Jerry Jones the owner supports Jerry Jones the general manager


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sees no reason he should stop serving as the Cowboys’ general manager. In fact, Jones says being both owner and general manager provides an advantage to the Cowboys.

Jones told the Star-Telegram that as the NFL’s only general manager who has 100 percent job security, he can take risks that other general managers would never take.

“That is one of the luxuries of my position as owner as well as the ultimate decision maker, general manager and president – I can do that and take the losses and come back for more,” Jones said.

OK, but couldn’t that also be a disadvantage for the Cowboys? Taking losses and coming back for more isn’t exactly the description of a successful franchise.

“I have won with that style,” Jones said. “We are not managing a widow-woman’s retirement account here. In other words, to compete, I think we need to be aggressive. You play the game, you manage the game that way. You take some risks. When they don’t pay off, they look bad. That has happened.”

But no matter how many risks don’t pay off, there’s no risk of the Cowboys’ owner firing the Cowboys’ general manager.

97 responses to “Jerry Jones the owner supports Jerry Jones the general manager

  1. That is what the fans of the cowboys have to put up with.
    that is why they will never win a championship again with Jones as owner. It his ego that is in the way of ever winning anything again.

  2. LOL And he will continue to media promote and get the hype up only to choke. Best news the rest of NFC East has heard since they extended Romos contract. lol

  3. “I can do that and take the losses and come back for more,” Jones said.”

    How is that working for you???

  4. Yeah everybody else has to pay for Jerry’s style. Coaches, players, Coaches, Coaches, and so on.


  5. I feel bad for Cowboy’s fans, the Jerry Jones show is so played out and so pathetic. Good luck with that, hopefully you guys can still look past all the distractions and embarrassment and enjoy your football season.

  6. When Jerry did what Jimmy Johnson recommended concerning players, the Cowboys were very good. Jimmy left and Barry Switzer won with Jimmy’s team. Since then…ugly with just enough decent players selected to bolster JJ’s ego. Jones refuses to step down as GM because that would be like admitting somebody else is better…and Jerry can’t do that. The Cowboys future depends on how lucky Jerry gets. They need a new coach but JJ doesn’t see that either.

  7. .500 record and one playoff win since ’95, right? Any other GM would have been canned long ago!

  8. It’s working PERFECTLY for him, fumblenuts. Exactly as he says. He loses and comes back for more.

    He actually makes me, a Steeler fan, feel sorry for my Cowboy fan friends. Now THAT is impressive.

  9. “We are not managing a widow-woman’s retirement account here.” Hilarious, I just wish I could see his enormous white veneers while he said it

  10. Thats right Jerry. Its is better for you to take risks. When you screw up, someone else will lose their job for your mistakes. It works out perfectly for you.

  11. Judging from all the Superbowls he has won for the Cowboys, I’d have to say he is doing an outstanding job and I hope he never retires.


    The other 31 teams.

  12. ninerswilldominatelikebefore says:
    Oct 27, 2012 3:35 PM
    jerruh will never see a lombardi in his ownership tenure
    You mean, other than the three he already has?

  13. How about results? Wouldn’t you want a GM who produces results? If you worked for me Jerry, you’d be gone a long time ago. Very poor results Jerry.

  14. If there wasn’t general dissatisfaction with the continued mediocrity exhibited by the franchise then there would be no need for the owner to comment on the general manager. Apparently, the owner is satisfied with mediocrity.

  15. As a Dallas Cowboys hater, I am very happy – no, THRILLED – to hear that Jerry Jones has no intention of ever giving up the position of general manager of the Dallas Cowboys.

    You go, Jerry!

    Long live Quincy Carter and future draft picks just like him!!

  16. It’s going to take high profile free agents turning down his overtures and signing elsewhere for less money before he’ll change.

    That or guys on this team that help make up the identity of the Cowboys just walking away and going elsewhere.

    If Romo/Ware/Witten refused to sign an extension and basically said “Not playing in Dallas at any price, the FO doesn’t know what it’s doing…”

    MAYBE he’d get the hint but not likely.

  17. As in the portrait of Dorian Gray,behind Jerry’s facelift is the truth “an old face”.His face lift is a metaphor for his GM ability,shiny moves with disasterous results.

