Rob Ryan: Giants showed Cowboys no respect, “a bunch of B.S.”


It had been a few hours since we had an item about a Ryan brother running his mouth, so it’s a good thing we saw Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s comments about the way the Giants have talked about his team.

Ryan says that the Giants didn’t show the Cowboys enough respect after the Cowboys won their Week One meeting, and that’s motivating the Cowboys as they attempt to sweep the season series on Sunday.

“I understand we played the Giants before and the only reason we stopped them was their lack of execution, that it had nothing to do with our players or our scheme,” Ryan said sarcastically. “That’s been well documented. That was said. They give a lot of credit where credit is due, and it’s just because of their lack of execution. We got the message, we understand that.”

Ryan said that when he heard Giants players saying they beat themselves in the Week One loss, he made a mental note of it.

“I hear it. I got big ears, and I heard things after the game and I was like, ‘That’s a bunch of bulls–t,’” Ryan said.

According to Ryan, the Cowboys have shown respect to the Giants as competitors, and the Giants haven’t accorded the same respect to the Cowboys.

“We’re looking forward to that challenge,” Ryan said. “They’re the Super Bowl champs. We’ve given them nothing but respect. They’ve hung a million yards up on us before. Then when we played them the first game of the year, they just had a bad day.”

Ryan hopes those comments motivate his players to give the Giants another bad day on Sunday.

67 responses to “Rob Ryan: Giants showed Cowboys no respect, “a bunch of B.S.”

  1. Will there ever be a time when I won’t have to hear either one of the blow hards are saying? Neither one of them have win anything, and put them together and they aren’t as good as their old man was. Just shut up and go away!

  2. OMG !!! Last I recalled the giants admitted they were outplayed vs Dallas week 1 !!! Sounds like “BLOB” Ryan is just trying play the respect card to get his team fired up for sun….. It’s gonna take more than that to best the CHAMPS!!!!!!

  3. Giants-Cowboys is one of the fiercest in football. Very rarely will you hear either team give each other credit after a tough loss… Just another Ryan who never shuts his mouth

  4. I guess the 6 times Victor Cruz was wide open and dropped easy catches from Eli was part of their “Scheme” But now that Nicks, Cruz, Hixon, Bennet, Beckum, are all healthy and so is the Giants secondary, I dont think that same “Scheme” will work!

  5. Just another Blowhard Brother running his big mouth. He fits in well with the NFL’s “all hat, no cattle” team.

  6. “We show them lots of respect. 12 points up with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter to knock them out of the playoff picture? That’s not fair. We’ll let you have that one and the season finale too. That’s respect.”

  7. Can anyone answer this…exactly WHAT has Rob Ryan’s Cowboys defense done to earn that respect? Respect is earned, not given, Rob. Yes, your team won fair and square in Week One. That doesn’t mean the Giants are going to bow down and talk about how great you are.

    The Giants are still the defending Champs. That is respect “earned”.

  8. I don’t get the Giants. They whine about not getting any credit from teams like the 49ers, and then they turn around do the same thing to other teams. I swear they’re a bunch of babies. A bunch of babies who can win, but babies nonetheless

    And they talk lots of smack during the week too. If you want people to respect you, then respect them back. Big deal if you’re the champs… it’s week 8 of the new season, not February 2012

  9. America’s Team getting quite sensitive. Hurt feelings can only get you so far these days. Maybe “G.M.” Jerreh should give them a tough pep talk before the game to make them mean. After all, America, including Texas, wants its team to be tough and not a bunch of whining, sensitive, pampered, overrated athletes wearing those powder (puff) blue uniforms.

  10. Rob Ryan is absolutely right! He does have big ears. Unfortunately theres not much between them. The Giants repeatedly said that they were outplayed week 1. However, the Giants are a better team by far. Look at the record when these 2 teams play in the last 4 years. Dallas has never beaten the Giants at Jerryworld and that aint changing tomorrow. Keep diggin for motivational ploys Rob. The fact that you have to make these comments to try and motivate your team is pathetic. Its a home game in the division against a rival. That should be all the motivation necessary. Why dont you just come out and admit your team has no shot tomorrow.

  11. The Cowboys put all their eggs in that one basket once the schedule came out… they felt they had to atone for that butt-kicking they took in front of the whole country on New Year’s Night.

    They dedicated their OTAs, minicamps, training camp, and pre-season to beating the Giants that opening day. And they did.

    They’ve had a losing season since. Sounds like the head came off their beer 24 hours after Game 1.

    Dallas better hope they keep it close – if the Giants get a 2+ score lead, it could look like the Bears game again.

  12. Gee a fat, disrespectful turd being unhappy that someone didnt respect him and his team enough.


  13. I don’t know too many people who give the Cowboys respect, it ain’t just the Giants. Also, “it ain’t just big ears you got Robbie boy, have you taken a look at your gut lately!!

