No extension talks between Eagles, Rodgers-Cromartie


We’ll get our first look at the post-Juan Castillo Eagles defense on Sunday and that game will represent a chance for cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to continue making his case for a long-term contract extension.

As of now, Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that there aren’t any talks about such an extension and that getting a deal done before the end of the season is unlikely. That would put Rodgers-Cromartie in line to become a free agent and would make him a candidate for the franchise tag from the team. That might be unlikely given the cost — around $10.4 million — and Rodgers-Cromartie, who thought something might get done during a bye week the Eagles used to take care of other business, would prefer to remain untagged.

“I wouldn’t mind to get paid at the highest level,” Rodgers-Cromartie said. “But it’s just like, shoot, it’s starting all over again. You still got that one year to go out there and prove it again. So I wouldn’t want to take the franchise tag. But if it comes, it comes.”

Rodgers-Cromartie has been more effective in 2012 than he was in his first year with the Eagles, but he it’s a stretch to say he’s been at a level commensurate with that salary. That’s going to make their decision about extending him one of several tough choices that the team will have to make heading into next season. Forecasting the direction they’ll take with those decisions doesn’t make much sense right now because we won’t know who will be making those calls until this year comes to an end and the futures of coach Andy Reid, General Manager Howie Roseman and others are clarified.

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  1. The whole Eagles organization from Lurie to the hot dog vendors, are in flux. Outside of Lurie, the rest had better dust off the resumes and not buy a new house.
    They need a wholesale house cleaning.
    Bench Vick and see what Nick Foles can do

  2. “You still got that one year to go out there and prove it again”

    obviously this guy’s become a true Eagle. Like DeSean and Mikey V, they believe you just have to show you’re capable once (and then talk about it a lot) to get the big payday. He obviously wants to be part of Vick’s dynasty

  3. If you really looked closely at isolated video of the Eagles’ Defensive Backs, it is not even a close case: Nnamdi has been absolutely pathetic in coverage, pass interference penalties, & tackling. Other than Mario Williams, N.A. is the most over-paid Defensive player in the League, & HE should be the one to go…

  4. He has underperformed, no question. And the 2nd round pick we got with him didn’t even make it in the league. The eagles need to stop building value in players and constantly try to upgrade each position. This is not fantasy football. Just look how the giants run their organization, look how the saints run their organization, the packers, the colts, the pats, etc. Get a qb who’s going to be around for 10+ years and provide your franchise with consistency and stability, and then build around that. Very simple. The Seahawks and Niners are elite everywhere else but qb, and until they get one, they will stay bridesmaids in the NFC, just like the eagles. if I was the gm of the eagles, I would let him walk, with his performance he can easily be replaced via the draft, because he’s going to be overpaid regardless. Release Vick after this year, go with Foles going forward and give us a decade of solid football, hopefully with a superbowl win or two somewhere in there. Replace Andy Reid after this year if he doesn’t get the job done, either promote Todd Bowles or ask Billick or Dungy to come in, I would even consider Josh McDaniels or B Schottenheimer. And please for the love of God, don’t promote people on the staff who have no experience.

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