Rodgers-Cromartie defends Castillo

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The dismissal of defensive coordinator Juan Castillo has triggered a belated (. . . wait for it) schism in the Philly locker room as to the question of whether Castillo deserved the blame for blown leads and overall bad performances.

On Wednesday, defensive end Brandon Graham dumped on the now-dumped Castillo.  On Thursday, cornerback Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie came to Castillo’s defense.

“Of course that’s what you’re going to say when things tend to go bad, you’re going to pinpoint someone,” Rodgers-Cromartie said, via  “I don’t feel that way. You look at statistics, shoot, we’re still in the top of the running.  I can’t do nothing about it.  But I didn’t see no problems.”

Technically, this means he did see problems.  His point is that he didn’t.

“I feel like every man should be accountable for [himself],” Rodgers-Cromartie explained.  “I learned from early in life any time things go wrong it’s easy to say, ‘He did this, he did that’ instead of saying, ‘I did this, I did that.’  Whatever the case may be I ain’t got no say-so over none of that.”

Again, technically, he’s saying he actually had say-so.  His point is that he doesn’t.

Rodgers-Cromartie actually had praise for Castillo, the long-time offensive line coach who was fired in his second year running the team’s defense.  “He changed my game,” Rodgers-Cromartie said.  “He brought me to a press corner.  He’s one of them guys that will take the time with you to let you understand the weaknesses in your game and keep you after practice and make you work on it.”

So what about the comments from guys like Graham?

“That’s their own opinion,” Rodgers-Cromartie said. “I can’t do nothing about that.”

Technically . . . oh, never mind.  We get the point.

The broader point is that players in the locker room may disagree as to why the defense is struggling.  If the struggling continues they may be looking to point fingers, or possibly worried about whether fingers will be pointed at them.

25 responses to “Rodgers-Cromartie defends Castillo

  1. Whether it’s geniune or not, I like the fact that someone came out and said that each person has to hold themselves accountable.

  2. The whole point of a fall guy is to take the fall for someone else. That parking lot attendant that Reid just made assistant coach probably shouldn’t settle into his new office too much.

  3. Did you seriously go out of your way to point out his double negative. You realize a lot of the guys talk like this, and everyone knows what they mean.

  4. I wish they would interview players that actually spoke the English language, sheesh. That was convoluted.

  5. And that’s the difference between a grown man (DRC) and a punk (Graham). It’s much easier to take the easy way and put the blame solely on Castillo than it is to admit you’re playing subpar.

  6. When they start having interviews with teachers then pointing out the double negatives might be funny but he’s a football player so it comes off as condescending. But hey get a laugh where you can.

  7. ” ‘Whatever the case may be I ain’t got no say-so over none of that.’

    “Again, technically, he’s saying he actually had say-so. His point is that he doesn’t.”

    Technically, he’s saying he had say-so over none of that.

    Therefore, he didn’t have say-so over that.

  8. Here is Juan Castillo’s reponse to Brandon Graham:

    8 tackles and .5 sack all season doesnt give you the clout to deserve media attention let alone talk about a coach who was just fired.

  9. Another “College Graduate” aye? Isn’t it funny how most of these athletes take degrees (notice I didn’t say “Earn”) in Communications? Thank you for this fine product Tennessee State!

    The fact these guys get free rides (and then some) through College and the colleges are still tolerated by the masses when their “Pride and Joy Alumni” say things like “Whatever the case may be I ain’t got no say-so over none of that” to the media..

    Me? I ain’t got no answer for that! You?

  10. As a huge Eagles fan I must admit. It is almost possible to root for this franchise with the current regime in place. Castillo was tossed into a no win situation and Reid should of been fired the minute it happened. Aside from a FEW players, Reid has assembled what looks like a bunch of high paid mercenaries. 3/4 of this team is a bunch of no heart crybabies who point the fingers at everybody but themselves. Hopefully they found a sac this off week

  11. A English major he is not,but DRC is playing pro bowl caliber corner this year.He has missed a few pick opportunities this year but other than that he has been awesome from camp till now

  12. Besides the fact that DRC really needs to get a better handle on the English language before he talks to the media, his message is clear. I’m becoming a bigger fan of his every week (he’s not in the slot).

  13. graham is a near bust who almost didn’t make the team this yr. DRC is a starting corner and probably will be for awhile.

    graham should shut up and try to deliver on his 1st rd status. DRC should get people’s attention.

  14. Oh no, a scrappy kid from the hood is making millions more dollars than me! I better quick point out all of his double negatives to make me feel better about posting on my blog from my cramped office with self-bought nostalgia scattered all over… maybe people will think I am as important as Schefter now!

    This sites hidden racism and supreme jealousy is astounding.

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