Waiver claim for Kaeding is unlikely


MDS pointed out on Friday that Chargers kicker Nate Kaeding wants to be cut now, so that he can immediately pick his next team.  The Chargers apparently plan to cut him after Tuesday, at which time vested veterans must pass through waivers.

The Chargers will avoid $1.05 million of Kaeding’s $2 million salary if someone else claims him on waivers.  Which overlooks a fairly important reality.

Who would pay Kaeding $1.05 million for the balance of the year?

He’s in the final year of his deal, so the only dibs a new team would be securing is the ability to apply the franchise tag.  And if Kaeding was regarded as being that good, the Chargers would be keeping him.

It’s more likely that no team will claim Kaeding, that he’ll become a free agent, that he’ll be entitled to the balance of his salary from the Chargers, and that he’ll be free and clear to sign wherever he wants — and keep both paychecks.

14 responses to “Waiver claim for Kaeding is unlikely

  1. Nothing is done correctly in San Diego. Nothing. The curse is alive and well. Remember that Eli Manning trade? Sure seemed like the disChargers got the better end of that one at the time, huh? Well, Eli Window Licking Manning has 2 rings, and the disChargers have Frankenstein Foot Marmalard Laserface Interception Machine Rivers, no more useless in the playoffs Kaeding, and a long gone steroid head Merriman.

    Helluva job AJ!!! What’s new????

  2. redskins jump to mind… they need a kicker desperately… kaeding has been pretty solid kicker… if he is healthy… he is def an upgrade for them…

  3. Love SD cause we won our super bowl there, but eli has two rings and SD has none. Thanks for using your sradium for our ring. SD do you have layway our second ring will be soon dont know if SD has a super bowl going there …….

  4. The real crime wasn’t trading Eli for Rivers. It was letting Drew Brees leave for free agency. If the Giants would’ve kept Brees and drafted Larry Fitzgerald instead of Eli, there may be a couple of Super Bowl rings in SD.

  5. Not a SD fan but @r8rh8r remember Eli manning was letting daddy run his life much like Peyton did when he picked Denver. Papa manning didn’t want Eli in the afc (couldn’t play is sb against Peyton and small market). What I’m saying is its not aj’s fault Eli was a douche and let daddy run his life…

  6. Teams that should consider Kaeding include:

    Bills – MUCH better and younger than Lindell

    Lions – If they didn’t plan to extend Hanson which I think Hanson can play maybe 2 more years, but if they didn’t agree then he might be worth franchising since he could play another 10 years, whereas Hanson is the oldest player in the NFL at 42.

  7. The answer to who could be interested is any team who suffers a loss at kicker this weekend or maybe a team whose kicker has a monumental fail this weekend.

  8. Amazing kicker for the regular season, terrible when we’ve needed him in the post season.

    Lets hope Novak can nail those 50+ yarders when we need it most.

  9. Its worse than incompetence in San Diego, which obviously exists in ample supply…. but it seems that some management decisions are actually made out of spite… which is just ridiculous.

    When Robert Meachem was in Buffalo for a visit, AJ Smith actually called his agent to outbid Buddy Nix (a former scout for John Butler and AJ)… even before Robert Meachem got to tour facilities or basically meet with the team (he was actually sitting at the dinner table with Buddy, Gailey, Mario Williams, and some other staff. That is beyond a breach of etiquette and manners/respect for the other team. It gets worse, Meachem (agent) was told that if he doesnt accept the offer right there on the spot, that it is off the table.

    Who operates like that? An irrational jerk does, thats who. It worked our well for Buffalo, because Robert Meachem is another exampel of an over-valued and over-paid AJ Smith free agent pick-up… but still, it just outlines the way this guy operates… and it shows in the number of players that have spurned that organization and chosen another team, even when offered less. That team will NOT be a winner until AJ Smith is booted from that facility.

  10. LOL- and you fools think the RAIDERS have issues.

    chargers = seahawks, falcons, panthers

    RAIDERS = skins, pats, NYG, packers, dallas, 49ers…

    Do you see the difference?

    Of course you don’t…

  11. Bigfranky, yes but as most things AJ does you are lucky because 24mil for Meachem was DUMB. AJ Smith is the reason this Bolts get worse every year the further away from the Butler years. AJ will go to another NFL team and that team will have the same problem thats in SD, he is a polarizing vindictive pre ick that will never win a championship because he always will have a percentage of players that cant wait to go play for someone else and get away from him.

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