Hurney viewed internally as Panthers scapegoat


As the Panthers prepare to play their first game in a long, long time without Marty Hurney serving as General Manager, some within the organization don’t believe that Hurney deserved to be fired.

The thinking, as a league source explained it to PFT, is that Hurney’s hands have been tied by an owner who wanted to spend money after the lockout on players who were part of a 2-14 team in 2010, and that the owner didn’t want to continue to spend significant money on coach John Fox, thereby allowing him to coach as a lame duck in 2010 and then land in Denver, where he has done pretty well so far.

Also, it was owner Jerry Richardson who wanted to use the first overall pick in the 2011 draft on quarterback Cam Newton. Though Newton performed very well as a rookie, Newton’s regression in 2012 has fueled the slide of the franchise.

As we’ve been saying all week, Newton is getting too much blame for the poor performance of the team. The coaching staff has failed to make the adjustments necessary to counter how defenses are stopping Newton, and to in turn nudge his development forward.

But firing the coaching staff would entail paying coaches not to work for the Panthers. Since Hurney didn’t have a contract, there was no buyout. And since there was no buyout, it cost nothing to fire him.

Hurney won’t be making any of these points or otherwise grumbling in any way regarding his termination. He has firmly taken the high road, freely accepting responsibility for the team’s current state. But plenty who are still in the building have a different view about who’s truly to blame.

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  1. Paying RBs in this league at the expense of other positions (i.e. line, defense) is not a recipe fir success anymore.

    Last year the defense killed them, but this year just seems to be total dysfunction. There are plenty of coaches in this league that make sure their QB doesn’t get too high or too low – Ron Rivera doesn’t seem to be that type of coach.

  2. A brain transplant should have preceded a heart transplant. I like to see owners that are out to screw over the players (Richardson, Johnson) have crap teams and a weak front office so that recoveries are nearly impossible. Something about that brand of karma feels good to me.

  3. These clowns who say Newton is a bust are laughable. Who are these great QB’s that have accomplished more than him in their first two years? Unbelievable! Go look at the top QB’s drated the last 5 or 10 years and their first two years. lol The PANTHERS would have ben in the playoffs last year if it wasn’t for their putrid defense. Worst team to playoffs!

  4. Scapegoat, not a scapegoat, innocent bystander or incompetent goofball – I don’t care how our Jags GM Gene Smith is viewed….just somebody PLEASE fire him too….

  5. Externally, many wish they could have that kind of job security. Besides overpaying the RBs, he made trades like a 1st round pick for 2nd rounder and 3rd rounder for 2nd … to get players who he loved and both picks failed.

  6. Hurney has made too many bad decisions….Armanti, the HUGE money to the RB’s…he’s not a good GM.

  7. As a Charlotte resident, I can attest that this entire organization is a joke. The only reason the rest of the NFL doesn’t know is that it is Charlotte and no one cares. Go to and you can read a great article on how bad Marty Hurney’s draft picks have been as well as his signings.
    It is a JOKE of EPIC proportions.
    Throw in the Bobcats and Charlotte has the WORST Professional Organizations in the country.

  8. a few FACTS
    1. FACT Hurney made every DRAFT Pick since 2008 by himself & Refused to listen to the HC’s
    2. often traded High picks to drafts Busts for example The Panthers traded their 2008 2nd (43rd overall), 4th (109th overall), and 2009 1st round picks for the Philadelphia Eagles 1st round pick (19th overall) to Draft Jeff Otah who has been Cut Yea he’s a bust
    also Evertte Brown the Panthers traded its first-round pick in 2010 to get a extra pick in the 2nd rd to select Brown & yea he’s a bust as well
    also let go ahead & look at
    The Carolina Panthers gave up a second-round pick in 2011 to take Armanti Edwards in the third round of the 2010 draft a small college QB they planed on making A wr & YET HE NEVER PLAYED wr BEFORE

    there are more just look it up Hurney should have been Fired way before he was

  9. Perhaps the full-page add in the paper announcing the Panther’s as Super Bowl contenders was a bit premature and STUPID?

  10. phooteballs says:
    Oct 28, 2012 9:16 AM
    A brain transplant should have preceded a heart transplant. I like to see owners that are out to screw over the players (Richardson, Johnson) have crap teams and a weak front office so that recoveries are nearly impossible. Something about that brand of karma feels good to me.

     How is richardson screwing players? If anything, he’s overpaying…

  11. I don’t get the idea that Newton is getting too much blame for the W-L in and of itself. Most discussions I’ve seen about the team acknowledge that the run game hasn’t gotten going like it should have and the defense is struggling and Newton is at about the same stats (other than pass yards) as he was last year. They also are critical of the coaching and Hurney’s role as far as some large contracts. The reason I’ve seen that Newton is getting scrutiny is how he handles himself after games and during games. I don’t think Moon helped on that score (drawing attention to Newton’s struggles) by bringing race into it which pretty much forced Newton to respond or be felt to agree with that take. That, Newton handed very well.

  12. KIR

    Cam definitely not a bust. The dude has been an unstoppable force everywhere he has ever been. Yes struggling some this year but that comes with the territory – only his 2nd year!

    Even experienced qb’s that are viewed as good/great players and are “over the hump” as far as quality NFL qb play is concerned can struggle.
    Philip Rivers, Vick, Romo, Eli was almost run out of NYC when he was developing…Kurt Warner went through a down phase…
    Cam needs some maturity and experience that comes with playing time – and if he combines those 2 his upside might be higher than every other qb in the league.

  13. yea, too much blame, I mean it’s not his fault he throws the ball to the other team more times than his own, or that he fumbles the ball almost as many times as he runs for td’s, how about that his defense gets all the blame because they are always on the field because the offense goes 3 n out so many times, or that other defenses have figured out that if you make him a passer and not a runner than he will not succeed…. yea, that’s not his fault.

  14. kepickle says:
    Oct 28, 2012 10:00 AM
    a few FACTS
    1. FACT Hurney made every DRAFT Pick since 2008 by himself & Refused to listen to the HC’s

    Richardson has his name on most of that stuff.
    2. FACT when you say he made every draft pick and refused to listen to the head coach you just sound ignorant.

    That’s why internally the team says he was a scapegoat… A scapegoat for Richardson.

    Fact are documented as being true. Your opinion of what you think happened is not considered fact, especially when there is NO way you can prove what you just said, where you in the draft room? Maybe you just made that up.

  15. what does one of the fastest growing cities have to do with a crappy ass football team? BTW, I want to know where you got that stat Mr Pilot

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