Raiders-Chiefs rivalry lacks sizzle

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It used to be one of the great rivalries in the NFL.  Now?  Not.

The problem is that, with both the Raiders and Chiefs mutually mired in years of mediocre-at-best performances, the game hasn’t meant much lately.  This year, the stakes entail (as they seem to so often do) escaping the basement in the AFC West.

Indeed, it’s been 21 years since the two teams played a truly big game, with the Chiefs beating the Raiders at Arrowhead in the playoffs.  The Chiefs haven’t been doing much beating of the Raiders at Arrowhead lately, with Oakland winning five in a row in the place where once upon a time the Chiefs rarely got beat.

The rivalry, it’s lost a little bit,” former Chiefs offensive lineman Ed Budde tells Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.  “Back when we played, those games meant so much, and there was so much bad blood, you thought the rivalry would continue that way forever.”

It feels like forever ago when the Chiefs and Raiders routinely were engaged in heated battles every time they played.  Per Teicher, there’s now no buzz associated with the return of the Raiders to Kansas City.

A former Raider turned Chief sees it differently.  “Every rivalry in the AFC West is special,” cornerback Stanford Routt tells Teicher.  “I’m sure people that play in the NFC North or the AFC South feel their rivalries are special.  Anytime there’s two teams in same division, you’re always going to have that, whether it’s Giants-Cowboys, Packers-Vikings, Falcons-Saints, 49ers-Cardinals, whatever.”

“Whatever” is the most common response when it comes to the Raiders and the Chiefs.  It’ll change only when one or both of the teams become consistently competitive.

At times, it feels like it’ll continue the way it now is forever.

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  1. The game is special to Routt. He wants to prove he can draw penalties no matter which side of the rivalry he’s playing for.

  2. I know my Raiders have been bad for quite awhile but actually ALL of the rivalries within the division have diminished because generally the AFCW as a whole is generally amongst the weakest in the league…whereas it used to be very competitive.

    Proof of this is that I don’t believe that the AFCW had produced a WildCard playoff team since 2004. And the last Super Bowl qualifier from the division was the Raiders 10 years ago.

  3. It may not be a game that matters much in the standings but as a Chargers fan I can say for a fact that most every AFC West game is hard fought by the two teams. Raiders especially are historically the biggest rival for each of the teams so I wouldn’t count out this game as possibly being exciting at all.

  4. Proof that Stanford Routt doesn’t understand the dynamics of NFL rivalries: he cited Packers-Vikings as the marquee rivalry in the NFCN. Packers and Bears have been knocking heads since 1921.

  5. It is the greatest divisional rivalry in the NFL.

    Bronco fan forgets we hold an all-time winning record against them. All-time we are 48-46 v. the Kansas City Chiefs – we are also 17-15 over the Steelers, and were 10-11 all-time over the Patriots, including 2-1 all-time in playoffs.

    I think the issue is that the two teams are struggling, but the records don’t matter.

    THIS IS DIVISONAL WAR. (at least im hoping for an interesting game)

  6. Just throw the records out!! This game is always a great game to watch!! It might have lost some “sizzle” to u media hacks but I guarantee the players and fans haven’t lost anything!!!! These teams hate eachother and always will!! GO RAIDERS!!! Screw the chefs!!

  7. Oakland Raiders
    101 Games between winning seasons (2004-2010)
    One sided rivalries will only get you so far.

  8. Any division game is a rivalry..regardless of record each team wants to take it to the other..Raiders win they will be 3-4..if they lose this game season is pretty much all but done..kc is abysmal this year..they should get a top 5 pk next years draft.

  9. Wow this is a major draft order game, I will be keeping a close eye, it’s really exciting to see who might be in contention for weakest team in the league that will shape the unfolding of events on Christmas Day in April. Both of these teams need major help and it will be interesting to see how Brady Quinn executes on arguably his only if not clearly his best opportunity to be a long-time NFL QB. This is going to be a very interesting game.

  10. It’s still a great rivalry, right now the AFC West is very weak, that can change on a dime and everybody knows it.

    The Raiders are adjusting to the loss of Al Davis very nicely and rookie KC owner Clark Hunt knows he had to fire his GM and start from scratch.

    The AFC West will heat up in a year or two and don’t anyone forget, the NFC West was pathetically weak until this year when all of a sudden every team seemed like a SB contender.

    Trust me, Oak and KC HATE each other. Blood will be spilt!!!

  11. I remember when every Chiefs-Raiders game was total war.

    Then again, I’m pretty old.

    Now it’s just another game between bad divisional rivals, like Browns-Bengals, with some team and media folks trying to pump life into the dead horse.

  12. I totally agree the AFC west doesn’t get as much props as it should every division has atleast one good rival game but whenever it’s the AFC West its always a good hard game no matter who is playing…. That’s just my opinion

  13. I was going to start the post with “que the….” but a poster already beat me to the punch

    The disdain Packers fans, many of whom move to MN for jobs, metro living or whatever, for the Vikings put the 2 teams in rivalry category. The usually bring up the Bears as a lame attempt to put down Viking fans. I laugh at the ploy because of the obvious passion behind it.

    Guess what….you can have more than 1 rivalry and perspective changes each generation!

  14. Try quoting historical win loss records since the Vietnam War ended, then maybe I’ll pay attention.

    The Chiefs have been, are, and will be irrelevant. Tim Tebow has more NFL playoff wins in the last 19 years than the Chiefs, I mean C’MON!

    These two teams are awful.

  15. “crybabyrivers says:
    I remember a certain tight end by the name of Kevin Boss saying he moved on to greener pastures. I guess you were wrong!”
    Well we do have to admit the grass is better at Arrowhead than the Coliseum.

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