Giants coordinator says JPP having a sack a game is unrealistic


Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul had 16.5 sacks last season, and he had at least half a sack in 12 of the Giants’ 16 games. Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell thinks Pierre-Paul’s great 2011 season may have set up unrealistic expectations.

Pierre-Paul has 4.5 sacks through seven games this season, and Fewell says that just because his sack production is down, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s having another great season. According to Fewell, anyone who thought Pierre-Paul could average a sack a game like he did last season is unrealistic.

“When we watch him every week, he plays at a pretty high level every week,” Fewell said. “For him to have the numbers . . . to produce those numbers consistently, that’s a little bit unrealistic. He has the capability to do that. When I look at the tape, I see him just dominate, and it might not show up in the statistics, but it shows up on the coaches tape where he just dominates a football game.”

Fewell is right: It’s not realistic to think Pierre-Paul is going to have 16-sack seasons regularly. The Giants have had two of the best pass rushers in NFL history, Lawrence Taylor and Michael Strahan, and neither of them ever had back-to-back 16-sack seasons. Averaging a sack a game, every game, for two years in a row, is extremely difficult.

So Pierre-Paul can be just as good this year as he was last year. Even if he doesn’t have as many sacks this year as he had last year.

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  1. Reminds me of last year and Clay Matthews. Sacks are one of the worst stats for measuring how good a player is.

  2. Agreed. People want to say he is having a down year because of the sacks. I watch this guy every week, and he makes plays at the line of scrimmage I’m convinced, not one other player in the NFL can make. Even without the sacks he abuses opposing tackles, and makes it very difficult for RB’s to get outside. He is having a tremendous year and playing at a very high level. The main problem this team is having is the other 2 DE’s (Osi and Tuck) have been dead.

  3. Fewell is right. JPP is a great 2 way player unlike most of the sackmasters. The big difference this year is that teams are game planning to stop him. He is getting chipped or doubled every play. So while it is not realistic to expect his production to stay at that level, it is realistic to expect Tuck, Osi, Kiwi to make up for JPP’s drop since they are facing single blocking always. Their lack of production is the major disappointment, not JPP’s.

  4. I agree with a lot of the posters previous to mine. I point to the Philadelphia Eagles last season with the ‘wide-nine’ which allowed Jason Babin and Trent Cole to have career numbers but if you watched them you were able to see how running backs would run right by them because they were constantly overpursuing. JPP is just as dominant stopping the pass and he is stopping the run. His long arms really cause havoc when it comes to grabbing QBs, running backs, and deflecting passes.

  5. dwinsgames…

    last I checked, being a 2-way player meant playing offense and defense. There’s only 2 or 3 guys in the league doing that this year and JPP isn’t one of them.

  6. Stats are for geeks. People who watch Giants games know that JP DOMINATES by blowing up run plays, forcing plays to the outside.

    Skins fans are already overstating the 4th and 10 play. JP still almost ran Griffin down after the juke move, and still had the sack and strip.

    Same with Tuck (although this year the numbers are somewhat reflective of the ineffectiveness). He doesn’t have tons of sacks for his career, but he is a two-way DE and has consistently set the edge for Boley, Kiwi and everyone else who has played Sam for us over the years.

  7. phillyphannn83 says: Oct 26, 2012 12:00 PM


    last I checked, being a 2-way player meant playing offense and defense. There’s only 2 or 3 guys in the league doing that this year and JPP isn’t one of them.

    That’s because you never played football and obviously don’t know the lingo. As relates to defensive ends, two-way means playing the run and pass effectively.

  8. Guys a beast. anyone watching the game can see that. So glad we got JPP one yr before RG3 got here. it’ll be nice to see them go at it 2xs a yr for the next 10 or so seasons.

  9. shinywalrus says: Oct 26, 2012 1:36 PM

    Nothing to be ashamed of. Not everyone can be Demarcus Ware.


    Yeah, I know. Running free and unblocked without a hand on the ground for two-thirds of the game is definitely tougher to do.

  10. Mr. Wright you’re head resembles an *ss with lips. JPP is NOTHING compared to Demarcus Ware and if you even try to compare them you belong in the shed with all the other tools. Football players wear helmets to play football, Mr. Wright wears helmets for other reasons…..

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