Vikings need help at wideout


As the Vikings prepare for the stretch run in a season during which they’ve surprising emerged as contender, a position where they once had an embarrassment of riches is now embarrassingly thin.

Beyond Percy Harvin, one of the best wideouts in the league, the Vikings don’t have much.  Jerome Simpson has been disappointing so far.  Others on the roster haven’t stepped up.

So why not get help?  With the trade deadline five days away and several teams in a serious state of flux, the Vikings should be making phone calls about possible trade acquisitions.

The most intriguing possibility, in our view, is Panthers receiver Steve Smith.  The 11-year veteran launched his career at the Metrodome with a game-opening kickoff against the Vikings, fueling what would be the only win of his rookie season.  He thereafter torched the Vikings for 201 receiving yards in 2005 and 157 in 2008.

Regardless of whether they make a play for Smith or another veteran receiver, via trade or free agency, the Vikings need to upgrade if they hope to compete with the Bears and Packers, teams the Vikings will play four times in the final six games of the season.

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  1. Curious to see if the Panthers move Smith. It would obviously be throwing in the towel on the season and I wonder how that would effect the team.

    Hard to put a value on a player his age but I’m guessing a 3rd, maybe if they’re lucky a 2nd but with Jennings and Bowe out there it seems to be a buyers market.

  2. No Plax – the Vikings have moved past players like him and I doubt Frazier would want an attitude like his on the team.

    Free Agency – despite the team’s success, this is still a building year.

  3. More than a receiver, they need an offensive coordinator. If a guy who can only see 1/4th of the field can see what type of play is coming, I’m sure defenses and defensive coordinators can see it.

    Did they change the rules as not tell me? Are they not allowing forward passes this season? Come on Musgrave, get with the program!!

  4. Ideally, Dwayne Bowe for a 1st. But a 2nd and 4th this year should do it. Harvin is quick and will work the slot and D. Bowe is big and physical and should open up opportunities for Harvin. And then there is All Day. That team becomes very difficult to gameplan against. And KC just needs to admit that the season is a bust and get something for Bowe while they can.

  5. This game is terrible!!!

    Kluwe, quit tweeting, and practice punting!

    WR’s, learn to get a little separation!

    Muskrat, look for a different job please!

    And last but not least… RUN THE FOOTBALL!

  6. And for WR’s…

    Steve Smith is the only one that’s worth it. Plax is done..

    We need someone in here that works hard, someone who won’t just sit on the sidelines and complain, but will get his behind out there, and work his tail off to get open. That’s Steve Smith!

    But no matter what, we need a new Coordinator. Musgrave has to go. He’s just not a good offensive coordinator. Run the ball! Run once for 5 yards, then pass incomplete twice? Come on! That kills your drive way to fast. And keeps your D on the field way to much!

  7. If Torey Gurley couldn’t make it off the practice squad of a team this poor at WR – well Packer fan, that tells you all you need to know about that. Thompson made the right decision.

    As to the actual issue at hand – I just don’t see a player trade going down mid-season.

    NFL just isn’t that type of league as much as the others.

  8. Vikings have a guy named joe Webb on the sideline. He’s a phenom athlete. Start putting him out wide, pronto.

  9. Bowe would be a good addition.

    They do need help though, frankly, I was surprised not to see us take one in the 2nd round of the draft.

  10. If the offense continues to swing pass to the flats I’m gonna fall asleep. I’m started to miss the “kick ass offense” of Bradley Childress. If Jared Allen wouldn’t be roughing up fat left tackles I would be in a coma state of mind

  11. If they do get Steve Smith, it would probably be best if they didn’t get him until after the Seattle game.

    Smith was already pwned by Richard Sherman once this year – he wouldn’t be very happy having it happen again.

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