Jimmy Graham will be a game-time decision

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As the Saints attempt to extend their winning streak to three games, they may have tight end Jimmy Graham.

Then again they may not.

Graham, according to Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, reports that Graham’s availability for Sunday night’s game against the Broncos will be determined at game time.

The Pro Bowl tight end injured his ankle during the Saints’ most recent visit to NBC’s Sunday Night Football.  He didn’t make the trip to Tampa for a Week Seven win over the Bucs.

Presumably, he’ll make the trek to Denver this week.  After all, it would be hard to carry out a game-time decision that he’ll play if he’s not at the game site.

5 responses to “Jimmy Graham will be a game-time decision

  1. Graham or no Graham, the two game winning streak (courtesy of the NFL referees as payback for being locked out) will end Sunday night.

  2. Courtesy of the refs? What are you smoking? ESPN just wrote an article that stated the saints have been the second to most penalized team after the refs came back.

  3. Anyone who says anything ever about refs determining a game lacks serious football knowledge.

    You’d think sooner or later people would stop repeating the same garbage.

  4. Graham or no Graham – Saints can still beat the Bronc’s – what makes everybody think P.M. is so great he can’t be beat??
    Yes Saints are very weak on Defense but Brees is no slouch as a Qb and he doesn’t have a bad neck.
    Refs – payback ??? – what a joke, oh you must be talking about how the Saints had an interception declared an incomplete pass (bad call) and the repeated penalties over and over which kept giving the Bucs a 1st down 4 times in a row at a goal line stance to finially allow them to score.
    Oh wait a minute you must be talking about something else we never saw. You must have a different cable service at your house where you see things backwards.

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