Graham plans to make trip to Denver, status still “iffy”

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Last week, Saints tight end Jimmy Graham didn’t accompany his team to Tampa, making his presence on the field an impossibility.

This week, Graham currently plans to fly to Denver with the Saints.  Key word:  “Currently.”

Graham’s ankle hasn’t healed the way he thought it would, nearly three weeks after injuring it on Sunday Night Football, in the Saints’ first win of the season, against the Chargers.  As a result, his status remains, we’re told, “iffy” for Sunday night.

If he doesn’t play, the chances of the Saints winning are equally “iffy.”

11 responses to “Graham plans to make trip to Denver, status still “iffy”

  1. “This week, Graham currently plans to fly to Denver with the Saints. Key word: “Currently.””

    It seems like the Saints have left early to get better acclimated to the altitude in Denver, and Jimmy Graham just tweeted:

    “Happy to be back on the plane with the boys! Wheels up…”

  2. i will never forget last years playoff game when our niners played the saints and jimmy here thought he had the winning touchdown and was over celebrating and yelling as if to taunt us in the stands….but boy was it pay back when the BEST TE in football V.DAVIS scored the winning touchdown!! take that overrated jimmy graham…take drew drees outta the equation and graham is playing special teams in the CFL ahaha

  3. Vernon Davis is the best tight end? I highly doubt that. Jimmy Graham is overrated? Well I would expect a stupid comment like that who believes Vernon Davis is the best te in the league basically because he plays for thier favorite team.

  4. V. Davis is no where close to being the best TE in football. Gates, Gronk, Graham, Gonzalez!! All better than your boy! V. Davis most disappointing TE In football.

    From the GMEN.. How did your boy do last week by the way? Hahaha

  5. yeah ninerswilldominate blah blah blah –

    V. Davis was great vs the Saints. Yes, he scored the winning TD.

    Lest we forget, we lost that game by 4 points. In your house. After turning the ball over 5 times.

    Not exactly a dominating performance.

    And speaking of dominating – you guys looked great against the Giants a couple weeks ago.

  6. The Saints don’t need Jimmy Graham to win the game, but the Saints won’t go into that game with only 1 TE. Jimmy Graham will not only dress, he’ll play.

  7. Hate Jim Harbaugh and the 9er’s, but Vernon Davis is the best in football. He’s the fastest TE in football, ever. That’s a fact. He is the best blocking TE who is also a recieving threat, that is also a fact. He’s like an extra lineman out there, except he is faster than most cornerbacks and wideouts.

  8. With or without Graham the Saints won’t win in Denver.

    The Broncos offense is a shade better than the Saints and the Saints defense has the “Reservation For Six” signs ready.

    Denver 34
    New Orleans 24

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