Maybin’s comments maybe could get the league’s attention


On Wednesday, Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin said that his team wants to knock out Dolphins running back Reggie Bush, legally.

On Thursday, the Jets could be getting a call from the NFL.

Key words:  Could be.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello explained to PFT the general procedures that apply, without specifically addressing whether those general procedures apply in this specific case.

“On a confidential basis when we believe it is appropriate, we contact teams about certain comments to remind them of their responsibility to play within the rules and that the comments will lead to close scrutiny of their play,” Aiello said.

Eight years ago, the NFL provided a less-than-confidential warning to the Browns after defensive tackle Gerard Warren used a now-familiar refrain regarding then-rookie Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger:  “Kill the head and the body’s dead.”

“We notified the team, including Gerard Warren, that if a player commits a flagrant foul after making such a statement, it may be a decisive factor supporting the suspension of the player, depending on the entire set of circumstances,” Aiello said at the time.

With greater-than-ever sensitivity to the question of whether players may try to injure opponents via clean, legal hits, it won’t be a surprise if the NFL tells the Jets to give Maybin a glass of sand, a box of crackers, and/or a gallon of peanut butter.  But it’s unlikely that the NFL will publicize it this time.  The league has managed so far to avoid the debate regarding whether it’s possible to regulate the bad intentions of players who play within the rules, and that’s a small cylindrical metal container that the NFL will kick cleanly and legally down the road for as long as it can.

40 responses to “Maybin’s comments maybe could get the league’s attention

  1. Rex and Landry need to be suspended for a year, Pettine and Maybin for 6 weeks.

    Let’s go NFL, make things right, don’t tell me you just wanted to make an example out of one team in an attempt to gain credibility in your upcoming concussion lawsuits.

  2. “who play within the rules”

    Look at the 1st Dolphin Jets game where Bush was hurt, it happens after he’s been tackled and Laron uses his knee to get up! Sure the Fred Jackson hit while he was running but he obviously and intentional launch himself at Jackson leg to injure the guy.

    If Mr. Goodell really wants to “protect’ the league from litigation then he better focus more on players that are obviously trying to end the careers of professional in the same industry rather then expecting a player to pull up on a hit because a QB or WR throws or drops the ball and can’t because of the speed of the game.
    Cretins like Suh and Landry and bad for the game and need to be reigned in by their coaches or the league and if they are not then if just more hypocrisy by the already embattled commissioner. These players make millions of dollars a year and if that’s not protected from irresponsible goons you can count on being sued!

  3. So you’re saying now players can’t even play the game LEGALLY without Goodell stepping in?

    This is a joke. Nothing that was said was wrong. You can legally hit a guy as hard as you want in the NFL. When defensive players have a clean shot at the QB I can sure as hell tell you they are not slowing down before they lay the hit.

    I get that people hate the Jets, but to show outrage over someone playing within the rules of the game is absurd.

  4. they say they want to injure a player, and then it happens. how is this not a bigger deal? and that’s not to mention the following week they knock out the heart of the Texans defense in Cushing. You’re naive if you don’t think they were trying to injure him “legally” as well.

  5. i love this trash talk .. absolutely love it .. now i have something specific to look out for during the game.

    i hope it doesn’t get into reggie’s head .. i hope reggie lays some licks himself

  6. Golly. It sure is good to know that the commissioner wants to make a point of player safety by throwing the book at one team so he doesn’t have to for any other team.
    Maybe he just hasn’t gotten a statement from a disgruntled jets employee so he can’t make a “concrete” case against them yet. Only players and coaches publicly saying they will take a player out of a game and then doing it.
    I understand it now. Thanks for clearing it all up, Mr. Goodell.

  7. And LeRon Landry’s won’t? Everyone knows the Jets can do or say anything they want. After all, they are GODell’s favorite team.

  8. of course it is not going to get the Leagues attention. Goodell is a Giants/Jets fan. No way anything ever happens to the Jets. Why do you think the Redskins and the Cowboys are the only ones that got in trouble before.

  9. Guess who elses attention it’s going to get….The Miami Dolphins.. Brilliant move Maybin, as a Fins fan I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As an opposing team’s fan you hope someone is that just don’t think it will actually happen. There is no control over these fools and I love it!

