Lions come back, save season by beating Seahawks

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In Detroit last week, Lions players were declaring the game against the Seahawks a must-win. So it’s a good thing they won.

But as usual for the Lions, they didn’t make it look easy, starting slowly and needing a fourth-quarter comeback to win 28-24. This was a win that saved the Lions’ season, improving their record to 3-4 and allowing them to cling to playoff hopes. The Seahawks fall to 4-4, and their own playoff hopes have taken a hit.

The best news for the Lions is that after losing receiver Nate Burleson for the season to a broken leg, the two young receivers Detroit needs to step up — Titus Young and Ryan Broyles — both stepped up. Young led the way with nine catches for 100 yards and two touchdowns, including the game winner with 20 seconds to play. Broyles had three catches for 37 yards and scored the Lions’ first touchdown.

For Seattle, a good start on offense fizzled: Marshawn Lynch had a 77-yard touchdown run on the first play of the second quarter, but Seattle surprisingly gave him just 12 carries, and he finished with 105 yards on a day when it looked like he’d gain a lot more than that. And Russell Wilson had some good moments, completing 24 of 34 passes for 217 yards and two touchdowns, but he also had a costly late interception.

Seattle’s chances of getting to the NFC playoffs are probably still better than Detroit’s. But on this day, the Lions were the ones who gave their hopes of making the postseason a boost.

26 responses to “Lions come back, save season by beating Seahawks

  1. Darrell Bevell should be scheduled for a lobotomy after the play-calling this season.

    C’mon MAN!!

  2. Optimus may have held his own but Starscream brutally destroyed Bumblebee lol. Whats the excuses this time?

  3. Linehan finally adjusted his play calling. This is how Stafford should have looked all year. Better late than never

  4. I’m a Seahawks fan and can admit that our d is overrated. The talent is there, but coaching constantly puts them in the wrong positions. Can’t let a team convert 12 of 16 3rd downs and have much chance at winning. The Patriots exposed the Seahawks d’s vulnerability against the dink and dunk. The 49ers played along, and the Lions perfected it.

    Couple that with a mostly inept offense and offensive playcalling and you have a mediocre team.

    Good job, Lions.

  5. Optimus Prime actually played a good game, he wasnt to fault on the TD to young, his over the top safety Kam Chencellor was. Also, Megatron had 3 catches for 45 yards. I wouldnt call that a 1-0 for him considering he is averaging 100 yrds/gm. Seahawks D blew it. Let Stafford/Young/Broyles torch them. Russell Wilson look good tho.

  6. Russell had an interception just seconds after Stafford I call this BIASED reporting and worst commentating I’ve ever heard!! RW #’S SIMILAR to Stafford until last drive but never once mentioned. I found the commentary unbarably one sided on tv.

    MEGATRON single covered 1 catch all game until last drive when he caught 2 and a drop in the endzone. The commentators tried to call it a bracket but clearly was manned up most of the game and maybe a zone based on situational ball. But they were desperately trying to give CJ credit. CJ played TERRIBLE. He was singled up and SHUT DOWN by PROBOWL CB’s Browner and Sherman…

    Optimus Prime WINNNSSS!!!!!

    Back to reality on the game though . As bad as CJ played the TE’s and Titus killed today for the Lions. Picked Hawks apart and did great on 3rd down. Can not deny that. Worse game by Hawks Defense all year. But credit due to Detroit.

    Seattle SHOULD’VE ran wayyyyyyyyyy MORE* close game down to the wire tough on the road to pull a win out but GOOD WIN LIONS. Go all then pieces to go on a run!

  7. I don’t agree that the Lions started slow or that the Seahawks failed to finish on offense. The Lions defense could not stop the Seahawks when it mattered; the offense of the Lions just bailed them out. Also, the Lions had a first half touchdown and then some, so that’s pretty good by their standards. I feel like we didn’t even watch the same game.

  8. allidoiswin55 says:

    CJ single covered all game? Were we watching the same game? I think I saw single coverage on Calvin twice and both times the Lions ran the ball.

  9. The lions made a step towards over coming. They scored 14 points in the first half. That to me is huge. That shows that Linehan has FINALLY adjusted his play calling. Whether or not he adjusts the same way against the cover 2 is tbd. However, it was the D that was off today. That one long run shouldn’t have happened and Green never ever locates the ball. We really do need to draft a top CB next year.

    Sherman…. you mad bro???????? hahha

    Go Lions!

  10. gcsuk says:Oct 28, 2012 4:13 PM

    Megatron 1 – Optimus Prime 0.


    Dude, Calvin Johnson had like what, 3 catches? I would say that Sherman (or Browner) won that battle.

  11. To all the seahawks “fans” saying that Sherman won the battle with CJ — I have a question for you,

    1) – who won? was it the Lions?
    2) – who does Megatron play for? is it the Lions?
    3) – If it wasnt for the 45 yards that CJ produced could the lions have won – converted? Hmmm, possibly – but not 100%, even when CJ doesnt score he gives the boys momentum.

    Seahawk fans dont be mad that your team trash talks and cant back it up — be mad that they aren’t as mature as CJ who prefers actions over words; also to all the fans of Transformers – I’m sorry Sherman ruined it for you by having Optimus Prime go down in tears with Megatron walking away with the victory!!!

  12. Titus Young got loose behind Richard Sherman — even the little guy embarrassed – Optimus Slime.

    But wait theirs more — , it was just a matter of Seattle’s defense getting a stop, but Stafford picked the secondary apart, finding whoever Marcus Trufant was supposed to be covering each play on his way to completing a staggering 12 passes on the final drive.

    So not only did Optimus Slime get smacked in the face by Titus Young Sr – but so did his girlfriend Mrs.Trufant Slime

  13. Reading the article again I have a problem with the way its written as well, like Wilson cost the game. He had a great final drive and hit Miller for TD with maybe 5 minutes left. Our defense couldn’t close the game and I put it on our scheme. When they get to 3rd downs we get conservative and switched to zone coverage. All season 3rd and long are converted. Young and Pettigrew tore it up inside. Johnson was a held in check so I don’t know what some people are posting about.

  14. People that say Calvin got the better of Sherman didn’t watch the game. Good job dinking and dunking lions, well deserved win over my hawks. We need to learn how to stop that, it’s been going on since New England.

  15. I’d say that since the Seahawks dedicated everything they had to stopping Megatron, and let the rest of the Lions recievers have great games, it doesn’t matter if you want to brag about shutting down Calvin. You still lost! Ha!

    Stafford said that on the final touchdown it looked like Seattle had single coverage on Young and four guys on Megatron … probably not the best scheme for that situation.

    Russell Wilson looks like he’s going to be great. Seattle fans should feel good about how the future looks.

    I’m liking the Lions against the Jags next week, but I’m sure everyone will pick against us. They always do.

  16. Future is bright for sure, and so is the present. 5 of last 8 at home and haven’t had our bye yet to heal up. Only road games left are Chicago, Miami and the Bills in Toronto. Sounds like 10-6 to me at worst, 11-5 at best.

  17. Everyone seems to want to point the finger at the Seattle secondary, but the reason they couldn’t stop the Lions is the pass rush was terrible. Last Monday Night, Stafford was pulling clumps of turf off his helmet the whole game. Today, he had enough time to make a sandwich before deciding where to throw.

  18. I was at the game and counted only 4 times Calvin had single coverage and they ran 2 of those times. My wife was getting sick of me telling her where the safety help was coming from every play.

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