  18. ““I have won with that style,” Jones said
    Twenty-five years later and Jerrah is still trying to convince anyone who will listen that he was responsible for those SB wins and not Jimmy Johnson.
    ““I can do that and take the losses and come back for more,” Jones said.”
    …..and more losses is what you’ve been gettin’ Jerrah, LOL Dumb is as dumb does.

  19. That system can definitely work. It worked for Al Davis for years. The problem is when things start to go bad there is no one to take the reins away. It’s like a country with a very powerful leader– it’s not always bad and can in fact be quite good for a country. But a coup or assassination can replace a leader. In the NFL, you’d need battalions of lawyers and an offspring or minority partners willing to make the legal leap — which is where the Raiders were heading before Al’s death.

    Jones CAN be successful. The trick is to hire as many great scouts and talent evaluators as you can- AND give your employees the freedom and space to tell you the truth about everything YOU are doing.

  20. baconholybacon says:Oct 27, 2012 4:24 PM

    Mike Brown sees nothing nothing with this.


    Ironic the cheapest, most conservative GM in the league is also an owner, just like the “risky” rich Jerry Jones.

  21. The resemblance to Al Davis is eerily similar: living in the past, making terrible GM decisions, is physically becoming skeletor.

  22. I Have no interest for or against Dallas. I have noticed several comments regarding Jerah’s ego size. I imagine that ANYONE, from Mr Halas, the Mara family and actually all owners past and present had healthy egos. I think it is not so much the ego that fans resent, it is the poor decisions regarding player acquisition and the management style that has lead Dallas to such mediocre results, basically since he ran off coach Johnson. The fact that everyone in the football world is aware of the obvious reasons/causations for these results, with the exception of the Dallas GM, makes me wonder more about intelligence factors than ego.

  23. Jerry Jones is a smart fool he all about the dollars yes he’s the owner and general manager. Because he don’t want to pay a general manager when he can do it himself Jerry Jones has the like if trusted in people’s. He not saying anything about the head coach, because he is the head coach to everything is run by Jerry Jones. All his employees is a tax write off for Jerry Jones in his statement Jerry Jones said he is 100% job sercurity. Jerry Jones keeping it all in the family he just don’t have the cowboys in his hands, he also has the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in his hand. The old man must carry a lot of weight around the NFL but now they super bowl luck done run out for you Jerry Jones your money can’t buy anymore win. Paying high dollars for players just because of that star on your helment not making other teams afraid of your cowboys.

  24. in a related note Jerry Jones just hired Jerry Jones to preform Sean Lee’s surgery…

    when Cowboys Head colomist Jerry Jones questioned the Cowboys Owner on his controversial decesion Jones replied with “why hire a doctor when i could do it myself, i have 100% confidence in jerry as a owner, general manager, president and now as lead Cowboys surgeon “

  25. What sucks for us Cowboys fans is this….

    After crazy old man Jerry passes in 15 or so more years, his idiot son Stephen Jones is gonna take over.

    We’re screwed for a long time kids. Long time.

  26. Wow!

    As a Phins fan, I have had more than my share of frustration for the last few years…..but I actually feel sorry for Cowboy fans.

  27. Who can blame the guy? He has a bunch of fans dumping money in his back yard by the truckload. They are satisfied buying exactly what he is selling, Miss Mediocrity in a nice dress with lots of media reports about how sexy she is.

    I have several friends that are cowboy fans, they are without a doubt the most deluded football fans I know. Worse than the Notre Dame fans.

    But hey, at least they have the past to crow about right?

  28. Al Davis was a football man. Although at the end he was more like Mr. Burns, at one time Al was actually a very good football guy.

    Jerry Jones is an oil man. His 3 Lombardi’s are courtesy of Jimmy Johnson. That’s fact. Other than that span with the triplets & Charles Haley, Jerry’s been a miserable awful failure. Jerry is like a used car salesman that keeps selling clunkers to Cowboy fans.