  10. The Jets have already done enough to merit league action, and since the NFL has done nothing to this point, I doubt they’ll start now. The Jets said they were going to hurt Reggie Bush, then they ACTUALLY HURT Reggie Bush. Was that not obvious enough? Apparently it will take the sight of Jets players exchanging cash on the sidelines before the NFL is motivated to investigate.

  11. Where’s all the crap talkers now about bountys. Exactly all in hiding. Because this is the type of language that gets spread around from every team every week from prob every defensive coach. Does that mean that it’s wrong to try to hurt so done sure but if you think that’s not the mentality I every defensive player then your wrong. And I don’t wanna hear well there not paying players to hurt people. Well either did the saints. New Orleans may have had a pay per performance which is the same as any normal contract a player has with the team they play for. So go ahead crap talkers step up and start yelling at teams they say and do things like that. Oh wait. You prob can’t now cause so many teams have been saying the same things that our coach did this year that its now your team trying to play rough tough football. I will say all you sensitive men out there make me sick and I you don’t think GOODELL is wrong for his actions in the case then you my as well talk crap about football and stop watching because you are all part of the problem. Let these guys play its what you like and it’s what the sport is and represents.

  12. The kind of talk mayhem is doing here is done on a regular basis on the field. It was a big mistake by him doing it to the public Bc now he is prob going to get chop blocked by the dolphins on Sunday.

    However, I’m sure this article will receive tons of hate comments on the jets even if it isn’t warranted in this situation.

  13. With this idiot now chiming in, I think a post quoting Reggie from yesterday’s press conference would be appropriate. Show the class that Reggie and the Dolphins are displaying in counterpoint to these knuckleheads.

    I’d put together a quote myself, but I’m a bit busy today. The video is on the team’s site. He mentions that there’s no need for retaliation, that this is a professional sport, that he always expects to be targeted, that he always wants to face the best players, that you want to win in fair competition, not by taking out players, etc. It’s a class statement all the way through.

  14. i’m with grogansheros – i also feel that the league needs to look into this for about as long as it takes to read his comments to the media and fine him and suspend him for atleast this game. i know there are alot of saint fans that dont like what has happened to them and at the risk of ticking them off i have to say i agree for the most part with what the league has done to them but i am not a goodell fan and i will have even more issues with him if he lets the team he came up with get a free pass with this and if he does let this go then he needs to let the saints case go as well and let the nfl be a free for all. you cant have your cake and eat it to goodell its not o.k. for your former team to openly say they are trying to hurt other players

  15. “So you’re saying now players can’t even play the game LEGALLY without Goodell stepping in?”

    What’s being said is that if Defensive players are focused on achieving success by eliminating players from the field rather than by man-to-man competition, there is a greater likelihood of injuries (including illegal and/or highly dangerous injuries).

    A defensive player can be brutally punishing and do so completely in the rules, but if their entire approach begins with an effort to eliminate a player, they are more likely to be a danger than a highly competitive, successful sportsman.

  16. “The league has managed so far to avoid the debate regarding whether it’s possible to regulate the bad intentions of players who play within the rules…”
    Avoid the debate to regulate intentions?? Godell hit it straight on with the Bounty B.S. as the Saints NEVER HAD BAD INTENTIONS in the first place… unless you call motivation bad intentions… If the Saints had bad intentions, I think it would’ve been very, very obvious on the field of play (Saints had the 2nd fewest injuries of opponents in the last 3 years of the so-called bounty period – Thx GODell)!!!

  17. “Depending on the entire set of circumstances”? That means if you play for the Saints you will get suspended. If you are on any other team don’t worry about it. Does it matter Rex Ryan’s dad was the founder of the Bounty system? Does it matter if Greg Williams was a Ryan disciple? Just don’t try to hide the bounty just come out in a press conference and say what your going to do!!!!

  18. Goodell will do nothing because Goodell is a hypocritical a-hole who relishes his role as the owners puppet. Dummy

  19. If Maybin and Landry were on the Saints they would be be suspended 16 games on mere hearsay of statements like this. But as we know with the Kyle Williams incident, this stuff gets a free pass in New York due to the size and importance of the media market.

