Todd Bowles: “I’m not gonna reinvent the game”

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New Eagles defensive coordinator Todd Bowles hasn’t called signals for an entire side since he was at Grambling more than 10 years ago.

But while there’s been a general sense he wants to mix things up, he said there’s a limit to what he can do.

I’m not gonna reinvent the game,” Bowles said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News.

While some players suggested that former coordinator Juan Castillo had become predictable, Bowles downplayed the notion.

“We had good defensive statistics before, we just have to close out, finish ballgames,” Bowles said. “You try to tweak things that you can tweak and keep the base together, keep your core together, . . . There are times when they’re going to have to make plays, and there are times when we’re going to have to make calls to help them make plays.”

Bowles said he also doesn’t know whether he’s going to work from the sidelines or the press box, but what’s most important is changing the results for a side that wasn’t good enough to make up for the Eagles’ real problems.

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  1. Bowles doesnt need to drastically change the defense. All he has to do is find a way to get pressure whether its from the front 4 or bringing the LB’s on a blitz but all he has to do is keep mixing things up to confuse the offense and i think he’ll get it done

  2. Jason Taylor, who played under him for a bit spoke very highly of Bowles on NFL Live yesterday. Schlereth who played with and against him also praised his intelligence and defensive soundness. I admit I was a little surprised he didn’t get a shot as a HC candidate after the Fins had a winning record with him as the interim HC. He sounds like he would be good. No nonsense, tough, can relate to players but will hold them accountable.

  3. Hasn’t called plays in over 10 years. And that was for non division 1 college? His resume sounds slightly more seasoned than Juan Castillo

  4. You know, it’s a shame Andy doesn’t have that attitude. He’s been trying to re-invent football (i.e. pass 90% of the time and win) his whole career.

  5. That D hasn’t been the same since Jim Johnson passed, they passed on Dawkins for another couple of years and they went the big dollar free agent route.

    They should load up on picks and move the turds before Bowles has time to save Andy’s rear. Really like Bowles ability to get it right.

  6. yo iggle fans, relax. the guy hasn’t even called a game yet, let’s give him a chance to see if he can even do that before throwing andy under the bus for him.

    we really are the hardest fans to please, so many teams out there would be overjoyed to have the success that the Eagles have had under Andy Reid. The grass is not always greener…

    While I long for a super bowl win, I sincerely think Reid gives the Eagles the best chance to get there.

    What should really happen, is fire Marty and spend some money on the O line.

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