Eagles down 14 in points, 108-5 in yards after 15 minutes

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It’s getting ugly quickly in Philly, where Andy Reid’s 13-0 post-bye streak is in grave danger.

As our c0rporate cousin Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com points out via Twitter, the Eagles have been outgained 108-5 in the first quarter, en route to a 14-0 deficit.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has completed 10 of 11 passes for 8 0 yards and a pair of touchdowns — one to receiver D.J. Davis and one to running back Jason Snelling.

If this continues, look for the Nick Foles era to possibly begin after halftime.

23 responses to “Eagles down 14 in points, 108-5 in yards after 15 minutes

  1. What do Vick have to do with the falcons going 5 for 5 on third down or the three defenses penalties nothing. Watch the game so call eagles fans

  2. I’m making as much contact at the line with the Falcons’ receivers as the Eagles’ corners are, good lord.

  3. I love it, I hate the Eagles, and I really don’t care all that much for their fans.

    Their fans deserve this crummy 2012 team.

    Despite all of the Magic that Andy Reid somehow worked in 2010, Vick has been exposed (Again) as a poor excuse for an NFL QB.

    Enjoy 5-11/6-10!

  4. Hahaha remember how the giants suck and where gonna miss the playoffs,how this was the eagles year,how they had the def line in football..all bullcrap,offseason champs again..he’ll you may finish below Dallas and skins,how low is that..

    Crown them..ny football giants NFC east champs

  5. You ignorant people that keep hating on Vick doesn’t know football. These dumb ass defensive coordinators shouldn’t be allowed to coach professional ball. You draft and go through free agency to get players to fit your scheme not a zone corner on the team . But everything is Vicks fault s

  6. How you like Asante now you dumb ass Eagles fans. NA gettin burnt every single week. No worries….you cry babies want you corners to tackle and not cover.

  7. As a Cowboys fan i would really like to rub it in and talk about how great this is….but I know my role as a Cowboys fan. Philly does need to refresh their qb spot and as good as a coach i think Reid is, they need change from him to. He will land on his feet and be just fine somewhere else

  8. I suggest to Eagles fans who attend home games one of the following actions:

    1) hire a sign, “Reid must go”, or work a chant to this effect. It has worked in the past, or

    2) a simple chant, “Jeffrey…”

    The message will be received, loud and clear.

    Stick a fork in the Eagles. They are done. And I say that sadly, as a native Philadelphian.

  9. Honestly as an eagles fan I must say this eagles team kinda sucks. It’s overrated. It’s wide receivers are tiny and they don’t have a single big receiver on this team that’s worth a damn. The offensive line is complete trash. Mike Vick can’t read a blitz to save his life. And that’s just the offense. And NA might be the most overrated player in the league dude gets burnt for a big td every single game.

  10. I’m a Eagles fan and I love it today. This means that the overrated WALRUS will be gone soon. The Walrus beat up a pathetic NFC East and a crappy overall conference when he was going to 4 straight NFC championship games. I mean he beat on the likes of Spurrier, Fassel, Gailey, ect. For gods sake the Panthers, Rams, and Bucs where all in the SB during that time. If that doesn’t tell you how crappy the NFC was then I don’t know what will. Walrus is a solid coach who looked great when he had a legit stud DC in JJ (RIP), but he isn’t a great coach. A great coach can win with a good team(S.Payton), a solid coach needs a great team to win it all(B.Switzer). Die Walrus!!!

  11. I guess the eagles fans are really the most stupidest people in the world. Andy Reid great coach when he is let go he will have a job the next day not like there’s a lot of good coaches out there. That D didn’t show up today, O line is garbage been like that all year, I wish Andy would put foles in so when they are picking his brain up off ground some of you can shut up. Vick can’t do it all McCoy not gaining nothing on the ground. Some of you don’t watch the game you just come up here and make your dumb comments. Vick keep your head up

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