Maybin says Jets want to knock Bush out, legally

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At times, the Jets try to walk the line between tough talk and the cart-off/knock-out motivations that fueled the Saints’ alleged bounty program.

At other times, the Jets just don’t care.

On Wednesday, in addition to the strong remarks from safety LaRon Landry regarding “head hunting” and the fact that Dolphins running back Reggie Bush will “remember” the hit from Landry that ousted Bush from the first game between the two teams with a knee injury, Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin was more direct.

We want to knock him out, but we’re out to do it legally,” Maybin said of Bush, via Rich Cimini of

The tough talk comes after the Jets have tried to put the hot sauce back in the tube, backing away from incendiary comments suggesting that the Jets wanted to injure Bush the last time they played.  It’s the same thing the Saints are accused of doing via a pay-for-performance plan that rewarded fumbles, interceptions, sacks, and clean, legal hits that kept opponents from playing.

Adding to the intrigue in this specific case is that all three players — Landry, Maybin, and Bush — are represented by the same agent, Joel Segal.  So maybe Segal should convene a Saturday night meal for the three men in the hopes of breaking bread and making peace.

But Segal should send a clear message to the waiter once they’re seated.

“Hold the hot sauce.”

79 responses to “Maybin says Jets want to knock Bush out, legally

  1. There he goes again……Rex just can’t help himself? The Commish must be loving this entire episode?

  2. Shut up Maybust. You were a bust in Buffalo, and now you’re living up to the bust hype on the Jests with your 1 tackle. You should be proud.

  3. I had to google Aaron Maybin and the only thing that came up is M.I.A since his days at Penn State.

    Pretty ironic that out of all players to talk it’s guys such as Maybin and LaRon Landry. The New York Jets played solid football in the beginning Rex Ryan days but after two strong seasons their heads got way too big! Look at the teams that have won a super bowl. I bet you cannot find a team that has talked about their opponents like they have.

    Stop giving your opponents an extra reason to play hard as if they needed one in the first place. Congrats to the Jets for thinking they are better than they actually are.

  4. Sounds like a bounty to me….add that to the blocking on the sidelines fiasco. Why is Rex Ryan not suspended? Of course, that may actually help the jets

  5. I was taught saying less is more. Rex Ryan, Landry, Maybin, everyone just please shutup already. They need to learn when to say something and what to say.
    – Jet fan

  6. It takes a special kind of genius to say that to the media. Looks like MENSA has found a new candidate.

    Football is a violent game for sure, but to make your goal to injure your opponent instead of matching skills against skills to determine a victor is wrong. To me it goes against the spirit of the game.

  7. The jets try to walk the line between stupidity and classlessness. Unfortunately both sides seem to always win. And why are we listening to a guy that wasn’t even able to get on the field for the bills?

  8. The Jets are a joke of a football team! Starts with the owner and GM for bringing in Tebow and keeping the loud mouth HC. Now all the players want to show they can put their foot (see how I did that) in their mouth also! How do the Jet fans put up with it?

  9. Seriously? This is great bulletin board material..I know NFL teams don’t really need “extra” motivation but this kind of thing never helps teams that talk like that. Amazed at the immaturity of the Jets..and looks to me like Rex Ryan has no control over his henchmen. Fun to watch this team do stupid stuff.

  10. The jets just continue to prove why they are a classless bunch of fools, from the head coach to the players. Shut up and just play the game.

  11. So the 2009 Draft’s (11th overall) biggest bust wants to talk now?

    You mean the guy who was only on the field for 18 snaps (23%) on defense last week wants to talk?

    Aaron Maybin’ 2012 Stat Line – 1 Tackle.


  12. If Goodell doesn’t step in and suspend these guys and his coaches, it seems that he will be weakening his position from a legal standpoint when he is forced to testify in front of a Judge in the Vilma lawsuit. Either way makes me happy. Either the same BS that happened to the Saints happens to a New York team and Goodell loses his job or he loses his lawsuit and Goodell loses his job.

  13. I really, really hope the Dolphins beat the Jets Sunday. Gotta shut them up once and for all. The Dolphins have always played well over there. I love Jets week but above all else, I love my Miami Dolphins! FINS UP!

  14. This is a low point in the state of the game in my opinion. What happened to class? What happened to integrity? Just play the game and play it the right way

  15. Why is this the ONLY team in the NFL that talks so much trash? And what makes it even worse is that they cannot back it up. Maybe if you have a 6-1 record it wouldn’t come off nearly as bad but a team with a losing record always talking trash? That’s just weak.

    See you back in Baltimore as the DC in 2013 Rex!

  16. Let’s not forget that all of this started up again because that buffoon of a Jets head coach said he expected an apology from Bush. He distracted HIS OWN players.

  17. And when some player on defense not names maybin does it, bet on Aaron maybin standing over top talking smack. This guy gets so jacked over another players good play.
    Glad to see him fall back down to sub mediocrity.

  18. This is ridiculous…first “headhunting” now “knocking him out legally”, maybe the Jets should let their playing on the field talk for themselves, but then again with their coach as an example, can you blame them?

