No longer a starter, Santana Moss OK with reduced role

Getty Images

After starting every game he was healthy enough to play in his previous seven seasons with the Redskins, Santana Moss has started only one game this year, and he’s on pace for the fewest catches he’s had in any season in Washington. And Moss says he’s OK with that.

Moss told USA Today that when the coaches explained to him his role in the offense, he didn’t object to becoming a smaller part of the passing game.

“We all go through stuff in life that we’ve been through before,” Moss said. “So it was nothing for me to adjust to. I don’t look at myself as being any lesser than any guy out there. I just feel like my role is different so I accepted it and tried to make the best of it.”

Moss has been on the field for 44 percent of the Redskins’ offensive plays this season, with 203 of the Redskins’ 461 offensive snaps. He says that when he was younger it might have bothered him to be on the sideline more than he’s on the field when the Redskins have the ball, but now he accepts the part he has to play on the team.

“A lot of guys want to be this and be that,” Moss said. “I’ve done it all. Don’t get me wrong; I would like to be that guy. But due to the circumstances and what we have and how we’re doing it, I can really sleep well knowing my role because I feel like I am that guy for that position.”

Moss still has an important role on the Redskins: He’s third on the team with 19 catches, second on the team with 290 receiving yards and first on the team with four receiving touchdowns. And he’s playing an important role by showing some of the younger players how a veteran can handle a diminished role the right way.