Tim Tebow on “most overrated” vote: Players voted me Top 100, too

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Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow finds it puzzling that he was recently voted the most overrated player in the NFL in a poll of his fellow players conducted by Sports Illustrated.

Tebow said today that he’s not upset about his colleagues thinking he’s overrated, but he is surprised: After all, Tebow pointed out, when NFL Network asked players to cast ballots for its series of programs about the Top 100 players in the NFL, Tebow came in at No. 95.

“Really doesn’t bother me too much,” Tebow said. “The same players this past offseason voted me in the Top 100, so I guess there’s several ways you can look at it.”

Tebow suggested that players are annoyed with him because of all the attention the media give him.

“They’re probably just getting a little sick of hearing all the talk and everything y’all have to say,” Tebow told reporters.

And now a lot of players are probably getting a little sick of hearing all the talk about Tebow’s status as the most overrated player.

80 responses to “Tim Tebow on “most overrated” vote: Players voted me Top 100, too

  1. Tebow wants media coverage.

    But he wants it on his faith, not his football acumen.

    Seriously, Tebow has never, ever talked himself up in the media. Is he overrated? Yeah, but that’s probably because ‘tards like Skip Bayless act as huge counterweights that throw the scale of analysis way out of whack.

    I could care less about his evangelical antics, I at least respect the man for having the courage to follow his convictions.

    And I ALSO like that he’s finally starting to come off like he’s annoyed by all the media coverage, too.

    He could learn a lot from Peyton Manning– even not including mechanics. Manning knows how to properly pull off that “Aw shucks” image a lot more effectively that Tebow does.

    He needs to get annoyed a little bit in Public, show some real emotion so we don’t all keep seeing him as playing a role.

    Even Jesus got pissed off, flipped tables and cursed trees.

    Also I still think it was stupid as hell to write an autobiography at age 24 or whatever he was.

  2. In all fairness, he probably is one of the top 100 quarterbacks in the NFL.

    Never mind…

  3. So now Timmy’s talking to the press about how they talk about him too much? Maybe he should just shut his pie hole and ride the pine in silence.

  4. michelle beadle said it best his true colors are being exposed and he wants to be a celebrity as much as the kardashians want to be celebrities

  5. That’s exactly what I thought, they can blame themselves as much as ESPN.

    …Okay, no one can be blamed as much as ESPN, but still.

  6. How can Tebow be overrated? Skip Bayless is literally the only person on the planet that thinks this guy can play NFL football at a decent level. So again, how can a guy be overrated when nobody thinks he is worth a damn?

  7. What’s with all the popularity polls lately? This “All-Access NFL” thing is getting a bit out of hand. The media is really helping to promote the Villain vs. Hero angle and before long the NFL will be nothing more than a high-end WWE product.

  8. Omg who cares? I am so sick of all the Tebow coverage he is a great person we get it he says all the right things all the time we get it, he can’t play QB in the NFL we get it, now please just for the love of GOD stop with the Tebow stories

  9. Never understood why people hate him so much. If you hate the Jets I understand that and don’t blame ya. He works his butt off. His work ethic is crazy. He never says anything negative. He loves the Lord. All the media bashes him and he’s still humble. Not really a good reason to hate on someone. Is he ever going to be a great qb? Most likely not, but what’s wrong with someone trying to do his best? Not a Jets fan but I like what Tebow stands for.

  10. The guy takes a half dozen snaps a game, why even consider him for this dubious distinction? Maybe most over-rated spectator. They should just let him loose and see what he can do. Then all the BS non stories will end. OR he just might carry that circus to the SB. Not likely, but lets end the speculation!

  11. That’s kind of funny since few say anything nice about him as a player. I wonder how many players who voted him #1 were watching him quarterback the Broncos to a win over the Steelers in the playoffs last year.

  12. Tebow pretty much said it all himself – the media is to blame for this asinine amount of attention being paid to a back-up QB, as demonstrated by stupid non-stories such as this very one right here.

