Steelers add a safety in advance of visit from RG3

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Last week, when the Steelers promoted offensive lineman John Malecki from the practice squad, it was a strong hint that center Maurkice Pouncey wouldn’t be playing on Sunday night in Cincinnati.

This week, with Pouncey listed as probable for Sunday’s visit from the Redskins, John Malecki will once again have something in common with Johnny Galecki:  Neither will be on an NFL roster.

The Steelers have given Malecki’s spot to safety Damon Cromartie-Smith, who (if he’s active) will beef up a defensive backfield that could be relied upon to chase and catch quarterback Robert Griffin III, if he manages to scamper away from the front seven of the team’s vaunted 3-4 defense.

The same 3-4 defense that Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett used to run in Pittsburgh — and that he now runs in Washington.

24 responses to “Steelers add a safety in advance of visit from RG3

  1. What’s up with all of these Cromartie variants? Are Antonio’s kids now becoming old enough to play in the NFL?

  2. Jim Haslett didn’t run this 3/4 defense. And this “vaunted” 3/4 defense is a little banged-up right now. I’d feel better if I thought Harrison were back to 100 percent. That said, I’m just relieved we didn’t sign Johnny Galecki. You had me worried for a minute there.

  3. that… or it’s because he’s playing special teams because he threatened to bench the guys who all got penalties last week.

    i’m guessing it’s that. and has NOTHING to do with RG3 at all. you think the kid is going to play in the regular defense?! against RG3? roflmao

  4. I see a lot of Nickle and Dime being playd..that base 3-4 will NOT get it done. LeBeau better be commin up with his best game plan of the year. Another Blog said Van Dyke may actually see some field time because of his 4.3 speed to spy RG..not a bad idea we know he’s fast and likes to hit when he’s on special teams..either way the front 7 are goin to have to be on the money with assignments.

  5. Gotta agree with gettingpwned. Last I knew you could only have 11 guys on the field at a time no matter how many safeties you have on your roster.

  6. I can’t wait til this little frail rg3po starts running around. We have guys that are assassins that can end his career with 1 hit! Harrison, woodley, timmons and clark will be looking for that ko shot. They dont just look to tackle a Qb they look to mame him! This lil Qb better be carefull cause he may be picking his summer teeth up off the turf! Some our here some our there!!!

  7. Dont worry skins fans…after tmrw loss u will be back in the nfc east basement again just like where yal live at yr parents place

  8. This is more of a special teams move than secondary. Or head hunters have been penalized 8 times in the past 3 games. It feels like a miracle, when a punt happens without a penalty.

  9. Haha true. Was talking while on phone typing. Allow me to correct. “Are” and “are” very good rg3enoughsaid. You broke the whole theory of if you believe rg3 is a great Qb you must have an iq below 80. Congrats on your 85 iq…

  10. Vaunted defense? The same one that gave 34 points to the Raiders, or the one that couldn’t stop the Titans?

  11. @mtx1992.. or is it the vaunted defense that ranks #1 in the nfl statistically?? Hmmm sounds like somebody isnt a very informed redskins fan.. i’ll pretend to be shocked that a redskins fan lacks knowledge of the game!

  12. Love all the talk about RG3 – as though he has done much lately. Is he good? Yes. Does he play alone? Nope. What’s the Skins’ D like? Mediocre.

  13. If RGIII is so awful why do the same fools comment on him on every article that’s even slightly Redskins related? You expose yourself with your protestation.

  14. Remember skins fans…mike vick.started the same way, same hype…but look where his career is..and IRG3 is gona take same path

  15. @steelersownyou

    On what exact defensive category do the Steelers lead the league?

    Yards per game – 49ers, 272.3
    Passing yards per game – 49ers, 173.4
    Rushing yards per game – Bears 71.0
    Points allowed per game – Bears, 13.0
    Turnovers forced – Bears, 21

    They probably lead the league in defensive starters age average.

  16. So you admit RGIII is doing awesome right now. Why compare RGIII to Vick? Because they’re both fast and black? RGIII is twice the passer Vick is RIGHT NOW. Not to mention when Vick was a rookie. Just admit RGIII is awesome. It doesn’t suddenly make Luck not good. He’s good as well. I wouldn’t take him over RGIII, but i’d be happy with Luck as well.

  17. mtx:
    The Steelers’ defense is 2nd in the league in terms of total yardage allowed. It ranks No. 10 in points allowed, down from No. 1 of a season ago.
    In Pittsburgh, a No. 10-ranked scoring defense is a kiss of death to any playoff chances. As has been the case for nearly 10 seasons, the Steelers’ 17th-ranked scoring offense simply cannot carry the load.

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