  14. America’s Team getting quite sensitive. Hurt feelings can only get you so far these days. Maybe “G.M.” Jerreh should give them a tough pep talk before the game to make them mean. After all, America, including Texas, wants its team to be tough and not a bunch of whining, sensitive, pampered, overrated athletes wearing those powder (puff) blue uniforms.
    Last time it was Joe Gibbs who gave the pep talk, who next, Andy Reid, Shannahan or Coughlin. Pretty pathetic when Jerrah, Garrett or Robbie can’t jack their team up, they gotta rely on opposing coaches.

  15. Beautiful, I love this. The Giants ‘think’ they are way better than they are. I hope the Cowboys go out there and pummel the crap out of them. The Cowboys owned them last time, the Giants didn’t beat themselves the Cowboys just owned them. Absolutely beautiful, this is going to be quite a game to watch.

  16. Ryan’s right. 17 points and 269 yrds total offense. Maybe some of you yahoos should realize he’s just trying to give his players a little extra motivation, while the giant fans whine about dropped passes and games from last season. Well done Ryan. At least you got under the fan’s skin.

  17. Do the Ryan brothers have children? If so, when will they become coaches in the league? We need more of the Ryan family talking to the media.

  18. I think the Giants are pretty good about not shooting their mouths off. Not perfect. Some of the players say stuff, but at least their coaching staff has some discipline. Sounds like the least successful Ryan of the whole brood is just trying to fire his team up by referencing stuff that never happened. To quote Coughlin, “Talk is cheap. Play the game.”

  19. Why does Rex and Rob Ryan get more coverage than Matt Ryan… After all, Matt actually PLAYS football and has more wins that both these loud mouths combined.

  20. What’s with these two idiot brothers demanding action from opposing players or coaches? They really do act like they’re entitled.

    No one is going to apologize for suggesting karma is a factor and no Super Bowl winning team is going to kiss the feet of a team after one win.

    How about Jerry disrespecting the Giants before week one by guaranteeing a win coming off their SB win?

  21. In all seriousness, I don’t EVER remember Rob Ryan co-ordinating a top defense, ever. He has never had a 16-game/season long great defense. He lives off his dad’s and his brother’s name.

    And the GIANTS played as terrible a game as they could play and only lost by a TD in wee one..

    I am not going to say the GIANTS are definitely going to win, but I am not impressed by Dallas at all. I haven’t been for years.

  22. The “we beat ourselves” argument is the worst in the NFL. Every team that ever loses can point to a lack of execution, but it’s usually because of the team. Look no further than the Packers, they never lose. They only beat themselves. I agree Rob, it’s a bunch of BS.

  23. The Ryan brothers…they never met a mic they didn’t like. They can run their yaps all they want because we all know neither of them back up any of what they spout so it’s all B.S. On the business side of things, my money will always be on the Giants…they’re a far better team led by an an even better QB.

  24. Nobody gives the Cowboys a chance, not any of the pundits on ESPN, NFL Network, Corflorio (rated them 23rd). What is going to be the excuse when the Cowboys win? Believe me, I will be back here to see. The hype, the hype, the hype, Eli is great, Romo Sucks blah blah blah.

  25. Some coaches only method to motivate “Professionals” earning millions is by making up “respect” issues. If they tried that stuff on people in the “real world” their employees would laugh and the coach would be looking for other employment – and certainly not as a manager.

  26. Please go easy on Rob. There is a lot of pressure on he and his guys. After all, “America’s Team” is just the second best NFL team in Texas, and that’s pretty hard for them to swallow.

  27. Maybe if the cowgirls were undefeated and killing everyone….is rob Ryan for real?? Than again, that haircut speaks volumes.

  28. I like what he said. The Giants have been whining all year long, running their mouths more than the Jets have been and they primp themselves up like do-no-wrong divas. And they’re supposed to be champs.

  29. Well, seeing as how the Giants have more SB titles than the Cowboys have playoff wins in the last nine seasons, it’s hard to wonder why they don’t give the Cowboys more respect.

  30. Respect? You mean like when Jerry Jones handed out two tickets to Green Bay to each of his players BEFORE the divisional playoff game against the Giants? That kind of respect? Low rent organization run by a delusional drunk coached by a puppet and an obese assclown with inbred fans that think wearing a cowboy hat to McDonalds is living the high life. Over fifteen years now with ONE playoff win to show for it. Yeah, let’s all genuflect towards Dallas.

  31. And Rex said the Jets would be better than the Giants for the next ten years….Rob has long flowing hair.

  32. I’m sure the cowboys are going to be very motivated in the cavernous, lifeless stadium they call home.

  33. With all the dumb things Goodell has done since taking over, he can make it up in one announcement. Just say the Ryans and anyone with any relation to them are never allowed to coach again. I’ve never seen two idiots that have done less make so many headlines….. oh wait, it is an election year..

