Cowboys try to conjure a “true” home-field advantage

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As mentioned in Saturday’s one-liners, the Cowboys appear to be addressing the concerns of Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman that folks who come to see the team play primarily want to see and be seen.

The Cowboys, as reported by Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News, have sent an email to season-ticket holders reminding them of one of the most basic concepts of in-person game attendance:  Make noise.

“When you see the video graphic playing on the video board, get on your feet and get LOUD!” the email explains.  “Together, we can make opposing teams dread coming to Cowboys Stadium. . . .  If we all play our part, we can help give our Dallas Cowboys a true home-field advantage.”

This implies that the Cowboys don’t currently have a true home-field advantage.  Against the Giants, whom the Cowboys never have been in their new stadium, that’s absolutely true.

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  1. How many hardcore Cowboys season ticket holders do you think died a little bit when they got an email that actually told them to keep an eye on the video board so that when they see the letters “L-O-U-D” it means it’s time to make noise?

  2. So, the fans have to be TOLD when to get loud ……?

    Shouldn’t the team just play well enough for them to KNOW when to cheer?

  3. One of the worst parts of the in-game experience is the constant harping to make noise. I’ll make noise when my team gives me a reason to cheer. You want me to pay $100/seat AND scream for 3 hours? No, thanks. HDTV, please.

  4. Most of the new stadiums aren’t anywhere near as loud as the ones they replaced

    I’m A Colts STH and RCA Dome was LOUD – Lucas Oil is a library compared to it

  5. maybe when my boys start playing like they did in their glory days, i will make some noise other than growning and cussing

  6. In fairness, you have to figure at least 50% of the Cowboys fan base are graduates of the Texas public school system. They probably never got around to learning how to read complex words like L-O-U-D. Too busy studying why the Earth is only six thousand years old, how Adam & Eve played with the dinosaurs, abstinence, and why Texas is really a sovereign state. Reading is for the East Coast “elites”.

  7. In defense of the Cowboys, there really aren’t that many stadia where there’s a true homefield advantage as far as fans being loud, and at the APPROPRIATE times (i.e. NOT when your team is on offense).

  8. Cowboys need to feed off the fans, and vice versa, but the players aren’t great, Romo is erratic, and the coaches are a joke. Seems like a bad team grasping at straws when Texans are stealing Texas back.

    LOL @ Hawks pumping in noises? Is that what causes the Quake when Lynch ended the Saints playoffs few years ago.

  9. rhamrhoddy says:
    Oct 28, 2012 9:03 AM
    How many hardcore Cowboys season ticket holders do you think died a little bit when they got an email that actually told them to keep an eye on the video board so that when they see the letters “L-O-U-D” it means it’s time to make noise?

    Both of them.

  10. Jerry Jones’ statement on opening a Victoria’s Secrt store inside Cowboys Stadium:

    “We think it’s cute as a bug and very in place to show it and sell it out there,” Jones said Friday on KRLD-FM.

    That’s all that needs to be said about this issue.

  11. What makes an NFL stadium a tough and intimidating place to play aren’t the people in the seats but the quality of the players wearing the home jerseys.
    The notion that fans decide the outcome of games is purely NFL propaganda.

  12. you people ridicule the cowboys every time there is an article.. just asking for some noise to help drown out audibles and get the other team a little panicked.. there is no harm in asking, i have been to many games in that stadiun and even when they are kicking butt the crowd is just not hype.. they are trying to get them pumped..

  13. Look – Jerry and the Cowboy Org have not given fans much to take stock in… have faith in… nor cheer with confidence.

    The Cowboys are a flat tire waiting to happen.

    Jerrys fault – just go ahead and run another 3 or 4 failed Head Coaching experiments through that lab? You’ve completed killed the ‘Cowboys Identity’ with glitz and hope.

    For good reason… fans stopped believing a year ago.

    That said… Irving Texas Stadium wasn’t a lot different. After being at Lions games for years, my first Cowboy game was… a shock – low noise… lots of almost ‘disinterest’ surrounded me… unless other fans started cheering first.

  14. In MetLife we deal with the idiots who make noise WHEN the Gaints have the ball! So I can see why they need to explain to the fans when to make noise.

  15. I’ve always hated the Cowboys, but I honestly never thought I would see the day when they were slowly but surely becoming a laughingstock. Congratulations, Jerry. You are a first-class tool.

  16. I love it. After seeing the So called Cowboy fans at AZ Cards games, I think they deserve this. Funny too, that the Cowboys games here have stopped. That happened after the Cards beat them the last three times. Now, no more Cowboy games here.

  17. If you don’t know when to make noise at a football game, you’re just a ticket holder, not a fan.

    I’ve never been to Jerryworld, but I remember my experience going to a few games at Texas Stadium 30 years ago. All glamorous on the inside, all crumbling outside, no vibe, no soul, dull place to watch games. Real fans (the few they had) consigned to the upper corners while the pretty people preened and posed in the lower, more-likely-to-be-seen areas.

    Not that this is confined to Dallas or even to the NFL. I get insulted by scoreboards saying, “MAKE NOISE!!!” or (worse) showing clapping hands, at baseball and basketball games. In fact, the constant exhortations were one reason why I gave up my season ticket to my alma mater’s basketball games. I love my school and especially the team, but I won’t be told when to yell. I know the game and will not have some college intern-type telling ME when it’s OK to cheer.

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