. paintballx3dotcom says:
    Oct 25, 2012 10:47 AM
    Seriously? Prostitution is illegal and sex with a minor is illegal. This is 100% on LT.

    You are correct. Prostitution is illegal in every state except certain counties in Nevada. However, the point the other poster was trying to make was that Taylor didn’t know she was 16. He asked both pimp and girl the age, and both said 18. Therefore, he thought he was having “relations” with a consenting adult.

    100% of the prostitution aspect is on LT. Don’t go to a prostitute…end of story. But the sex with a minor… how many times have we heard “but she LOOKED 18”. Heck, you probably have a friend who’s said that.

    I am not trying to condone what he did. I am just trying to point out the facts of the case.

  6. Committing a crime doesn’t always mean that you have to pay restitution to the alleged victim.
    The prostitute is not entitled to any money just because she voluntarily took money to have sex. If she had told LT ahead of time that she was 16 then he certainly would have more to answer for but the only liability he has is whatever the punishment is for soliciting in the jurisdiction he was convicted in.

  7. Yet, LT remains a do-no-wrong saint in Giants’ fans eyes and Tiki is the worst human on the planet. The hypocrisy in Giants’ fans. I’m one of them but am one of the few Tiki supporters remaining.

  8. I don’t think he should have been brought up on charges, let alone convicted of anything. She and her pimp both lied about her age. He thought and was told she was 18, a consenting adult.

    I don’t and have never liked LT. Even before all this. He’s not that great a human being. But I don’t have to like someone to defend them from injustice. Dude was lied to and got the short end of the stick in this situation. Just my opinion.

    As for going to a prostitute, not my thing, but doesn’t hurt me that people do. Actually, I could care less if people do or don’t. Just. Don’t. Care. Anyways, everything else in this world is for sell. Why is this so sacrosanct?

  9. My only problem with the whole thing is he is LT, he couldn’t have found a better prostitute and just pay more? besides the fact she was too young she wasn’t going to win any beauty contests either!

  10. Unknowingly committing a felony does not excuse guilt. These are felonies for a reason and not only should you not do them, you should go out of your way to ensure they don’t happen. LT did neither. And assuming a pimp and a prostitute are telling the truth only ensures that you’re a moron.

    That being said, civil court? Does LT have a dime to his name?

  11. If a comment made on this site is not PC enough it’s gets deleted. Why is that? It shows you guys have no balls what so ever. I bet you won’t have the balls to keep this post up and let the people vote on it either.

  12. Since when did, “But she said she was 18!” become a viable defense in a court of law? That defense has never held up in a statutory rape case. Oh but the pimp told him she was 18? I didn’t realize that. That’s crazy, pimps are normally such trustworthy people.

    I have no problem with prostitution. But LT is totally on the hook for this too. For a 50+ year old man to be hooking up with prostitutes who appear young, you gotta be more careful.

  13. I wish LT was a better person. There’s no denying that he’s made lots and lots of bad choices. But he wasn’t out looking for an underage girl. He didn’t know she was 16. At least on that score he’s innocent.

  14. If it’s just her word versus his then why hasn’t she gone after others whom she serviced previous to Mr. Taylor.

    Really, if LT can be brought to civil trial in this then why not press charges or investigate into any other meetings she had?

    LT was wrong and he had his day in court but he didn’t force her into the room, she was aware of what was going on and chose not to do anything about it until after the fact.

    I don’t understand how she gained the confidence to make light of the event afterwards if she truly was doing this against her will.

    Just doesn’t add up and couple it with a civil trial and it seems like BS to me.

  15. Statutory rape is a strict liability crime (with an exception for people within 3 years in age with each other) – it does not matter what she looked like or what she and/or the pimp told LT. If she was under age, then it was a crime – no defense. I could care less if anyone chooses to use a prostitute, but if LT wants them young then he has to suffer the consequences if she is underage.

  16. I wonder how many PFT posters knew about the rampant sex trafficking trade currently happening in America?

    That being said, lawsuits need to also be filed against the motel chains in which sex trafficking thrive. It’s a scary, disgusting scene. Time to obliterate it.

  17. No one will like this post, but here goes.

    If LT was given a reasonable basis to believe the prostitute was of age – and everything was consensual — this doesn’t strike me quite as satanic as it might to most folks.

    And no, I’ve not only been with a hooker – but I wouldn’t want to be. Who wants to be with a girl that has zero interest in the festivities?

    But as for LT, what he did was not the most noble deed — but he wasn’t shooting up a movie theatre full of innocents, including a 6 year old girl.

    I am certain this message will not be agreed with by many, if any. And I’m not a Giants homer – my team is an AFC team.

  18. It’s weird to use this as a opportunity to bring up Taylor’s finances. Not that long ago the guy was put on the cover of a video game, was on dancing with the stars – just to name a few. The idea that he couldn’t afford service is a little weird.

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