Aldon Smith aims high for the Niners, sort of


In a Friday appearance on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, 40ers linebacker Aldon Smith was asked to finish a sentence.

“This year, the San Francisco 49ers will . . . .” said cohost Erik Kuselias.

“Win the Super Bowl,” Smith said, before adding a perfunctory, “I don’t know.”

If they do it, one of the big reasons will be that the defense has improved over last year, when the Niners made it to the final four.

“I’d say we got better just being a defense who’s playing with each other,” Smith said.  “Everybody is back and we’re all together and playing together again and I think we’re better this year.”

The 49ers’ offense doesn’t seem to be much better despite an influx of new weapons, and periodic sputtering has contributed to a pair of losses against five wins.  But the 49ers are still in position to fulfill Smith’s kind of/sort of guarantee for the outcome to the season.

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5 responses to “Aldon Smith aims high for the Niners, sort of

  1. Who are these new weapons you speak of?

    AJ Jenkins
    LaMichael James
    Brandon Jacobs….combined has as many yards as me so far this year. Randy Moss only has one more TD than me this this year.

  2. In an answer to the Raider fan above, it’s depth in the receiving and running groups. Manningham alone provides a nice alternative to Crabtree and I expect Jacobs to start seeing more time as Frank Gore wears down a little towards the end of the season. The D is just better because they are intact and have another season understanding Fangio’s system. The Niners are definitely in the running. The suddenly bruising NFC west defenses will prepare them for anything they face in the playoffs much like the NFC East has done for so many years.

    And, Raider guy – the Raiders are horrible this year, so maybe you should keep your Niner-hating opinions to yourself.

  3. They are on track for a 11-5 season, not a horrible record. Their offense has done much better this year than last year. They throw the ball to at least 6 different people per game, which is a LOT better than last year’s 2.

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