  19. what is wrong with these Jets players? i dont think bush has said anything about any of these scrubs and yet they’re making this out to be some kind of high school debacle. I hope bush runs all over these clowns! Fins win 27-13.

  20. Can we stop trying to pretend like this doesn’t happen everywhere? You hit guys hard to make the pay the price for playing the game. If you’re a QB and want to run, you’re going to pay that price. If you’re a 40 year old QB (Brett Favre), I wouldn’t let up on you either, it’s football, pay the price. They say Reggie Bush is too small to be an every down back, that’s because he can’t handle the hits, make him pay the price.

  21. Maybin has no right to talk sh-t. He hasn’t taken out anyone on the field. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure he has been taken out by a tiny running back. What a waste of a roster spot. The fool stole too much from the city of Buffalo… The thrill of a first round draft pick dominating for years to come.(took that away) Millions of dollars that could have been spent on players that actually try!(stole) Maybin should buy back the MAYBIN jersey’s from Buffalo Bill fans that wasted their hard earned money on them. Maybin is a joke. BUST.

  22. Rex and Landry need to be suspended for a year, Pettine and Maybin for 6 weeks.

    Let’s go NFL, make things right, don’t tell me you just wanted to make an example out of one team in an attempt to gain credibility in your upcoming concussion lawsuits.

    While you’re making things even, Tampa Bay and Kansas City ‘circumvented’ the non-cap as well. they spent about $1.75 on players during the uncapped year. The only difference is that they don’t play in Mara’s division.

  23. C’mon Aaron. The only “knockout” you have delivered is to a 90 something year old Ralph Wilson!!! Give the mans wallet back chump!!

  24. This is why the Jets are doomed to failure while their bafoon coach is there. Their focus are things like knocking people out and flapping their mouths all day instead of winning. You don’t see this kind of behaviour from successful teams. Do they not understand how unprofessional and petty they look?

  25. Great, so you want to injure people without getting penalized, suspended or fined. Thanks, that clears it up… How about everybody just shut up and play ball?

  26. If the Jets played as much as they talk, they might actually win the division someday. But we all know that’s never going to happen.

  27. “protagoras111 says:
    Oct 25, 2012 8:25 AM
    This is why the Jets are doomed to failure while their bafoon coach is there. Their focus are things like knocking people out and flapping their mouths all day instead of winning. You don’t see this kind of behaviour from successful teams. Do they not understand how unprofessional and petty they look?”

    Isn’t part of this article about the former Super Bowl champion Saints you used to focus on injuring players? Clearly, some successful teams do this. The Jets are just more annoying because EVERYONE does it and they’re in the middle if the NYC hype factory.

  28. History is not on the side of the Jets. No team in the Rex Ryan era has been able to sweep the Dolphins, and New York is only 1-2 at home against Miami since 2009.

  29. Enough with the shock over these comments! This is still football, right? It’s so shocking that they want to be physical with the opposing running back. Come on people, enough already.

  30. Before Maybin talks about “legally” injuring another player maybe he should first make more than 1 tackle almost halfway thru the season ?

  31. Dear Jests & Fatso Bubber-Mouth Coach:

    There is a psychological term called compensation—a mechanism by which an individual attempts to make up for some real or imagined deficiency of personality or behavior by developing or stressing another aspect of the personality or by substituting a different form of behavior.

    #1. The game is called football.
    #2. It is played on the field not in the media. #3. Thanks for being the team that everybody loves to hate.

    The above behavior usually results in another term called retribution—requital according to merits or deserts, especially for evil. Punishment, reward as result of judgment.

    Enjoy your team Jests fans!!

  32. The Jets have won some games and beat my beloved Dolphins a few weeks ago, but I can’t think of a single Jets player that I would like to see no playing. Maybe Cromartie but nobody on offense outside of a lineman.

  33. This is so pathetic. The Jets can’t beat a team, so now they gather together to try to beat one guy? And why? Because he referenced karma after the first time they sh-t talked went bad? Wow!

  34. So, if Roger Goodell was told to take the money out of the equation when deciding on a punishment for the Saints, what he was left with was clean, legal hits designed to keep opposing players out of the game. The Jets are outright saying that they’re looking to place clean, legal hits on Reggie Bush in order to take him out of the game. If Goodell is fair and impartial (as is required of him per the CBA for those of you who will use the argument that the players signed on for him to have this much power) then I am expecting to see widespread suspensions for the Jets. Come on, Roger. This is about player safety, right?

  35. And here you have the EXACT thing that Saints fans are so furious about. EVERY team, thats right EVERY one of the 32 teams want to hit guys hard enough to make them snake bit (slow them down a bit) so their team can have an advantage as the most beastly team on the field to get an advantage to win. It’s part of the game, its the nature of football – yet the Saints got hung out to dry and it got turned into a “bounty” trying to hurt someone – YET their is NO PROOF of such a scheme by the Saints – they were merely doing what all teams do. Yet the Saints and their fans are the ones suffering with no coach, no GM, fines, and a bad rap. Now you understand the fustration! Why is the NFL not investigating the Jets for wanting to KNOCK OUT a player??? Oh thats right, different teams get different treatment – like trying to fix who wins or loses- would that have anything to do with the big bookies with the million dollar bets on who makes it to superbowl and the kick back the NFL gets????