  13. Wether you buy into the hype or not, when Timmy keeps on a read option play an gets into the the secondary, everyone holds their breath.

  14. Why dont they just leave the man be. He goes out and does what he is told every week to the best of his ability without complaining. Maybe not the best football but a model person

    I know maybe be should carry an illegal gun. Or drive 100mph in his ferrari. Or get a DWI. Maybe people would like him more then

  15. Considering he’s a second string player that gets more media coverage than 95% of the league’s starters, I think I understand this.

    What is the media’s obsession with this man? Football fans aren’t even that enamored with him.

  16. I love Tebow!! Best around football player of all time. He is like the new Bo Jackson. Tebow know QB he Know RUnning back he know kentucky derby he know beer chugging he know baseball he know brake dancing and he is the inventor of Tebowing!! I love you Tebow.

  17. “They’re probably just getting a little sick of hearing all the talk and everything y’all have to say,”

    Way to say it, Mr. Tebow

  18. Tebow is not overrated. You would have to consider him to be a good or average QB to overrate him. He is an underrated special teams player.

  19. Tebow isn’t the oneout there saying how great he is. Sure, he doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, but he isn’t a self promoter. To top it off, he tries to use the attention he does get in very positive ways, rather than just to boost his own ego and wallet.

  20. captainwisdom8888 says: Oct 26, 2012 9:29 PM

    Why on earth is Tebow in NY right now? It’s as if they brought him in simply to sell tickets and generate interest….NY media’s wet dream child. Yuck.

    Woody came out on local radio and admitted that’s why they did it. And they still don’t sell 80% of the tickets that we do ha. Giants fans thanked Woody for that, because the media doesn’t focus on the Giants now that he’s here.

    Which means we will do well, since the Giants play poorly as soon as the media starts loving us.

  21. The Broncos got a win over a very weak, very depleted Steelers team in the playoffs last year. Then recall the next game versus the Patriots. Brady showed how a QB plays. Espn and other media trump up tebow to exploit evangelicals and therefore get ratings and therefore get money. It’s all terribly stupid. He’s a good person seemingly although everyone hides something. He’s an ok fullback. He’s a terrible QB. Don’t spout any of that Charlie sheen winning bull. Skelton had the same effect for Arizona in that same season yet there was no Skelton mania.

  22. There are many quarterbacks who struggled their first 4 to 5 years in the NFL before having success..Brees, Alex Smith, Eli Manning, Jim Plunkett and others ha ha… Tebow will be ok…remember he is left handed like Mike Vick, Steve Young, Kenny Stabler …not many great left handed Quarterbacks…

  23. Is he higher or lower than The Sanchize on the 100 Overrated list?

    Or…just spitballing here…they could share a slot!

  24. The fact that he was rated by some in the Top 100 players in the NFL is why so many others feel that he is overrated.
    Apparently Tebow (and a few of the idiots here) don’t get that part.

    One does not justify the other.
    It causes the other.

  25. I hate Tebow. That being said he’s a different and new breed of player which garners a wave of media attention. Just because he gets the attention doesn’t mean he wanted it. He’s not a great qb but not many on this planet are

  26. keepounding1234 says:
    Oct 26, 2012 9:21 PM
    He was voted in the top 100 for what he did in Denver. He was voted over rated for what he didn’t do in New York. Off topic. Wake up people. There is no God.

    He was voted most overrated last year too.

  27. Tebow is NOT over rated an lets get this strait .. TEBOW IS A QB an hes a good one too. all he do is win now it might not be what you expect from him but when the clock stops TEBOW comes back to the side lines with a W

  28. The kid is lightning rod for many things beyond what he does on any given Thursday, Sunday, or Monday.

    The press and media have questioned him more about whether he is a virgin than the press has questioned Former Bills second round pick Travis Henry about why he chose to father 11 babies from 10 different women.

