Titans place Javon Ringer on injured reserve

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When the Titans were struggling to get Chris Johnson going earlier this year, the absence of Javon Ringer as an alternative at running back was mentioned as a problem for the Tennessee offense.

You haven’t heard much of that over the last two weeks with Ringer out of the lineup thanks to a knee injury. Johnson has run for 286 yards and put to rest some of the doubts about his ability to be the back he was before getting a big contract from the Titans.

And now the prospect of turning to Ringer has disappeared as well. The Titans announced Friday that they have placed Ringer on injured reserve with a torn MCL. The typical recovery time for such an injury would leave the door open for Ringer to get back to the team before the end of the season, but they did not designate him for return so his season is over.

It has been a rough year for Ringer. He battled back from an infection that threatened to cost him his arm early in the season and then suffered the knee injury during Tennessee’s loss to the Vikings. Had he been healthier when Johnson was struggling, he might have gotten an extended chance to prove himself as an NFL running back, but he didn’t and now heads into free agency without much to use to sell himself around the league.

Jamie Harper will continue as the Titans’ primary backup running back. Safety Tracy Wilson has been promoted from the practice squad to take Ringer’s place in the lineup.

5 responses to “Titans place Javon Ringer on injured reserve

  1. People said Chris Johnson was ‘back’ last year – right after torching a pathetic Bills “defense.” I’m not sold, although he clearly still has his straight line speed. Let’s see him do it against a defense that actually plays defense.

  2. I don’t disagree with you, but the difference (as far I see it) is that Johnson also put up some good yardage against the Texans (150–and most not in garbage time) and the Steelers (over 90, over 100 yards total). I’m not ready to say he’s back, but it will be interesting to see how he fares the next couple of weeks now that his confidence is back.

  3. This is really bad news for Ringer.

    Javon is a talented and extremely well-rounded RB who showed serious skills earlier in his career. From what I’ve seen in interviews, he’s also an intelligent, well-spoken young man and a great teammate, with a great work ethic.

    But has dealt with a series of injuries over the past couple years; every time one injury healed up, something else would get hurt. And the unfortunate truth is, NFL teams don’t have much use for players who can’t stay on the field.

    I wish him luck. I was really hoping he’d have a long career and maybe get an opportunity to prove himself as a starting RB at some point…..but I’m afraid his injury issues will probably prevent him from ever getting that chance.

  4. Javon Ringer is an quality human being with NFL talent. He will work his tail off to get back to 100%. He’s had some bad luck injuries that I doubt will hamper him moving forward. He could really do some damage on a team like Atlanta. Good luck Spartan Dawg.

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