Patriots put Ras-I Dowling on IR again

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Patriots cornerback Ras-I Dowling came into the NFL with talent, but a long record of injuries.

That has not changed now that he’s in the league.

Dowling was placed on injured reserve with what the Patriots called a thigh injury, ending his season.

In two years, the former second-round pick (33rd overall) has played eight games, with two starts. He landed on IR last year after two games, and played in just five games his final year at Virginia.

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  1. I’m a Pats fan but Cesario and Belichick deserve plenty of criticism for this pick.
    33rd overall? Ugh..

  2. Could the Patriots possibly blow more first and second round picks on that hot garbage secondary?
    Terence Wheatley, Darius Butler, Ras-I Dowling, Patrick Chung, Devin McCourty, Brandon Merriweather. None of the can cover. The first exhibition game I ever saw Chung play, I walked away thinking he can’t cover. In Bill we Trust except for the secondary. Get some guys who can cover.

  3. Can’t help but see this as the end of the line for his Patriots career. Two IRs in a row – Pats cut Bodden when he had that issue (didn’t go on IR a second time, but had back surgery right after he was cut).

    Hope he goes on to have a good, healthy career from now on.

  4. Bodden couldn’t play, I was at last year’s Charger came. He was playing 15 yards off Vincent Jackson and getting absolutely torched. I liked what I saw in Dowling, he just can’t stay healthy so he’ El Busto until further notice.

  5. They have drafted & had bad FA signings since Scott Pioli left.

    hahahah. you are right they will never make the super bowl with these scrubs

    vollmer, spikes, gronk, hernandez, ridley, mesko, , solder, mccourty, jones, hightower

  6. Can’t stay on the field for more than a few weeks in a season, and very underwhelming when he is playing. I’d put a lot of money on Dowling being cut before next season. Can the Pats sign or trade for a cornerback, please? Drafting them clearly isn’t working.

  7. Speaking as a pats fan, we simply haven’t hit on many of our early round picks. Loved this years class, but trading down in the past really hurt us. On that note, I believe that dennard will fill the void created by dowling

  8. So disappointing… I had high hopes for this guy… so I think this is it for his NFL career… he better dust off that resume… time to cut this guy and move on… Maybe he can get a TV job on CSSNE… they’ll hire anyone.

  9. rpmcanes says:
    Oct 26, 2012 3:23 PM

    They have drafted & had bad FA signings since Scott Pioli left.

    Talk about generalization. The 2010 draft was very good (Gronk, Spikes, Hernandez) and the 2012 draft is off to a very good start with Jones looking like the Pats’ best pass rusher since Seymour, Hightower getting significant playing time and performing well, Tavon Wilson has started occasionally – with significant ups and downs admittedly. Dennard has serious potential and could be a steal and Bequette reportedly looked great before his injury. They also signed Brandon Bolden as an UDFA.

    Since Pioli left, the drafts have been inconsistent, like they are for every team. Keep in mind that Pioli also commandeered consecutive drafts whose best players were Stephen Gostkowski and Brandon Meriweather. Those years are 2006 and 2007 when he took Laurence Maroney and Meriweather in the first round and traded up for Chad Jackson. In fact, out of the 19 players taken during those two years, Maroney, Meriweather, and Gostkowski were the most impactful players.

    Yes, it is easy to look at a GM’s history and pick out his worst drafts, but my point is that drafts are unpredictable and draft histories are checkered. Most of Pioli’s drafts produced at least one very good player, but there hasn’t been a significant drop off since he left in regard to the draft.

  10. Also, the 2011 class looks pretty good, too. Solder and Ridley both look great. Marcus Cannon has played significantly and is improving with time. 2009 was the worst, but still produced Vollmer, Edelman, and Chung.

  11. As a Patriots fan I’m really beginning to question Belichick. 5 Super Bowls in 10 years is embarrassing.

    If not for picks like these they would have been in the Super Bowl 10 out of 10 years and won them all.

    Honestly the toughest part is the high expectations.

    It would be MUCH easier to be a Jets fan knowing that there’s next to no chance to make it to the Super Bowl for 42 years straight. Then if and when they even make the playoffs, at least their fans are happy, having low expectations in the first place. I’m so envious of them. 😉

  12. rpmcanes says:Oct 26, 2012 3:23 PM

    They have drafted & had bad FA signings since Scott Pioli left.
    And remind us all again how great a job Pioli has done in KC the past few years?

    Come back when you have a clue what you’re talking about, Slick.

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