Rob Ryan: Rex was joking, I didn’t cry about Sean Lee’s injury


Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan would like to clear something up: He didn’t really cry when he found out linebacker Sean Lee was lost for the season with a toe injury.

Ryan’s brother, Jets coach Rex Ryan, said this week that he had talked on the phone with Rob, and that Rob was so upset about losing Lee that he cried about it. Rob told reporters, however, that Rex was just joking about that.

“Was I bitching to him? Sure. We’ve had so many damn injuries, of course I was bitching to my twin brother,” Rob Ryan said. “I wasn’t crying tears, actual tears. I save that for the movies I watch with my wife. Lifetime — I mean, my God. Do you guys ever watch Lifetime? Jeez. I mean, God almighty. Don’t. Trust me, don’t.”

So when Rob sits down with his wife to watch Someone Else’s Child or My Family’s Secret or What Color is Love? he cries. But not when he loses a player to an injury.