Calvin Johnson getting the day off


Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson was not participating in practice Friday, the second day of work he’s missed this week.

According to Anwar Richardson of, Johnson wasn’t wearing a brace as he stood on the sidelines during the portion of practice open to the media. Johnson injured his knee Monday, didn’t practice Wednesday, but practiced Thursday.

The Lions will issue their full injury report later this afternoon.

It’s likely just a rest day for Megatron, especially with Optimus Prime coming to town this weekend.

8 responses to “Calvin Johnson getting the day off

  1. blacknole08 says:
    Oct 26, 2012 1:15 PM
    Didn’t Optimus Prime beat Megatron anyways?
    Nope “Peanut” did. Not as catchy. But, he earned that nickname, he didn’t give it to himself.

  2. Ok enough with the Peanut Tillman/Optimis Prime shut him down BS don’t get me wrong he played good D but with the safeties over top it really helps especially when he plays CJ so well all the time anyway but the media & the Chicago fans are blowing it way out of proportion we wouldn’t even be this discussion if CJ makes that 3rd down catch on the 1st drive of the game or if stafford doesn’t throw that pass behind him on that slant where he was wide open or if stafford throws that back shoulder pass in the end zone that Tillman broke up either low so CJ can fall & catch it or high so he could go up & get it #GoLions

  3. Peanut is nothing special, yes he had a good night but he had alot of help. Do any bears fans understand how defense work? When you have 2 safeties playing deep, out of respect for Calvin s talent, you have consistent double and triple teams. Everytime Calvin went deep, peanut was beat and praying he had help. Calvin said it best, peanut and Chicago did nothing on defense that he hadn’t seen all year. I’ll take my bumps as a Lions fan, it take many, but i swear, Chicago, San Francisco, Green Bay fans are some of the most mouth talking none football knowing fans i know.

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