  36. “Can we stop trying to pretend like this doesn’t happen everywhere? You hit guys hard to make the pay the price for playing the game. If you’re a QB and want to run, you’re going to pay that price. If you’re a 40 year old QB (Brett Favre), I wouldn’t let up on you either, it’s football, pay the price. They say Reggie Bush is too small to be an every down back, that’s because he can’t handle the hits, make him pay the price.”

    Pure B(ovine) S(catology)!. Football is blocking, tackling, running, passing, and scoring – not legalized assault and battery – IF someone actually teaches the rules of the game and not how to respond to the desires of the wannabe badguys behind the television screen!

  37. How is this not leading to suspensions?
    This team doesn’t know when to shut up. I’m a dolphins fan so i’m biase but even my friends who used to not have care either way about the Jets hate them now.. Can’t wait for Rex to be gone…

  38. The great Aaron Maybin has spoken! Beware. Hey Aaron, I hope you get within 5 yards of Bush at some point. For a guy with a zero careeer, Maybin sure talks a lot. I guess he finally ended up on the right team with the Jets.

  39. I know Goodell is not going to do anything to the Jets because he’s a hypocrite and the Jets are in NY.
    one thing is sure: with the Jets claiming their intent to injure other players, which is what Goodell allegedly suspended and fined Saints players and coaches for, and his inaction in dealing with not only the declarations of intent to injure but Jets players actually injuring the player, Goodell is making a great case for Ginsberg and Vilma on Vilma’s defamation lawsuit. These recorded Jets interviews are going to play really well in chambers and in court.

    You know what, Goodell? Don’t even mention the Jets until after the Tagliabue sham appeal. The Who Dat Nation wants to see you, Pash, Hummel, Cerullo, Williams, your napkin, your ledger, and all of your 50,000 pages of “evidence” in front of a federal judge.

  40. I’m glad to see that Roger Goodell is working hard to change the culture of the NFL. Good thing he punished those dirty saints for talking so mean. That should set the rest of the league straight.

  41. What’s wrong with this? ESPN used to have a segment called “Jacked Up” where they celebrated big hits. Big hits are a major reason why people watch the NFL. They’re a big part of NFL advertising. This pretending otherwise is absurd and childish. Football is a violent game.

    Now the league is insinuating that if Maybin hits Bush(he hasn’t hit much of anything this year) and it results in injury, he’ll be suspended? Even if it’s legal? Good Lord.

  42. While they are worrying about Reggie and “headhunting” “knocking him out legally” getting him “on out” and finding the hot sauce, Tannehill will be ripping them a new one through the air. Thus leaving Rex looking like someone just over tightened his lapband and Sporano with that same stupid look that we phins fans have seen way too much. GO PHINS!!!!!!!!

  43. I think the most shocking thing to come out of this whole thing is the fact that someone took the time to interview Aaron Maybin.

  44. @robertjamis: Yes, big hits are celebrated and on highlights. But paying players to attempt to injure, and have coaches instruct players to target ACLs and concussions is NOT celebrated. There is a difference between what the Saints were punished for and “making big hits”. BIG difference.

    And yes, football is a violent game by nature. It is physical, nobody ever said otherwise, nobody is talking about taking away big hits. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it, and that is what has been targeted by the league. Tackling fundamentals and technique, not just spearing yourself head first into a defenseless players head. Again, BIG difference. Find something you actually understand to cry about, because this obviously isn’t it.

    And if Maybin being on the field and making a play is what you’re worried about, don’t. lol

  45. You are all just jealous of Sexy Rexy. The amount of hate towards Rex Ryan is overkill. I am a Jets fan I’m sure you’ll all call me biased and whatnot. But Rex Ryan is one of the best coaches currently in the NFL. Look at the list of coaches currently employed who have made it to 2 AFC Championship games. Now list the ones that did it in a 3 year span… Short list huh? Rex has earned the right to talk crap and there’s nothing you can say that would make that change. You’re right, no superbowl rings… yet. But there are few coaches who have won a superbowl in their first three years. Next saying the jets “suck” and that Rex is a terrible coach is just stupid. They’re missing their top two players and still have hung tight the last two weeks with a pair of elite teams. They’ve played very good football every week but 1 (the niners) and that is in large part thanks to Sanchez and Rex doing their jobs so well.

    On another note, Rex said nothing here… just saying. So I’m not sure while you’re calling him out here for talking smack. Also Aaron Maybin needs to keep his mouth shut and so does Landry. I cam here to defend a great coach not a bust and an injury prone safety.

    To conclude, stop hating on Rex, anybody who does is ignorant about the game of football. On the note of Landry and Maybin, fire away ‘phins fans.

  46. Another thing to note, all of the suspended players are playing… so clearly Goodell realizes he is powerless agianst the players. And the players were the only one talking here.

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