When could Vick get the hook?

Eagles quarterback Mike Vick avoided the changes made by coach Andy Reid during a bye week that resulted in defensive coordinator Juan Castillo being fired.

It’s still believed that Vick remains in jeopardy of being benched.  So when would the benching come?

Peter King and yours truly have different views on that issue, so we debated the topic on Friday’s Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.

As usual, he’s wrong.  Click below to find out why.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

6 responses to “When could Vick get the hook?

  1. The whole offensive line should be benched if they don’t play better. Vick gets pounded on a weekly basis.

  2. Vick is a very small part of the problem. The offense as a whole has no continuity. If they would simply focus on the run game and play action they might get some rhythm going.

  3. Vick is the same guy he is always been and we see him each week reverting more back to his old Falcon days. He got paid, when asked what the team needs to improve, he puts several other things in front of his being able to cut down on his turnovers. Vick is a loser, makes horrible decisions on and off the field (even putting aside the dog fighting) there was the flipping the fans off in Atlanta, the birthday party after he was released where oops, coincidentally someone who testified against him was shot minutes after Vick left (surely a coincidence), and the pot at the airport to name just a few. The guy is a loser. He did what he needed to do to get out of debt and we are left with the same arrogant and defiant guy that he always was.
    He is always quick to blame others with statements like “I don’t want to call my teammates out” and then does exactly that.

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