  34. I think there is some validity to Ryan’s statement. The Giants do not think Dallas will beat them again and based on how they have owned Cowboys Stadium the last 4 years who can blame them?

    Ryan should save this talk behind doors with his defense to fire them up and not say it in the media prior to the game. But he is a Ryan….

  35. huh? uhhhh jackazz LOSERS who posted on here believing this…..go read the newark star ledger articles after the game. there isn’t a single quote by anyone saying “we beat ourselves” or “they did not beat us.”

    now all of you go back to mommy….

  36. Sometimes I forget who the head coach in Dallas is cause Ryan is the only one I hear running his mouth!!! Until this guy puts together a defense that can actually execute we should call Dallas lil “D” instead of big “D” !!!!!!

  37. So Rob Ryan is willing to put on the record that he has big ears. I must admit that when I look at Rob Ryan that his large ears are not the first thing I notice.

  38. Obviously Rob Ryan is extremely obnoxious, but lets not pretend like he’s not a good coordinator. The Ryan brothers are loud but they know defense.

  39. Ryan is a total clown looking for “respect” after a win in week 1. Long-time Cowboy fans must be cringing at that comment-what a joke.

    Beat the Giants in January and then you’ll get a little respect

  40. sschmiggles says:
    Oct 27, 2012 6:13 PM
    I don’t get the Giants. They whine about not getting any credit from teams like the 49ers, and then they turn around do the same thing to other teams. I swear they’re a bunch of babies. A bunch of babies who can win, but babies nonetheless

    And they talk lots of smack during the week too. If you want people to respect you, then respect them back. Big deal if you’re the champs… it’s week 8 of the new season, not February 2012
    Show me where any Giants player said we beat ourselves. All I heard was how the Cowboys were the better team that game and how bad they made the Giants look. Sounds like you you could’nt wait to have a reason to say something negative about the Champs. Ryan is trying to manufacture some motivation because he knows our offense is gonna look a lot different this Sunday and he needs all the help he can get.Go Blue!!!!

  41. “We definitely weren’t in synch (in the opener),” said linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka. “They came out and they executed better. They played better. There’s no excuses for our performance. But looking back, we know what it takes to beat them. We just have to make sure we get it done.
    Wow that really sounds like a no respect type of comment. If Ryan is gonna manufacture a no respect theme, at least he should make sure someone actually stated so. Ryan is a clown!!!! Go Blue!!!!

  42. “I’ll say we learned from a lot of that stuff (from that game),” said cornerback Corey Webster. “I think we’re a much better team than we were the first game of the season.”

    “When you have the opportunity to play a team again, you want to go out there and have a better performance, since you lost,” added Manning. “We feel that we can play better than we did the first time.”
    I’m still searching and I can’t find a single quote with the words we beat ourselves!!!

  43. “Being that they got us the first game, it just puts that much more point of emphasis on this game,” said Giants safety Antrel Rolle. “They were way more effective than we were, and we just didn’t play Giants football that day.”
    “We’re a better team than that first game,” Nicks said. “They’re a good team, you can’t overlook them, but we know what we’re capable of.”

    “He didn’t make a lot of mistakes in the first game,” defensive end Justin Tuck said. “That is the thing about Tony. I know a lot of people give him grief when he’s on a streak where he’s not playing well, but when he’s on a streak playing well, like he was on that night, he’s one of the best in the league, hands down. I have seen where he has taken over games, whether that be with his scrambling to prolong plays or just standing in the pocket. “He can do it all.”
    Shall I continue or do you Cowboys fans see that your DC is a clown!!!!

  44. Is rob still rockin that sweet mullet? Them Ryan boys can sure talk some Shiat. Great entertainers, not so good coaches. Their daddy on the other hand excellent coach, who could back up the talk. Buddy’s boys shoulda pursued a career in Pro wrasslin, they coulda been legendary.

  45. The Giants defense, as we saw last week is very marginal. The DL no longer strike fear. Osi and Tuck simply are not what they were. Giving up 500 yds last week to the Redskins was very telling considering the Redskins were missing their No. 1 receiver and starting TE for most of the game.

    Never seen the NFC East this wide open.

  46. Did you know that Houston is a bigger city than Dallas, and that the Texans have a better record than the Cowboys? New York is also bigger than Dallas, about seven times bigger. In fact Dallas is about the size of the Bronx. Also of interest: The Cowboys haven’t been to a Super Bowl since the 1995 season. One more thing. Alaska is about five or six times bigger than Texas.

  47. As an Eagle fan, I got tired of Buddy ball, a bunch of talk and no playoff wins. Apparently the apples did not fall far from the tree. The Ryan brothers are all talk and no action. Win something before you start beating your chest.

  48. As a Dallas fan, I can’t tell how just how sick I am about hearing this idiot constantly running his mouth.

  49. I love it..taking all my college winnings today and doubling it on the giants tomorrow..big day tomorrow..

    Love the smell of cash Monday morning..thank you big blue

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