Cowboys get off to a rough start against Giants


If the Cowboys are hoping to get the crowd fired up on Sunday afternoon, they should probably focus a bit more on their play and a bit less on flashy scoreboard graphics.

Tony Romo was intercepted on each of the team’s first two possessions and the Giants have turned them into 10 points to open up a 13-0 lead with just under four minutes to go in the first quarter. Romo’s first pick came on a play where either Romo or running back Phillip Tanner went the wrong way on a play action fake before Romo threw a pass that Stevie Brown picked off. Number two was a long ball intended for Miles Austin that wound up in Giants cornerback Corey Webster’s hands.

The Cowboys defense was able to hold the Giants to a field goal the first time, but the second one became an Andre Brown touchdown. That wasn’t the end of the bad news for the Cowboys on that drive, however. Linebacker DeMarcus Ware went down with an injury briefly before walking off the field by himself. He’s getting oxygen on the bench, so he may have just had the wind knocked out of him during an Ahmad Bradshaw run.

That would be the first bit of good news on the day for the Cowboys.