    I do not think Tebow is over rated.. He is far less over rated in my mind then so many who had the the opportunity… They were over rated.

    Quarterbacks like… David Carr, Tim Couch, Joey Harrinton, Jack Thomson, Kelly Stouffer, Cade McNown, Jim Drukenmiller, Mike Phipps, Todd Blackledge, Akili Smith, David Klinger, Rick Mier, Heath Shuler, Andre Ware, Todd (I surf naked,) Marinovich, Art Schilchter, The world famous Ryan Leaf, or my own personal nightmare… Jamarcus Russell.

    Tebow is a good kid. And a far better quarter back then the above mentioned herein.

  29. Let me start by saying I’m not a Tebow fan or hater. We can’t rate Tebow as he hasn’t had enough time to show us anything. No one has taken a legitimate shot on the guy after his magical run to the playoffs. In a league where guys like Kevin Kolb get a shot at starting after a minimal showing in Philly, I would say Tebow deserves a shot. Tebow has 8 wins (1 in the playoffs), which is more than last year’s #1 pick has in a season and a half. Unfortunately, the risk of coaching up Tebow is too great in a league where coaches can be fired easily if they tie themselves to him and it doesn’t work out.

  30. “They’re probably just getting a little sick of hearing all the talk and everything y’all have to say,” Tebow told reporters.”

    See, even he’s tired of hearing about himself. He’s only overrated because the media created a monster and won’t let it go.

    All he’s ever done is go out and play football and do whatever is asked of him. Not a fan of the guy, but it’s the truth. Perception is reality.

  31. Tebow is correct about many things that he states, believes etc……I just wish someone would tell him that he is not playing quarterback with the New York Jets. We have not seen Tim play Quarterback. We have seen Tim run and block, which would allow most quarterbacks to possibly get injured. In Tim’s case this does not matter. The Jets do not want Tebow as a quarterback. Denver gave Tebow a chance to play quarterback but the Jets are doing something else. Tebow has a skillset that would allow him to be an H-back. Run, block and sometimes be a tight end.

  32. Tebow likes the exposure because it brings attention to his faith. Soon the hype that surrounds him will wane and we may soon see him lighting himself on fire on the sidelines just to get the cameras pointed in his direction.

  33. I now have to vote Tebow the most overrated QB, I’m sick and tired of hearing him hype himself and on every sports show everyday a segment on TEBOW.

  34. Isn’t this the textbook definition of being overrated? Some people think you are good enough to be top100 while the rest of us who have eyes know you are a glorified fullback. Seems to me that tebow should have (and should always) just kept his mouth shut.

  35. why doesnt the media do this vote after all its them who keeps overrating him Tebow didnt ask for all this attention

  36. Last time I checked Jesus said the rich man won’t be going to heaven – even if he never sins – unless he give up all material possessions. So the only way Tebow gets there is if there is a free pass for the mentally disabled aka retarded.

  37. Tebow is he “Jersey Shore” of football! It’s like watching a train wreck over and over and wondering when people will finally figure out that train just doesn’t work and stop riding it.

  38. Yes, but in the Top 100 you were getting more pub than Tom Brady or Eli Manning!!!

    A Peyton Manning with a neck injury on the sidelines played QB better than you did!!!

  39. Tim, if you realize that all your media attention is alienating your peers then maybe you should shut your mouth and not talk to them every day.

    You are the only backup QB in the NFL who does more interviews than a starting QB. You can say NO to them.

    I think it is obvious that Tim cares more about being a celebrity than a great QB. I am a Bronco fan and I loved having Tim as our QB but even I was sick and tired of the media circus that surrounds him and that he willingly participates in.

  40. For all you haters I say: Tebow ! Tebow! Tebow ! Tebow! Tebow ! Tebow! Tebow ! Tebow ! (He will be a starting QUARTERBACK by the end of this season! He is a leader of men! Which leads to wins!)

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