  20. This is the third player and a coach that has made public statements to the nature of hurting a star player on the opposing team, Pace, Landry, Maybin and Ryan. It’s pretty obvious that this is coming down from the coach. It does NOT matter whether they throw the word “Legally” in there or not, they are basically stating that they want to gain an advantage over an opponent by hurting one of their best players. Money changing hands when these players sign their new contracts. And of course there’s not verbiage in the contract about hurting people but you can bet that the irresponsible coaches that can’t out coach other coaches are in the locker room trying to convince there hack players to do whatever is necessary to save their job. And make no mistake about it jobs on the line in NY. If Rex was a better coach he wouldn’t need to tell his players to hurt Reggie Bush would he?

  21. I use to think that coming up with a team full of incompetent, classless, borderline-retarded players with the IQ of a log was damn near impossible.

    The Jets have proved me wrong.

  22. You could suspend Maybin but since he doesn’t play anyways what would that do? To really punish the Jets, force them to start Maybin. That would be a punishment they’d remember.

  23. @grogansheroes

    The fact that a Patriots fan would claim the Jets are Goodell’s team is laughable. Maybe you should consider the frequency of the phantom PI or Roughing the Passer call the Pats consistently get during one of Golden Boy’s “epic” comeback drives before commenting.

  24. I think Roger should just suspend the these two along with Rex for a game just to set an example. Nobody is really going to care about these chuckleheads for a game or two and it sets a standard of conduct going forwards that the Saints Bounty clearly hasn’t.
    Criminal threatening is the crime of intentionally or knowingly putting another person in fear of imminent bodily injury.

    There is no legal definition in English law as to what constitutes criminal threatening behaviour, so it is up to the courts to decide on a case by case basis. However, if somebody threatens violence against somebody, then this may be a criminal offense. In most countries it is only an offence if it can be proven the person had the intention and equipment to carry out the threat.
    Just going off wikipedia here so can’t validate one way or the other.

    Also the NFL could also look at this as a form of bullying which they themselves have spoken out against.

    Suspension really makes in this situation. These guys playing Sunday means the NFL tolerates this behaviour. Why expose yourself to one of these guys making good on their threat.

  25. What some of you are missing is that the Saints were seriously penalized for less than this. The Saints had the 2nd fewest opponent injuries in the three years of these so called “bounties”. Rex Ryan and co. are coming out and saying that they are aiming to hurt people…and then they are hurtine people (Brian Cushing, Reggie Bush). If this behavior is tolerated by Goodell, then there should be no further punishment on the Saints. If Rex Ryan gets to keep coaching, then Sean Payton should be back on the sidelines. If the punishment for this is any less than what was levied on the Saints, Roger Goodell should lose his job, and I hope the Saints sue him for everything he’s worth.

  26. If Maybin saw the playing field and actually did something while he was on it (he has exactly 1 tackle this season), then maybe his comments would be worth of notice from the league.

    He talks the talk, but has never been able to walk the walk.

  27. Nothing wrong with what Maybin said and btw I am a Dolphins fan!
    Rex is a moron to say what he said and want \reggie to appologise – he should still not be punished or fined though. Demoted to D-coordinator maybe.

  28. Just to take a step back and look at the general concept….I wonder what would happen if a defender bragged about wanting to injure Peyton Manning or Tom Brady with a “hard but legal hit”?

    How big of a fine would they get, do you guys think?

    Probably a really big-fine, and if they even make incidental helmet-to-helmet contact with those QBs during the game, I’d expect the referees to throw them out.

    So given that, why do those QBs deserve “more” protection than running backs, wide receivers, or defensive players?

  29. Alright, please any fan rather you’re pro Saints or not. Please explain to me how this is acceptable and what the Saints did is the worse crime in the history of sports. I so desperate for an answer that I won’t even debate the response.

  30. Maybe a new league can be born out of the NFL going overboard with the rule changes. A league where there are less rules to protect the player and more knockout football being played. Sounds crazy, but it’s a bloodlust.

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