  29. I’ve followed the Cowboys since 1972 and I just can’t take it anymore. Jerry Jones the owner has surrounded himself with yes-men and enablers who don’t dare criticize the dear leader. He’s become a delusional, narcissistic person who will never let someone else run HIS team. He built a stadium that gives his team no home field advantage. He’s been known to stop practice so VIP’s can meet his players. The only thing fed up Cowboys fan can do is to vote with their wallets. Don’t watch the games, don’t attend the games and don’t buy ANY merchandise. The only way to get Jerry’s attention is to hit him in the pocketbook. If falling revenues and TV blackouts start hitting Jerry, maybe, just maybe, Jerry will finally see the truth: he’s a great owner and a lousy GM.

  30. As a couple of people have pointed out, Jerry Jones isn’t the only owner/GM in the league. Mikey Brown also has that position, with even worse results–three playoff appearances and no playoff wins in the last 21 years.

    And yet, Cowboy and Bengal fans, there IS hope. I’m a Steelers fan, have been since the dismal 1960s (which, before my time, were preceded by the dismal 1950s, the dismal 1940s, and the dismal 1930s). The Rooneys owned the team and frequently intervened in the player decisions. They finally got the idea that their meddling wasn’t helping and turned football operations over to professionals starting in 1969 with the hiring of Chuck Noll and some competent front office personnel. The results speak for themselves.

    So, Cryboy and Bungle fans, based on the Rooneys taking 35 years of ownership to get it right, it may take another 20-plus years, but your ownership may get the message, that the job of the owner is to hire professionals, let them work within established parameters to build a team, and get the heck out of the way. And if you choose well, you get to hold a Lombardi Trophy or two.

  31. Even Al Davis, whom I disliked but I still respected, makes Jerreh look like a weasel. As a Steeler fan, I’m grateful the Rooney family considers the general manager position a vital part of the organization. Thank goodness I’m not a Dallas fan.

  32. Now now Jerry, you have to win superbowls to be seen as a good Gm. Last time I checked you don’t have one since the 1990’s or even sniffed one since then. Outdated, overrated get out of here!

  33. I wonder if things ever got that bad for the Cowboys, if Jerry Jones the owner, would ever fire Jerry Jones the general manager.

  34. ***Jerry Jones is an oil man. His 3 Lombardi’s are courtesy of Jimmy Johnson. That’s fact***

    No actually his three trophys are courtersy of Mike Lynn and the Minnesota Vikings for the Herschel Walker debacle of one person for about 10 draft picks.

  35. I have been a Cowboy fan for 20 plus years. I an so tired of this man being associated with the team. Just go away already for god sakes! There is no coincidence that we have sucked for the past 15 plus years and you have been the constant variable!

  36. Al Davis is alive and well.

    At least the NFC North teams know as time passes, much like the Raiders, there will always be two easy games.
    Jerry Jones is headed down the same path as Davis, the Cowboys have been irrelevant since Jimmy Johnson, how long ago was that, like the 1990’s?

  37. Jerry Jones is a Yutz.

    A rich Yutz.

    Builds a Taj Mahal that his team can’t win in.

    Builds a team with a quarterback that his team can’t win with.

    And he thanks himself for his continued support.

    Gotta love dem, Cowboys. America’s team performers like America’s current President. All hope. And no results.

  38. I was once the biggest Cowboys fan ever, flew all over the country to see them play. But I’ve given up, they will never win a Super Bowl again until he’s gone. Who does a job for 25 years and never improves? In fact, he’s getting worse. I watch football because it’s the greatest game ever but my good weeks no longer depend on the Cowboys winning games…thank God!

  39. Mara and Jones are very different. So are the Giants and Cowboys. Go figure. Giving some pre Thanksgiving thanks that I am a Giants fan.

  40. cfh666–100% Amen!
    After the opening game this season, I have only seen one game w/ the Cowboys–and it amazes me that these days, not only do I not know When they’re playing, I don’t know Who they’re playing!

    But to Jones, it’s just a money-factory, so the team–I mean HE–will be just fine without me.

  41. “I have won with that style,” Jones said.
    Won what exactly? Still trying to take credit for Jimmy’s decisions? Please never fire yourself as GM Jerry, I think you’re fabulous at first round picks lately.

  42. All teams have two choices. The first is to focus solely on winning. Winning games is the priority and everything else is secondary. The best example I can think of is Vince Lombardi and the 60’s Packers. The other choice is to be a team like Jones’ Cowboys. Year after year they say they want to win. I’m sure they do, but there’s no willingness to put that first. There’s too much attention on image, selling the brand, publicity, and a lot of other things that have nothing to do with winning football games on the field. That’s ok. He bought the team and he can do what he wants. But as a fan, I would appreciate some honesty about what’s important. The modern Cowboys are about brand promotion. Winning games is a stated goal but that’s not what we see happening in real life. We see promotion, branding, explanations, promises, and everything else except consistent wins.

  43. “I have won with that style,” Jones said. “We are not managing a widow-woman’s retirement account here. In other words, to compete, I think we need to be aggressive. You play the game, you manage the game that way. You take some risks. When they don’t pay off, they look bad. That has happened.”
    Wow I actually feel sorry for Cowboys fans. Key words in that quote is “have won”. One playoff win in 15 years is not a recipe for success. As long as the Cowboys continue to generate as much revenue as they do win or lose, JJ could care less if his Boys ever make it to another Superbowl again. Go Blue!!!!!

  44. This makes me smile.

    We were saying the same thing about Dan Snyder for years, but he at least had the sense finally to “fire” himself and hire some guys who know how to build a team.

    I guess Jerrah is jist too dang stubbern!

  45. MY LORD. I am a Dallas fan but I get so SICK of every story being about Jones or Ryan running their fat mouths! They need to shut up until they can produce a winning team.

  46. Only the truly ignorant would lump Al Davis, Jerry Jones and Mike Brown together.

    Al Davis was a football man through and through, who spent to the max, trying to win another Super Bowl.

    Jerry Jones is an oil man, who bought an NFL team, and spends to the max, trying to win another Super Bowl.

    Mike Brown is neither a football man, an oil man, or any kind of man at all. He spends no money and isn’t interested in winning at all, he’s only interested in making money.

  47. Isn’t that along the same lines as “A man who defends himself in a court of law has a fool for a client”?

  48. If Jerry was smart (he’s not, he got his education at Arkansas after all) he’d throw as much money as he can at Eric DeCosta or any other young, promising NFL executive (but DeCosta won’t bite as he’s turned down every GM offer and interview to remain a Raven). But he won’t and the Cowboys will continue to languish every year finishing around 9-7 or 8-8.

  49. Jerry Jones is whats wrong with the Cowboys. Instead of trying to grow oranically through the draft, he always just tries to buy it. You can’t build a long term successful franchise that way. The problem is that Cowboys fans all over the world continue to support the team and buy the merchandise whether they win or lose. There is no incentive to do things differently. As long as the team is wildly successful in the accounting department, there’s no real reason to put a lot of effort in the football department.

  50. I love this story so much that I bookmarked it so I can read this over and over again. I love that Jerry Jones owns this team. It was worth the misery of a dynasty in the early 90’s now knowing how this story is playing out.

  51. as long as Dallas fans continue to fill that stadium with their dollars and keep buying cowboys stuff Jones has zero incentive to improve anything. That is why i have not attended a game since jones takeover and i have one hat i bought 5 years ago..since then i’m too disgusted with the franchise to buy even a shoestring. Vote with your wallets folks are expect more of the same.

  52. Actually, Jerry Jones is a pretty savvy guy. He just can’t listen to his own advice. Here’s an example:
    In Sean Payton’s book “Home Team” coach Payton talks about his exit meeting with Jones after he accepted the job of being the Saints head coach. Jones told him that the Saints organization had a “culture of losing”, and that the Saints organization was “sick”. He told Payton to find the sickness and kill it. He said “if you don’t find it, they will be announcing another head coach in 3 years.” Payton turned that program around and won 3 division titles and a Superbowl championship.

    Lets switch gears to the Cowboys and give Jerry Jones some of his own advice. The Cowboys organization is sick. The team is made up of a bunch of guys with no heart, or a gaggle of malcontents (Jason Witten is excused from these categories. He’s a real pro’s pro). The team plays with a sense of entitlement, and without a shred of hunger or a chip on their shoulder. That is a leadership problem, and I’m not talking about Jason Garrett. That is a cultural trickle-down effect that is manifested from the owner on down to the newest towel boy. Its time for the general manager to go, Jerry. YOU are the problem. YOU are the sickness.

    That is all.

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